Wanting To Try Again Part 19

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Liezel - October 30

Hey girls.... well I had my doctors appt this morning, but it seems like such a waste. They tested my urine for protein and sugar and there was none, they weighed me and measured my belly and all seems fine there. Little guys heartbeat was 147, so that was good. However they didn't have my GD test results and the lab couldn't find my ultrasound results.... they called me once I got home to say they had found it, but someone had spelt my name wrong and that is why it was missing before (this happens a lot with my name...people always want to use my last name as my first because my first name is so unusual). Anyways all in all... I guess I am still stuck waiting for results. They said they will call me if they find anything irregular with the U/S results and my next appt is Nov 13th. I also spoke with the doc about the pelvic pain and there doesn't seem to be anything abnormal about it or that they can do about it, so I guess I will just have to suffer through it. I told them about Nathans decrease in movements and the doctor said that the kick count has been changed and now we are to count 6 kicks or moves within 1 hour, but if after 2 hours we still don't have 6 then to go to L&D. I just think I have been busy these last few days, so my little guy has been sleeping a lot. Anyhoo that is really it for me. I think I will go start my baby shower thank you cards and then try to take a nap. ttyl....xxxxxxxxxx


Liezel - October 30

Oh I almost forgot..... I added my 29 week ultrasound photos to the website underneath my belly ones =)


deniseb - October 31

Mico, best of Luck ..I bet you will have him by Friday if not sooner! will be thinking of you sweety it has been a long journey.


Cerulean - October 31

Good luck Mico! I just know you are gonna go any minute now! I can't wait to hear that you've gone into labor! =) Hey ladies - Do you remember when your doc did the first internal exam to check for progress? I had my 36 week appt today and he didn't check me. they just did a GBS test. Just curious when that starts. Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Halloween! ~~ Jodi~~


JessC531 - October 31

Happy Halloween, ladies! Mico, I'm sure it will be soon now. I'm hoping it is anyway! Just think - no matter what, it can't be too long before you have your little boy in your arms. I'm so excited for you! Jodi, I got my first internal at 36 weeks, if I'm remembering correctly. If you didn't have one today, I'm sure you'll have one next week. Cons, that's too cute that Matthew is going for his feet! I know what you mean... Mira will do the littlest thing and I get SO excited and everybody thinks I'm nuts. LOL. Denise, I hope you're having fun at your party! Ok...gotta go. Trick-or-treaters are coming! :)


consy - November 1

I am going away tomorrow morning and will be back two days later in which I bet Mico would have already popped!!!!! Yay for you Mico, savor the experience and give bubs loads of kisses for me and for Kiza. Enjoy enjoy enjoy all of it.... I kinda wish it was me (ok, I DO wish it was me!!). xx


tam242 - November 1

Hi guys, I'm back! So hard to find time to do anything these days! Should really be working at the moment, but wanted to just pop on to say hi to everyone and catch up.......Wagzzy, so sorry to hear about your grandpa, sending hugs and thoughts your way...........Mico, what are you still doing here?!?! I was sure when I logged in I'd be hearing of another birth! You need to get that d/h in the sack and do some "cervix softening"!!! Fingers crossed in won't be too much longer for you......Liezel, know exactly what you mean about that pain. I suffered with SPD with Emily and Josh, although it wasn't too bad with him. I was given a belt and had to wear a tube grip too, I also saw a phsyio, who gave me special exercises to do and showed me ways to help deal with it when trying to do simple things such as rolling over in bed and getting off a chair! You should mention it when you next have a check up, then they may be able to refer you to someone.Good luck...........Vicki, can't believe you're 23 weeks already - over half way! Can't wait to see your new pics!.....Hey cons, just be glad it was only his feet, Joshua discovered his manhood in the bath last night and decided to have a little tug. Looked pretty painful to me! Was it you who liked the Saw movies? Saw 4 has just come out over here and can't wait to see it, also another new one - Hostel part 2, which is really gruesome too but worth watching (if you like that sort of thing!). Know what you mean abvout facebook, I've recently signed up and have been addicted to it (When I get the time!), and I've sent a friend request your way, if that's ok?.....LB, try not to worry too much about cervix, you're at a good stage of pregnancy now if you had to deliver and Ava sounds like a good weight already.Try to keep in mind that the docs are happy with you and take it easy......Hello to everyone else, thinking of you all.XXXXTamXXXX P.S. Have posted some new pics of my little man on our site.


JessC531 - November 1

MICO IS IN LABOR!!! She sent me a text about a half hour ago or so, and said she is in labor and 5cm dilated. If she sends me any more info, I'll let you know!! I'm so excited!!! :)


LB - November 1

Hi girls, mico yeah i can't wait to hear of the new arrival! please keep us updated jess. Just a quick check in because i still have some more cramps so back to bedrest. I will write more soon, i got another appoinment tommorrow so i hope that i am not further dialted. I want a few more weeks to grow this child of mine. Talk to you all later ladies. Yeah mico, this is exciting. Cer you are next!


Liezel - November 1

Yay MICO!!!! Another little one headed our way! Can't wait for an update & pics. Thanks Jess for letting us know. Tam great to hear from you. I am gonna head over to the other site now to get a look at your little guy. =)... and Cons, Have a great time this weekend....ttyl... I'm working nightshift tonight.


KitCat - November 1

YAYYYYY MICO!!!!!! How exciting !!!! PUSH MICO, PUSH IT OUT....WAYYYYYY OUT!!!!! LOL And no, I wasn't a cheerleader in high school. I can't wait to hear her birth story. After her last post, I knew it wouldn't be much longer. Thanks for letting us know Jess! *****Tam.....your little boy is sooooooo adorable!!! I love the pumpkin costume. And your girls are so precious! Everyones kids are for that matter. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween (those of us who celebrate it). Take care....I will keep checking in to see how Mico is doing. YAY!! xoxoxoxo


JessC531 - November 1

MICO HAD THE BABY!!! He was 7 pounds 1 ounce. He still doesn't have a name. :) She sent a pic... I'll put it on the website when I get home from tutoring... YAY!!! :) :)


Liezel - November 1

CONGRATULATIONS MICO!!!! and what a healthy weight... =)


Cerulean - November 1

Woohoo Mico! I am so excited! I can't wait to see the baby pics! Congrats!!!!


consy - November 1

Well that was quick!! Yay for Mico!!! I an doing this on my itouch thingy as we are packing the car, but just wanted to say yay!!


deniseb - November 1

Woohoooooooooooo Mico!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Thanks Jess for letting us know!



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