Wanting To Try Again Part 19

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deniseb - November 1

Woohoooooooooooo Mico!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Thanks Jess for letting us know!


JessC531 - November 1

I put the picture of Mico's baby on her page of the website. He's a little cutie!!


deniseb - November 1

Aww, his eyes are huge..how very cute! he looks like his pretty Momma. Congrats Mico, hope all went well.


kiza - November 2

Hey girls, I'm back. YAY! MIco congrats love. I hope you are both well.-------------Waggs so sorry to hear about your grandpa, luv & kisses.----------------LB, don't stress it lovely, Ava will be just fine.----------------Cons have a great trip--------------Cer your next.--------------Tam great to hear from you-----------Hi ya denise hope all is well with the family-------------------Jess, mira is such a doll-------------Vicki, you go girl, I can't believe how quick this is going ( well maybe not so much for you ) lol.-------------Liezel, congrats on the 30 weeks. I had the same sort of pain you are describing, my physio gave me a special belt to wear around my hips, and I swear to god it was a life saver. Perhaps investigate something like that for yourself. It really did make all the difference for me.---------------KitCat, thanks for thinking of me, it was a real pain in the arse not being able to log on to check in with you guys.----------------Ade, how are you and the little man doing? I bet you are just sooooo in love, god bless to you both.---------------Oh my I really hope I mentioned everyone. Please excuse me if I didn't. I've had a couple of gla__ses of bubbles tonight & they have gone straight to my head. That might explain all the typo's that I have probably done. Well all is well on my end of the globe. AF is due anytime now, and I am suffering some pretty extreme PMS this month. Even poor DH is keeping a low profile. LOL. My kids are all great and work is still keeping me busy but enjoyable. Cons I am so checking out the itouch when I log off, I have never heard of them before. I'm also heading over to check out everyone's piczo pages. So love to you all as always, and will check back real soon. Kiza xxxxxxxxxxx


Liezel - November 2

OMG he is such a cutie... thanks Jess for putting up the pic...and so alert already....now I really can't wait for my turn =) Hey Cer... you are next? Doesn't that just make you soooooo excited?????


Cerulean - November 2

Wow...he is so freakin cute! He looks so alert! I so cannot wait to hear her birth story. I guess I am next on the list. Although, I just have a feeling I will go the week over and have to be induced. It's going to be torture! I am already so antsy. Every night I come home from work and I am so tired...but I can't sit still...I always have that feeling that there is too much left to do. ~~Jodi~~


LB - November 2

Congrats Mico! he is so cute and a perfect weight. Now we just have to wait for a name! Kiza welcome back! it is so good to hear from you again. Cer i bet you are getting those nesting instincts kicking in so labour will not be that far away. I can't wait for your little one to arrive as well. Exciting times ahead girls. Well had another check of the cervix today, still the same 1cm and 50%effaced. My doc says to bedrest for another 2 weeks than i will resume normal activities. Watch after all these scares i will go overdue and have to be induced with a 10 pound baby! i do hope she will come out around 36 or 37 weeks though. My doctor says he won't stop labour at this point because i have had the steroid shots for her lungs and she is 4.5pounds so here's to hoping i won't go before cer! Although i do hope ava is here before christmas. Well hugs to all you mommies and the babies out there. Talk to you later and mico can't wait to hear your birth story. LB


Liezel - November 2

Hey LB... when is your actual due date? I'm sure you've told me before, but i just can't remember... I know it is about 2 weeks before mine. Well girls... I am absolutely exhausted and am going to sleep... it is now 1:46pm here and I have been awake since 9:30 am YESTERDAY!!! I got home from work this morning and then I had a doctors appt, went shopping with my mum and finally went out to lunch with my parents and they just brought me home now.... so I am gonna go pa__s out for a couple of hours before it is go go go again all weekend long. ttyl....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....Liezel =)


LB - November 2

Liezel my actual due date is dec 27th and i really don't think i will go that long but who knows. I got cramps again, going to lay down and get some rest too. Talk to you all soon!


micorazon - November 3

Hi girls...Jess - thank you for keeping everyone updated and posting the pic for me. I am still in the hospital but dh brought the laptop so we can send out pics and things. I am so excited I have barely been able to sleep since I had the baby. Dh and the baby are sleeping right now so I figured I would hop on and post something. I will be discharged tomorrow and I have no doubt that I will crash when I get home. Even if I wanted to sleep with all of the doctors and nurses doing checks on the baby and I, I wouldnt get much sleep anyways. This is a teaching hospital so you have everything done about 3 or 4 times in a row by the different medical students and residents. So the birth story is... I started having contractions on the 31st. I was pretty crampy after my doctor stripped my membranes and the intensity started to increase by around 9pm or so that evening. I decided to take a bath and go to sleep hoping that I would wake up in active labor. I woke up around 3:30 am with contractions and tried to do as much laboring as I could from home. By about 8:00 am I was ready to go, at that time the contractions were about 5 min apart and lasting about 1 minute but were pretty painful. When I got to the hosptial and they checked me, I was only 1 cm more than I was at my doctors appt which was so discouraging because I just knew I had to be at least 6 :-) So at that point they wouldnt admit me, but gave me the option to walk or get in the jacuzzi. I got in the jacuzzi and about two hours later I got out and they checked me. I was 5cm and they admitted me. I was really struggling with the contractions so I think I was working against them. Once I knew I was going to be admitted, dh and I were able to start using the breathing techniques we learned in the cla__s and it really helped me deal with everything. Once I was able to relax, the pain seemed to be much easier to tolerate. By the time they had a room cleaned for me and I was moved my contractions were right on top of each other. Things moved very quickly from that point on, the next time they checked me about an hour and a half later I was 9cm and 100%. They broke my water and 30 min later I was pushing. 3 contractions later our baby was born. It was the most amazing experience and I am so in love with him. I find myself just sitting here staring at him. He is absolutely perfect. Apgar scores were 9 and 9 (his hands and feet were pretty blue) We finally named him today. His name is Aidan Alexander. I came out of it without any st_tches or anything so Im fine except for the contractions I get when I b___stfeed. Dh is so cute and protective over his son :-) I will post more pictures this weekend after we get home and are situated but I really wanted to check in with you girls. Cer- you are next :-)...Im so glad that you took the birth cla__s, the breathing really makes a HUGE difference. I wish I used it from the beginning, I probably wouldve dilated a little quicker. . I hope all is well with everyone. I will read and catch up later. Thanks for all of your support, I love you guys :-)


deniseb - November 3

Wow Mico, good for you doing it all on your own...that is a great accomplishment, congrats. You sound so relaxed and in control and enjoying the experience from start to finish. I love the name Aidan (yay for the Irish name) he is a beautiful baby. Take care of yourself and keep in touch, I am so happy for you and dh.


Liezel - November 3

Congratulations Mico.... what a wonderful birth story. Now I am glad DH and I are taking the cla__ses as well. I love your sons name as well and can't wait to see more pictures of him. take care and write to us soon, you know how nosy we can be =)


LB - November 3

Mico, hooray for baby aiden! i am so happy to hear that you had a good labour and dialated as you should. Did you have an epidural? or did it au naturel? I can't wait to see more pics, give that baby a big kiss for me. Have a good weekend girls! i'll talk to you all later.


consy - November 4

Hey im gonna start part 20 ok



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