Wanting To Try Again Part 19

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ade - October 8

micro - i totally know what you mean about la leche the first meeting I went to the shortest anyone had b___stfed was 1.5 years but that was only because they were still b___stfeeding. It seemed daunting but today was much better and a couple of us had lunch afterward which was great to ask each other questions etc. I think the groups flux a lot so one day might be good and the next to intimidating. Ok today was my second round of accupunture and not too much but I do feel more pressure so I am hoping he is begining to make his journey. Best wishes to everyone. Oh and my furniture is coming on sunday. So I suspect I will go into labor then. ha!


micorazon - October 9

Ade - I have been reading up on accupuncture and was considering it myself. They say even though it may not induce labor it tends to help you have a faster labor...So from all of the excercise you did and the accupuncture your labor should fly by. Hopefully you will have him on or by your due date. Are you feeling anything beyond the pressure? Jess - Didnt you have a ma__sage right before going into labor with Mira? Its funny...you wait all of this time, now that I have about 3 weeks left I am getting so anxious for the baby to get here like I cant wait anymore. I am ready to just relax, not work and wait for the baby. Im hoping that by next week they will let me start rea__signing my stuff so I can slow down.


JessC531 - October 9

Hi girls! Mico, I did have a ma__sage a few days before labor started. I don't think that's what did it though. It was s_x! I swear. LOL. We had s_x and about a half hour later I had my first real contraction. So dh started and helped end the whole process for me. LOL. I've got my phone on and ready to recieve those messages from you girls. I can't wait!!! Ade, I hope you're right and your little guy has begun his journey. I bet he will come on the day your furniture comes. It always seems to go that way. My labor began the day we went to go pick up our new car. :) Vicki, your scan is Monday, right? I can't wait! You're going to have to post some pics. Waggzy and Consy, I hope your little ones are doing well. And Waggz, I hope work is going ok for you. LB, could you imagine if after all this you went late? That would be a good thing though - the more time Ava has to grow and get strong the better! Well, Mira had a rough day yesterday. She took 4 naps, but all of them were 45 minutes or less! She usually takes 4 naps, and at least 1 of them is a few hours. So she was up a lot yesterday, and very cranky and tired. I'm wondering if she's just going to start being awake more now... If she is, I'd be thrilled, but I hope she can lose the cranky part. LOL. Maybe yesterday was a transition day. :) She's not doing quite as well at night - we don't get a 9 hour stretch every night - but we always get at least 6. So I'll take it! I can't believe she's 2 months old already. It's so crazy. And can you believe this... I'm starting to think about #2!!! I'm nuts, I know. Dh and I had a talk about it, and we're thinking we don't want to wait too long. Now I have to decide what that really means... I'm pretty sure Nando would be ready to try again right now. I guess I better ask the dr when we can. I hope she says less than 12 months. You freaked me out with that Consy. I really have lost it, haven't I? LOL. Ok ladies. Have a great day!!!


LB - October 9

Hi girls, i can't wait to hear the new birth announcements! it does seem that time is going fast. Jess, funny you should mention going over my due date, my doc told me that a few weeks ago. Freaked me out because i cannot imagine how big she will be at 40+ weeks. I just want to get to 37 weeks and will be happy. I cannot believe you and cons are thinking of number two already! i would like my kids to be close in age too and given how long it takes me to get pregnant i might just try again a few months after ava is born and see what happens. I am 31 after all so i would like to have another one before i get to 35. How is everyone else? hanging in there. It was thanksgiving here yesterday in canada, so nice to have such a big meal seeing how i havn't had a decent sit down dinner in so long. I cannot wait to get off of bedrest because i am getting restless, do you think nesting instincts can kick in so soon, i look around my house and want to fix everything! and i can't even do the laundry, which DH has been doing and either i am getting way big fast or he is putting the dryer up too high because it seems my pants are getting shorter and so are my tops. I can't complain though, at least he isn't mixing colors! well i will talk to you all soon i can't wait to hear what's new with everyone. Talk to you all later LB


Liezel - October 9

Hey girls... Yep time is flying by... soon we will have new pics of all of the new babies. LB... I know what you mean... we had a huge thanksgiving feast yesterday too and I haven't eaten that much in Months!!! It was just all sooooo good. Anyways the nursery is finally done!! Now all we need is my baby shower to complete it. And according to What to expect when you're expecting the third trimester starts at 27 weeks and I have 2 days left before that! I'm almost in the final stretch and man am I getting excited. Ade only 2 days left till your due date... you must be so excited! Okay gotta run for now... will check in again later....xxxxxxxx


LB - October 9

Me again, you mean the third trimester started at 27 weeks? here i was going by 28 weeks. I will be 29 weeks thurs! Liezel i envy you getting the nursery done, I can't start until nov:( Oh well something to look forward to. I started leaking from one b___b today it freaked me out did anyone else start leaking so early? does that mean i am at risk of going into preterm labour? Did i mention i can see my stomache move when she kicks or rolls over sometimes? it is so weird but nice that she is so strong already to kick through all the fat!lol BBL


Cerulean - October 9

Hi ladies! Just a quick post. I can't believe Ade is due in two days! And Mico is right behind her. It's baby time again! I am getting so antsy myself. I still have 7.5 weeks to go and I just can't take it anymore! It would be easier if we could just know what day the baby was coming. So we would know exactly how many days we have to go. Wow! Liezel you are starting the 3rd trimester?!? Isn't it so exciting? Everyone is moving right along. ttyl Cerulean


deniseb - October 9

Oh Ade, I think this is it...you should gop any day. As far as the furniture dilemma ...I say BUT the expensive one, your lil' boy deserves the best and you deserve the peace of mind. Sometimes it's worth it in the end to pay a little extra. Try not to get too stressed out....enjoy these last few days with him inside you, as you will miss him not being there. You have sooo much to luck forward to and I wish you a peaceful, spectacular delivery...no matter what the prize you get is out of this world...and it is ALL yours. Love to all XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


deniseb - October 9

I meant to say "BUY" the expensive one not BUT ..lol


consy - October 9

Hey Ade i agree with Denise (hi denise!!!) i think this is it! When my waters broke it was only a little trickle, so i said to the midwife 'i think my waters have broken' so she made me lie down on the bed and she put what seemed like her whole freaking arm inside of me and that released the water! Ooooooooh i am so excited!!! Jess make sure your phone is glued to your hand ok! And goodness me, Ade why on earth are you going to a meeting when you are leaking fluid?? lol You are the most dedicated person i know!! Haha Jess i knew you would see the light aka the clucky light!! Well i was told if you want another c-sec then you can fall pregnant straight away, but if you want to try for vbac then you need to wait 12 months for the scar to get strong. In anycase, they can't and won't induce a woman who has had a c-sec so if you and i slowcoaches don't go into labour on our own then its another c-sec. I am not sure what i am going to do, prob what waggzy is going to do and watch the size of the baby before making the decision. If my next looks like its going to be 9'12 again i think i will do a c-sec. Oh i don't know.... but yeah well my dh and i are the opposite. He is pretty keen to wait until the end of next year, but if i could do it tomorrow i would. Hey thats good about the 6-9 hour stint. Matthew most nights now does 10 hours (he is older though) but every now and again it is a 6 then a 3. The thing is, after doing every 2 1/2 hours 6 hours feels like a dream! It really does. Sometimes when Matthew sleeps from 10pm-4am, i struggle to get back to sleep because i am so well rested! lol But yes i am going for a baby girl as soon as i can. I figure we can't leave it too long because you never know. I mean, we are on here because we have had complications, so time is of the essence! Also i am clucky... ;-)


Vicki - October 10

Hi girls. Ade, this really could be it and there was me adament that it would be Mico who went first! I definitely agree with getting the more expensive stuff if it means guaranteed delivery for before the baby comes home, which I can't see being over a week at the moment. Jess, that's great about Mira's sleeping patterns even if she was a bit cranky yesterday. I'm also amazed that you and Cons are already thinking about trying again, my memories of m/s are still too strong to want to go through that again any time soon! Liezel, LB and Cer it's great to hear that things are ticking along nicely with you guys. The time really is flying along now and it's just me still loitering around in the 2nd trimester. I'm 20 weeks today! Wahoo! Half way there. Hi Denise, hope things are ok with you and also to Kiza, are you on count down to bd'ing yet?


micorazon - October 10

Good Morning Girls...Ade - I agree with everyone around getting the more expensive stuff if you can just to have peace of mind. Have you looked into another store or vendor? Some places may actually have some things in stock. I hope that this is it for you...I cant believe you are going in to a meeting, your job really expects quite a bit from you. Is your office near your house or better yet the hospital? Let us or Jess know if anything changes with you. Denise - glad to hear from you, how are things going? Cons and Jess - I still cant believe you girls are already planning for number 2. Dh and I will be adopting our next child so we have had a few discussions about it but I dont see us starting the process for over a year or so. Vicki - congrats on hitting the half way mark :-) Jess - congrats on Mira getting over the hump and starting to have better sleep habits. Im hoping that she keeps it up :-) Nothing new on my end...I will be 37 weeks on Friday and have an appt tomorrow but I doubt anything has changed. I dont think they check your cervix anymmore anyways. I am getting so anxious I cant see myself making it three more weeks. Its raining today so I think Im going to walk on the treadmil for a while. I am going into the office tomorrow and Friday for the first time in a while. Really just to wrap up a few things and just show my face. My scheduled last day in the office was next Wednesday anyways, then I will be working from home until I have the baby. Cer - glad to hear all is well with you...do you have pics of the nursery to post? TTYL.


micorazon - October 10

Hi Girls...Did anyone whose water broke before labor not gush? I think my water just broke but it wasnt that much? Shouldnt it be a constant drip? I think I may call the doctor but I dont want to call and they think Im an idiot.


Cerulean - October 10

Mico - I am generally the kind of person who always thinks I sound like an idiot when I ask questions to the doctor. But the one time I didn't was when I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. they take it very seriously and got me in right away. I would absolutely call. =) Let us know what they say, if you can! =)


LB - October 10

Hi girls just checking in, Mico call the doctor, i think indeed it could be your water breaking most start off as a small trickle instead of a big gush. I am sure the contractions will start soon. The best way to tell if your water bag is leaking is that after going to the washroom, wipe and then put on a fresh pantyliner or dry underware, lay down for a bit and then check again if your panties are wet or your liner is than you are leaking. I am excited for you this could be it.


Cerulean - October 10

Mico I can't wait to hear from you! I am so excited for some babies to be born!! =) Ladies, I have another Breastfeeding question. Once you start b___stfeeding, does your diet stay the same as when you were pregnant? Meaning do you still have to stay away from certain cheeses and limit your tuna intake? stuff like that?



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