Wanting To Try Again Part 19

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Cerulean - October 10

Mico I can't wait to hear from you! I am so excited for some babies to be born!! =) Ladies, I have another Breastfeeding question. Once you start b___stfeeding, does your diet stay the same as when you were pregnant? Meaning do you still have to stay away from certain cheeses and limit your tuna intake? stuff like that?


JessC531 - October 10

Ade had the baby!!!!! I got a text message from her about an hour ago... Avery Jackson was born at 8:52 this morning. He weighed 7 pounds. I don't have any more details... YAY!!! Maybe Mico and Ade will have the babies on the same day!!! :) Mico, I'm thinking of you... and waiting for that message! :)


Cerulean - October 10

YAAAAYYYY!!! That is so exciting! I can't wait to hear the details. I hope she got her natural birth like she wanted. =) Wow, that would be crazy if Mico went into labor too!. Congrats Ade!!!


micorazon - October 10

Oh wow...that is great that she had her baby on time. Im still sitting here not sure as to what is going to happen with me. I called the doctor and they just told me to put on a pad and wait to see if I start having contractions. That seemed like a strange response to me...they didnt seem too concerned. I have an appt tomorrow morning so she said if I havent gone into labor tonight they will confirm if it is amniotic fluid at that appt. Im so excited for Ade...And to think she was going to go to work today. Cant wait to hear her story and see Avery's picture. Jess - I have your number in my phone as well so if anything happens I will text you.


JessC531 - October 10

Mico, you must be going crazy! I would think it has to be amniotic fluid... What else would it be? Unless it was pee? I think you'd probably know though. If you don't go into labor beforehand, let us know how the appointment goes tomorrow morning. And I have my phone on me! :) Cer, you can pretty much eat whatever you want when you're b___stfeeding. You do still have to watch your mercury consumption, so not too much fish. But other than that I eat whatever I want. It's great! :) I'm hungry a lot too... and really thirsty after I bf. I've lost almost all of my weight... I have about 7 or 8 pounds to go, so I guess all the eating I'm doing isn't making me keep on TOO much weight. :) Vicki, congrats on the halfway mark! Isn't that so exciting! Denise, glad you popped in. Hope all is going well for you. Cons, thanks for the info about future pregnancies. I do want to have a VBAC, but I don't want to wait a year! Ugh. I'm still going to talk to my doc to see if I can get away with trying sooner. I don't think you ever said if yours was a bikini scar or a vertical one... Hello to everyone else. Hope you're all doing well. I'm going to put another pic of Mira on the website. I got a really cute one of her squinty eyed smile. :)


deniseb - October 10

Congrats ADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love and hugs


deniseb - October 10

Mico, you next....please God. I will be thinking of you.


LB - October 10

Yeah ade!! can't wait to hear all about the birth and see pics. Mico i can't wait to hear of your news too, i bet it will be soon. This is so exciting.. a new set of babies arriving.


kiza - October 10

YAY! Ade Congrats to you & DH. I hope all went well.--------Mico, when my waters broke both times with my kids, it was exactly how you described it. Goodluck it wont be long now.---------------Cer, there were certain foods that I didn't eat when I was b___stfeeding, but it was a trial & error thing. Certain foods seemed to upset bubs more than others so I just knew if I ate certain things then both of us would pay for it later. I also couldn't have any lactose products whilst feeding either, all my kids are lactose intolerant, and although it is produced naturally in b___st milk, If I consumed it aswell it was total overload for bubs.-------------Cons, glad all is good with you & Matthew.-----------------Jess, you are sounding a bit brighter these days. I'm glad all is well----------------LB, congrats on getting so far. That's great. Hopefully you will be off bedrest soon.------------Vicki,YAY! for you aswell. I bet you are so counting down the days to your u/s.------------Liezel, how's everything going with you? Your BP holding up ok. I suffered hypertension with my pregnancies, and the drugs they put me on were bloody awful.--------------Waggzy, how did you cope with having your first week back at work. I would have spent the whole day thinking now what would joshua be doing at the moment. I hope it wasn't too bad for you.-----------Denise, hello, I hope you and the family are well. How much longer till the next stage of the adoption process? ------------Nothing new with me, busy as usual. Ive decided not to go the IVF route, they can't guarantee me a healthy pregnancy & because my little angels didn't have any genetic problems there would be no way of finding out they were healthy until my 20 week scan anyway. And I just think it would be a bit selfish of me to do that. I have however just taken out private insurance as I am going to have a lap band put on. I've always struggled with being a bit overweight, but since all my losses I have ballooned, so in 12months time I'll be having that done. So if it happens naturally before than well all good & well but if not then DH can go & get the snip & I'll be grateful for what I have got. I sometimes feel like I am stuck on the same page over & over, with the ttc game. So onwards & forwards. Anyway it's still scholl holidays here & the kids are frantic so I think it's time to get out in the fresh air. I'll check back later to see if there are any updates on Ade or Mico. Take care girlfriends Kiza xxxxxxx


Vicki - October 11

Congratulations Ade! Well that was quick, you must have pretty much had contraction #1 within minutes of your last post. Anyways I think it's totally brilliant and hope that it all went smoothly for you. Kiza, you have to do what's right for you and your own sanity, maybe a slightly more relaxed approach to all this is exactly what you need. But just one question: What's a lap band?


kiza - October 11

Hey Vicki, a lap band is a small band that gets surgically put inside your body & it goes around your stomach. Then slowly over time they inflate it so you only have a small stomach, so you end up losing weight gradually and safely. And the band can also be deflated anytime if needed. It's the new alternative to a gastric bypa__s. It's done through key hole surgery, and the aim is that you lose about a kilo a week. It also helps reduce any excess skin aswell cause it is being done slowly. Take care Kiza xxxxx


consy - October 11

Aaaaaaarrrrrgh the one FREAKING day i have something on and Ade gives birth!! I have been checking on and off this page not stop for the last couple of days but today i had mothers group and was out all day!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy Ade, i hope it all went smoothly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mico i think your waters have broken, but my suspicion is that you are in the labout suite pushing right now so you prob don't need to be told it!!! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh the babies!!! I am so clucky i have grown feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liezel - October 11

Hey ladies... just a quick check in as I have to get to work... but firstly YAAAAAYYYYYYY....ADE!!! Congrats on your little boy... can't wait to hear all the details!!! Secondly congrats to Vicki on making it to the half way mark, it only gets better from now on... and finally GO MICO GO, GO MICO GO!!!! I hope everything is going smoothly with you mico... update us when you can. Ladies I am 27 weeks today and I think it may be time for another picture... so tomorrow is my day off and I will try to get one then. Love and Hugs to all......Liezel.....xxxxxxxxx


deniseb - October 11

Hey Girls, Kiza it was great to hear from you. Good for you deciding on the lap band procedure, my friends Mother-in _law did that last year and she is half her size now and looks brilliant. I agree with Vicki, now that you have decided to move ahead you will find yourself pregnant. Good Luck with everything, you have been through a whole lot and you deserve to take care of yourself now..it's time for you. Mico...oh I hope you are pushing as we speak. Vicki, congrats on the half way mark and I love that you have picked out your pram etc. that is wonderful. Liezel...bring on more belly pics! LB, see the one day at a time technique has brought you another 4 weeks ahead..how great! Cons, Jess and Waggzy hope the babes are doing great. Jess, Mira is the spit of you. Cer you are getting close, we need new belly pics. As for me, not much to report. I had a check up with my OB as I am STILL bleeding on and off since the MC (nearly 9 weeks) it's not much ..but annoying enough. He said it was normal for some women and I had also read that. As far as the adoption goes..we are doing a parenting cla__s next week with the agency, so hopefully this will kick start the process. We have many questions etc. before we take the first step. Of course my doc asked me if I was ready to try again, the hair stood up on my neck when he said it. I just looked at him and said do ye think I am the bionic woman here? then he mentioned the donor egg process which I have totally been against but I have been reading into it. I asked my DH about it and he said no way, he believes adoption is the way to spend that kind of money. I agree with him. I am grasping at straws at this point, part of the mourning process with mc. Sometimes you take one step ahead and two back, I guess I just need to give my all to the adoption process to fill the void in my heart and my head. Other than all that life is good and my little lad is keeping me busy and VERY happy.


micorazon - October 11

Hi Girls...well I guess Im not leaking fluid. Funny, they told me the same thing they told Ade which is it appears to be more of my mucous plug. So it doesnt look like Im having a baby today. On the positive side I am 3cm so at least my cervix is starting to change again. They had me sit on the monitor for a while because the doctor still seems concerned about the baby's size, but his heartrate and activity levels look good. If I dont have him this week, they have scheduled an ultrasound for next thursday to get a better estimate of his size. Im trying not to worry too much about it, but its hard not to. Kiza - Im very happy for you finding a place of peace around ttc. I have seen some amazing results with the lap band...a friend of mine had it done and she lost so much weight she had to have a cosmetic procedure done to remove the excess skin because she lot it so quickly. Good luck to you with that. Jess - Mira is adorable and she does look just like you...its amazing. I will check back later....


JessC531 - October 11

Ok... really random question. Yesterday my mom was over and I was telling her that Ade had the baby. She asked who that was, and I said one of the girls from the website I go on. Dh jokingly added that you were my "make-believe" friends. I said that I had been talking to you for so long, I felt like I really knew you all. He then said that I don't know your real names. He was joking, and wasn't trying to be a jerk - he's always been really happy for me that I found you girls - but he got me thinking... I know most of your names, and some of you use your names as your screen names, but not everybody!! So... What are your names??? LOL.



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