Wanting To Try Again Part 10

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Vicki - March 15

Wow, part 10 and still going strong. May this thread bring us much luck and many bfps.


Jazzee - March 15

Three cheers to that Vicki!!! Love, Jazzee xxx


Michell - March 15

Wow, that was a long thread...we need to fill this one up with all good news...fast! Today I am feeling great! I am finally done bleeding after 6 weeks straight after my d&e. It was tourture!! My dr. agreed that he wanted me to have an u/s this week to make sure that there were no remains in there. The report came back and everything looks normal. My horomones are down to 9...YES!!! My lining was 5mm and the ovaries had follicles on them...i guess that is good?? Overall everything looked normal with nothing left behind. Dr. said that I very well could have had AF in that time but can't say for sure. At least now all looks good and I will hopefully have another cycle soon so i can start TTC again. I can't imagine trying before another AF just because the last 6 weeks have been so crazy. I am so happy for all you ladies that are going strong with the little girls and boys...i am envous but very happy to hear all these positive stories. Ade...i am hoping for the best with you...you deserve this little one...stay on that couch! Liezel...looks like you are on your way to getting started again...that is a relief i am sure. Vicki...good luck with DH and get to it! I will hopefully be there with all you ladies soon. have a great day!! (((hugs)))


Liezel - March 15

Yay!!! Part 10....thanks vicki.... So i took my first dose of the 150mg clomid last night and so far no side effects (unless i slept through them). ***Thanks jazzee for the inspirational thoughts... I will definetly keep praying. I feel so much better about ttc this time than before. I think it is because i am being so closely monitored by the RE team. Oh and i love the name Caydon.... my cousin named her son that, except they spelt it Caiden. He is so cute, but definetly a hand full. ***Consy.... I hope you are having a glorious time with DH.... Eat as much as you want, so that you can tell us all about it. ****waggzy... have you started working on the nursery yet or picked out a colour or decorating theme... I can't wait to start doing stuff like that. I really wanna do up a nursery with baby animals and their mommies. when i was younger... I wanted to do a winnie the pooh room. Anyways i gotta go for now.... my sis and I are going for an afternoon swim (indoors of course.... it is -1 outside). Talk to you later.........Liezel......xxxxxxxx


tiffany79 - March 15

Ladies..hope you dont mind if i join your group! I m/c (not sure if it was a blighted ovum or chem pregnancy??), it was my first pregnancy.. and our first try (at least i know i can get prego). I m/c naturally, it was like af, but little more severe.. 2 weeks after my original af was due. I just had my first cycle since.. now i get to ttc soon! Hopefull i will ovulate on track next weekend.. i cant wait to ttc again!! Sticky baby dust to ALL!!!


Cerulean - March 15

I agree with Michell - we need all good news on this thread! Well I am 7 dpo and itching to test. I am getting so excited but I have to keep reminding myself that DH and I only b/d once and it was 2 days before O. Now I am wishing that we had tried harder. If I do get preggo FF says my due date will be 11/29 which is the day before my b-day...that would be great! But I am getting ahead of myself again. =) Liezel - That is great that you are feeling positive, I bet it really does feel good to me monitored closely. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! I really hope this is the month for all of us!


kiza - March 15

YAY! thanks Vicki for part 10. Everyone seems to be in great spirits. Such good news Liezel on the cyst. 16 follies is great, keeping everything crossed for you that they mature right.-------------Cons, glad the holiday is going well, I'm soooo jealous lol.--------------Jess, Jazzee, waggzy, so glad you and your little ones are well.-----------------Cer, not long till test day, good luck.--------------Great news that the bleeding has stopped Michell,--------------Welcome Tiffany, sorry for your loss, hopefully you can become part of our little internet family.---------------KitCat, you must be sooooooooo BUSY! Pop in and let us know how you are.------------- Mico, hope the m/s lets up soon----------Ade, how's the bedrest treating you, I hope your not getting any bedsores lol---------I'm sorry if I haven't memtioned everyone, just a quick stop today. Nothing new with me, cd14 low temps still so I don't think I have O'ed yet, but not really bothered yet anyway. Everything else in my life seems to be going quite well at the moment, so I'm pretty happy all round. Must dash and pick up the kids from school. Take care. Kiza xxxxxx


Vicki - March 16

Morning All! This is really sounding like a positive thread, the sun is out and it's my birthday in 2 days so all in all I have a very big smile on my face. We bd'd last night and it was great! ; ) I had been worrying that it would feel more like a chore because we were doing it just to conceive but it as it turned out it wasn't. I went to the doctors this morning for my blood tests. They're doing progesterone and thyroid but I don't get the results until this time next week. Anyways that's enough about me . . . Liezel good luck with the clomid and hope you stay side effect free. Michell so pleased to hear that you've stopped bleeding at last. It must be such a relief. Hopefully your next af is not too far off and then you can start ttc again. Tiffany welcome to the thread. I'm so sorry to meet you under such circ_mstances but this is a wonderful circle of friends who are really supportive and will be with you all the way. Good luck with that bd'ing!


micorazon - March 16

Hello Ladies...Jazz - thank you for the positive words...You always seem to pick the right ones to share. Vicki - Congrats on the + opk. Good luck with your bding...Michelle - congrats on the great news. Sending lots of baby dust in your direction. Liezel - good luck with the clomid...Hoping that this will be your month :-) Tiffany - welcome! Im sorry for your loss but happy that you have found the courage to try again. Hoping that you get your bfp asap as well :-) Cer - I know how hard it is not to test...that tww is a killer but hang in there. Maybe you can slip one in a test around 10 dpo :-) Waggz - That is a great idea to paint the nursery at 12 weeks. I may try do to do something like that as well to celebrate that milestone. Big hello to everyone else...Hope all is well with you today. Well girls I have my ultrasound in an hour and I am an absolute wreck...I am sooo nervous. The morning sickness is still going strong so I feel more confident than in the past that all will be fine but it is still so scarey. I have never had a heartbeat at an ultrasound so this will be an incredible milestone for us. Please pray for us...I will update you guys when I get back... ...ttyl


Cerulean - March 16

Hello ladies...Well I am 8dpo today and my impatience got the best of me this morning and I tested. I got a very faint BFP! For some reason I am very skeptical though. I didn't even mark it on my chart yet. I think I'll wiat for tomorrow to see if it's any darker. I don't feel anything but slightly crampy. My b___bs aren't sore or anything. I guess I am just afraid after what happened last month.


micorazon - March 16

Congratulations Cer, how exciting ...Keeping my fingers crossed that the line gets darker and darker. I am back from my ultrasound and I saw the heartbeat!!! Even just posting about it is making me tear up...I have waited for that moment for so long. I just feel this mixture of feelings somewhere between happy and relieved. Jess, I can so relate to what you meant now when you said that having your ultrasound and seeing your baby made the whole thing with the school seem insignificant...I have been so sick lately and seeing that little heart flickering on the screen today helped me to remember how worth it all of this is....I know I have alot of bridges to cross but this was such a major milestone for us. When the technician gave me my picture to take home of my little bean she called me mommy...I never thought I would hear anyone say that word and be referring to me. Well I guess I could ramble on and on in all of my excitement but I need to get some work done. Hoping that the positive news keeps rolling in ...ttyl.


Cerulean - March 16

Oh mico....you made me tear up. That is so wonderful to hear. I am so happy for you!


tiffany79 - March 16

Micorazon... thats just so awesome!!! Gives me (us) hope!! I cant wait to hear those words..hear that sound...see that pic!! How far along are you? and Did you m/c once?


micorazon - March 16

I am 7 weeks according to the u/s...6 weeks 5 days according to my calculations. I have had 2 miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy since last summer...I have been trying to conceive for a little over a year. In both of my miscarriages even though I didnt find out until around 8 weeks, the baby stopped developing very early(before there was a fetal pole). Im glad that this gives you hope Tiffany as all the other women on this thread and their progressing pregnancies are giving me hope. I cant focus on anything else. I have been trying to work but I cant...I should just take the afternoon off.


tiffany79 - March 16

sorry about all your losses.. so awesome your on your way now, w/ a sticky bean!! Did you do anything diff w/ this pregnancy? Baby Aspirin? Progesteren? B6?? thanks for your replys!


micorazon - March 16

I am on progestserone suppositories and baby aspirin this time. Both were done as a precaution but I do think that they have something to do with the outcome being different.


tiffany79 - March 16

Did your doc recommend that? As long as it helps.. thats great!! I started taking B6 (50mg).. and kinda take baby apirin.. not sure why tho. I only had one m/c, very early m/c. Hoping it was just one of those "flukes'. I just dont want to go thru it agian!! Im the biggest worrier, and think something MUST be wrong w/ me..



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