Wanting To Try Again Part 29

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JessC531 - November 1

Welcome ladies! Congratulations on all the new (and not so new anymore) pregnancies. Who will be next??? :)


JessC531 - November 1

Hi girls. The typing is an issue here for me, so I guess you were right LB... We had just gotten too long on the last one. So Mira had a great time trick-or-treating last night - even though she had the beginnings of a cold. :( Poor thing had a runny nose all day. Today she's pretty bad. I can tell she just feels miserable. I hate when there isn't really anything I can do to help her. But she had a great time anyway. After we finished trick-or-treating (just up and down our road), we sat outside for a little bit so she could play and see some of the other trick-or-treaters. She was so funny because she kept taking off down the road after them. LOL. I guess she didn't want to be done. It was very cute. I'll post some pics soon. So I'm feeling this new little one moving all the time now. Actually, I have a feeling he's big for this age. I've been feeling things (rolling, him pushing out against my stomach where I can feel his whole back with my hand, shooting pains down below which I'm pretty sure are kicks) that I didn't feel with Mira until the last few months. I hope I'm wrong though, because if he's too big, vbac is out of the question. We'll see next Friday I guess. Ok, I've got to go take care of this little lady. Sorry for rambling today. :) I hope you all had a great night last night and I'll ttys. xxxx


JessC531 - November 1

I meant it isn't an issue here. Except now that I'm typing this it's doing it again!!! AGGGHHHH! It's so annoying!


waggzy - November 1

hi ladies, thanks for starting part 29 Jess, 28 was getting to have lots of pages :) glad to hear everyone's little ones had a great time on halloween, Joshua was a monkey, but I wasn't home coz I had to work, so he didn't get to go trick-or-treating :( but they had a little costume party at his day care so he got to wear his monkey costume there. Oh no, now I can't remember what everyone else wrote on the other thread, at least now I can blame it on pregnancy brain :) well, Kiza i checked out your up-dated pics and your kids look gorgeous, as usuall, little Mia's smile is sooo beautiful. LB, can't believe Ava is walking already, at 10 months! Ceru, good to hear from you, it's been a while. thanks for the congrats, I'm 9 weeks now. Sorry to hear you've been feeling down in the dumps, remember- you can always talk to your doc and see what he/she thinks, don't suffer silently, we all feel like that sometimes but if you feel it's going on too long then see what your doc thinks. on a lighter note, I bet Peyton looked adorable in her poodle costume, can't wait to check out all the pics of all the bubs in their costumes. Allie, congrats on Rachel's first steps! and all the new words she's now saying. mico, I hope Aiden's party went well, let us know. well, I feel like I'm already showing coz I'm so bloated, some of my pants already can't fit! is that even possible at 9 weeks? anyway, for the most part I feel pretty good, I am eating like a horse, the MS hits really bad in the morning but by noonish it's gone. I can't wait to feel the baby move, jess I hope your bub isn't too big for a v-bac, I know how much you want that. judging by your tiny bump, he's not too big, can't wait till friday to find out. anywhoo, I'm hungry again so I'm off to find a yummy snack, I hope everyone else is doing well, talk to you all later, love waggzy.


JessC531 - November 2

Waggz, I was already really bloated by 9 weeks too. And my bump isn't so tiny anymore, so I'm thinking he is big. LOL. I'll have to post a new pic soon. They do say you get bigger sooner with the second, so I hope that's all it is. Cons, did you get bigger earlier this time? Jodi, I forgot to mention that it's great to hear from you again, and I hope you can get on more often. I've been thinking about you. I'm sorry you've been not feeling so great lately. Remember you can come on here and vent anytime. Ok, Mira is napping now... We're all screwed up because of the time change. I forgot all about it until I came downstairs at what I thought was 8 and the cable box said it was 7. It was a bonus hour with Nando before he had to go into work... again. He's been working 6 days a week, but this week it was 7. :( Ok, I'll tty all soon. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


deniseb - November 2

Hello ladies, glad to see everyone is doing well. Can't wait to see photos of all the kiddies in costume. Cer, I bet Peyton looked adorable in a pink poodle outfit, how cute. My ds went as a Star Wars clone trooper. Waggzy...glad to hear you are doing well, 9 weeks already, woohoo. You are lucky the MS is only in the morning, I have blocked my all day sickness out of memory as it was so bloody bad. Kiza...that little Mia is just a doll, all the kids are lovely. Mico, hope the party went well. I had a big Halloween party last night (adults only) about 30 people. It was so much fun, we do it every year and people get really carried away with their costumes. I am exhausted today, as it was so much work. We also opened our new store last week and my tail bone is so sore from standing and putting wine bottles away. My sis had her surgery and she was pretty bad afterwards, very depressed. The doc told her he had no suprises during surgery and removed all the lymph nodes under the arm. He told her it was a very good decision to remove the b___st. With that news she felt so much better. She will start chemo once the wound heels. All the docs are very optimistic which is a huge relief for her. I feel so much better now that she does. I am nearly 22 weeks and feeling good. My belly is not very big, I am exactly the same as I was with my ds. I started to really pop around 7 mths. I feel the little one bopping all over the place, he's been giving me such major kicks especially at night time. I am starting to come up with ideas for the nursery, I am doing something very neutral watery blue walls with light brown stripes. I am going to finish some furniture to match, same colors with a antique finish. Should look cute. I want it kinda mod. Hopefully I can get my act together to do it all. Okay gotta fly, my ds said his front tooth is falling out and needs some a__sistance ;-)))


consy - November 2

Hi girls! Waggzy I was totally showing by 9 weeks, so much so that when people in the shops asked how far along i was i would say 'Oh only early, about 16 weeks' lol. I think you show earlier second time round not only because your already a little stretched, but also because you don't give a d__n how you look, you just want the world to know your pregnant ;-) Thats what it was like for me at least. But I was def in maternity jeans by week 10, theres just no point being uncomfortable and elastic pull on jeans are soooooooooooo nice hahaha. Jess thats gorgeous you can feel bubs moving, isn't it lovely? Did they say they will do a scan at 32 weeks to check on size just to make sure things are safe for the vbac? Thats what I will be having in.....gulp.....two weeks....as believe it of no I am 30 freaking weeks now. ;-) Denise that is good news about your sister, did they give any indication on how long it will take for the wound to heal and thus how far the chemo is? I feel so sad for her children. ;( But the fact the doctor was happy with the operation is def rea__suring. Singapore was lots of fun, and it was so nice to go away and leave behind golden staph and surgery and all that jazz, did wonders for our marriage and Matthew had a blast. However, I am back in reality now, and aware that time is ticking. This week we are making and moving Matthew into his big boy bedroom (which is still a junk room presently). He needs to go into a bed because he keeps climbing out of his cot because he is so tall, and he just doesn't sleep well in there because he has outgrown it. All night we hear him banging as he rolls over and hits the slats, he is just too big. So into a bed he goes. But I am looking forward to that because at the moment when he wakes in the night i just bring him back to our bed and we all end up having no sleep because he is too big to sleep with us now, so when he is in his own bed I can just go in in the night when he cries and crawl in with him for half an hour until he goes back to sleep and then go back to bed myself. Ooooh I gotta get off my a__s and do some housework, I still haven't unpacked and the house is revolting. I am just so tired these days, and getting on and off the floor with Matthew is just getting more and more difficult. But I will get back on later today and type some more. We also need to figure out howwe are going to do our secret santa.... ;-)


RyanswifeAllie - November 3

Hi guys!!!! I'm so jealous of the preggos....but super excited to TTC soon. Halloween was a blast!! Rachel was super crabby right when we got started....I have this picture of her all decked out in her ladybug costume with a huge scowl and tears.... ha ha....but then she had fun walking up to house and reaching in the candy bowl. THen she'd throw her candy on the ground or give it back to the person! IT was so funny. I can't wait to post pics. So, I'm having a dilema as to whether or not to cut Rachel's hair so she has bangs, or let it grow out and use ponytail holders and clips. UGH! It's so frustrating! I don't want her to have that strong bang look....but I don't want her hair in her face either! I'll have to post some pics and you can tell me what you like better!*** Denise, I'm glad your sis's surgery went well, and I'm sure she is mourning her b___st.....I hope the chemo won't be too hard on her. ***Wagz, congrats on 9 weeks!!! Jess, congrats on 19 weeks, Consy, congrats on 30!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!****Cer, it was great to hear from yoU!!! Happy Birthday to Aidan!!! Hope you had fun Mia! Hi to all the other gals... :) Am doing some laundry, have to get back to it.....Oh, and I got my cloth diapers in the mail and am starting to use them! Will let you know how it goes...*** PS, Jess, what are you doing with Mira's hair? Are you doing little bangs? Or growing it out?


RyanswifeAllie - November 3

Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I posted some sweet ladybug pictures on piczo!! And a goofy one of my goofy little girl and her crazy smile! It's cute. Also, a family pic and maybe you can see that I've lost some weight.... Obviously, not skinny, but better than before. See ya!


deniseb - November 4

Hi girls...just popping in to say GO VOTE!!!!! I'll keep it at that, today is so exciting ,I love election time. Hope everyone is doing well. Welcome back Consy!!!!!


deniseb - November 4

Allie you look fabulous, good for you. You should be so proud of yourself, I bet you feel great. Your face looks so fresh and happy. Rachel looks adorable, love the outfit.


LB - November 4

Hey ladies, cons glad to hear you had a good time in singapore! 30 weeks wow! I wonder if you will deliver around the same time as ava's first birthday? dec 31? Jess glad to hear that you are feeling your bub move all around! Denise, i think the bedroom theme sounds lovely! and save that first tooth! congrats on the new store opening, how exciting! Waggzy hopefully the morning sickness lets up, As jelous as i am of all you preggo's I am so glad not to be pregnant at the moment! ava is so active and it's exhausting, I can't imagine if i were pregnant too! But i love it all the same. Allie I will go check out rachels pics. I say grow her hair out. You should see all the hair ava has, i use clips i make all the time for her( I also sell them on ebay) and I can't imagine cutting her hair. My mom would kill me if i did! DH wants to cut it though, calls her the beetles every morning but he loves it! He thinks bangs are cute! I say they are high maitenance.lol. Cer I am so sorry that you feel so down, I hope that you will enjoy your new town and that you are getting out and meeting lots of new people. How is your hubby's job coming along? Liezel are you still jet lagged? how is nathan and what cute costume was he for halloween? Mico, have you and Dh decided to try again? I say progestrone before you start wouldn't hurt any as well. Ladies I will upload photos soon, i have to resize them because they are huge! Gotta run take care Hi to anyone I missed


waggzy - November 6

Hi girls, so great to read about how everyone is doing. Denise, it was great to read that your sister's surgery went well, it's about time she gets some good news, and glad you are feeling better coz she is feeling better, you are such a good sister :) and I'm sure that nursery will look fab being decorated by you- professional designer :) post some pics when it's come together. Allie, I'll be heading over to check out your new pics, I bet you look fab! kudos, you're doing great! Cons, glad to hear you had a great time on vacation, it's nice to get away sometimes. btw jess and cons, glad to hear I'm not the only one who looked very pregnant at 9 weeks, I can't wait to really show. Hello to everybody else. well, elections are over and there's lots of excitement about Obama being the presidential elect. I was so surprised to see news of people celebrating in several other countries- I think china?? well, the whole world was watching to see what would happen I guess. I better get off to bed, I should tell you girls that the 21-page paper I slaved over for days, poured my whole time into, ignored my baby's play time for, is finally back and I got 98/100 points!!! yeah!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, the instructor who was grading it is known for her tough grading criteria so I just feel elated! the end is finally in sight. I can't wait to graduate. I'll ttyl, love waggzy.


micorazon - November 6

Hello Girls...Cer - Its good to hear from you and im sorry to hear that you have been feeling down lately. Is it due to being away from your friends and family? Kiza - Im sorry that you had such a bad day yesterday...I would have been pretty upset too...men can be very insensitive at times. I hope that today is a better day for you. Denise - I like election time as well but was especially pa__sionate about this one. Waggz - I was surprised to see so many people watching around the world as well but the shot that I thought was moving was Obama's grandmother in Kenya celebrating. I actually caught myself tearing up when Obama gave his acceptance speech...I really never thought I would see an african-american president in my lifetime. My mother was raised in the segregated south and was very actively involved in the civil rights movement, so it means so much that my son can now truly feel that he can be anything he wants to be...and Obama is proof of that. Its great that this country has truly come such a long way in regards to race...Allie - Rachel looked so cute in her little lady bug costume and you look great. You have motivated me to get moving again ;-) Dh and I still havent decided when or if we will ttc again. Right now we are being overly cautious so there definitely shouldnt be any surprises. cons - welcome back...glad to hear that your trip went well. When will your new house be done? Jess - your pregnancy is moving right along...I'd be surprised if they dont confirm thats a boy after seeing the last ultrasound pics. LB - Ava sounds very similar to Aidan...he walked early as well and has been on the move ever since. I have had to buy several more gates to put up around the house to keep him off of steps etc. The birthday party went really well....I was surprised that I wasnt overwhelmed with such a large turnout. Aidan loved all of the attention. I will try to post pics from the party and of him in his puppy costume tonight. ttyl.


RyanswifeAllie - November 6

Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments about Rachel and me.....sometimes I feel like I'm really looking better, and other times I still feel super fat. Oh well. Such is being a woman I think. Kiza, I'm so sorry you had such a HORRIBLE day. DH was being a complete loser. Very selfish and childish. Yuck. I hate it when men get all pouty and childish.....I hope he eventually says he's sorry and realized how stupid he was being. I'm glad we could help you vent! LB--I think I will grow out Rachel's hair......I love long hair on girls. It's still a tough decision to make though! Mico--That's really interesting about your Mom! Way to go on being so active during the Civil Rights movement. It is really neat to see an African-American president.....and not only that, but he's the son of a bi-racial marriage, which is really neat! That's shows that anyone, no matter where you come from, is equal and important. It'll be interesting to see what kind of president he will be! Waggz- CONGRATS on the paper!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Doesn't that make you feel SO GOOD!!! I forget though, what degree are you going for? Sorry I forgot. I can't wait to see more belly pics of you preggos!!! Get movin, girls! ha ha! Take care!


deniseb - November 6

Hi Girls, Waggzy congrats on your paper! 98/100 you go girl. Kiza, I think you do have a 5th child..your dh! that's waht you should have answered that girl. Good thing he slept outside or else he would have got a frying pan in the head. Hope he apologized (do they ever?). I know we usually don't mention politics on here, but what the heck....I am so thrilled Obama was elected. I still can't believe it. Like you said Mico this is for your son who can look at Barack and know he can be whatever he wants to be, that his generation will look past the color of ones skin. It is such an exciting time, it gives us all great hope. Peace, Denise


Cerulean - November 6

Hi ladies! Allie - Rachel is SOOOO cute! She looks so much like you! I really noticed it in the pictures that you e-mailed. The one of you and her together is so cute. And you look amazing! How do you stay so focused? That has always been my problem, I get burned out easily. Waggzy - congrats on the paper! nice job! Kiza - I hope that your husband feels really bad about the way he acted. I totally know what you mean about drunk people being annoying. I have never had much tolerance for them myself. I think I might have left my husband there if he acted that way. =) Denise & Mico - I am with you ladies 100%, I am so happy Obama was elected. I completely teared up when I saw them celebrating in Kenya. I hope that he also improves the worlds opinion of Americans. - Well Peyton started walking this past Sunday! It was so funny, I was on the computer and DH was sitting on the couch watching football and she just decided to let go of the couch and walk out into the middle of the room. It was so funny. She's been doing really well ever since. It made me a little sad though, It seems like time is moving SO fast! I've kinda started getting the baby cravings (which I must say I thought you were all crazy when you got them). I know I can't have another any time soon but DH says maybe when Peyton is two. I think that is reasonable. Oh and on another note, I posted Peyton's Halloween pictures, she was a pink poodle, but people kept asking me if she was a sheep. haha Another thing, I think Consy has a really great idea to do a Secret Santa and if no one objects, I would be more than happy to organize it (randomly draw names and e-mail them or something like that) instead of participating because I am the world's worst when it comes to getting around to do that kind of stuff (Just ask my little sister, her daughters b-day was at the end of August and I still haven't shipped it). Let me know what you ladies think. I could gather up all the names of the ladies that want to participate and e-mail each person who was drawn for them? It would have to be pretty soon because of shipping overseas. I would be more than happy to do it. =) Okay I better log off now. Hello to anyone I missed! Love, Jodi



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