Wanting To Try Again Part 7

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KitCat - January 13

Lucky part 7....wow!! Welcome to all the original chatters and all new comers also. Good luck ladies!!!


KitCat - January 13

Hi ladies.....micorazon....I'm soooo happy you finally got a +opk. And just think, if you didn't test that time and just tested the next morning you may have missed it! Happy bd'ing!! ade....don't worry about temping. Reading the charts are not too difficult if you go through the site a little bit. After looking at charts you start to recognize what every thing on there means and it all starts to come together and make sense. kiza......have fun at the wedding and eat a piece of cake for me, YUM! Liezel.......are you still with us hon? Just wondering how you're doing. Drop us a line when you get a minute. :) Hope all the preggos and babies are feeling well. :) Today is cd13 for me and tonight I got my +opk also. So mico, you and I must be right in sync, huh? Is anyone close to hpt testing time? I wish all of us so much luck. I think it will be a year in march that I've been chatting on this site, and I think the same is for Liezel and kiza also. That is a long time for the three of us. We've seen alot of women come and go on to have their babies and I wish so much that the same thing will happen for us. Lots of baby dust to all of us. Good luck girls! Talk to you all again soon. xo


consy - January 14

Oooooh lucky 7 i love it!! 7 is my lucky lotto/casino/bingo with my dem. clients number so i have high hopes for this thread. Kiza i laughed when you reminder us about being a med. rec....... gee i loved it when it happened. I am a carer..... i really do wipe a__s for a living. But i love my job.... i also love the idea of not having to work anymore, and i think i love that more ;-) Looks like everyones 2ww is in sinc, its like when you like with your girlfriends and after a couple of months all your menstural cycles sinc together!! Ha ha ha ha... Love you all xx


ade - January 14

Hi everyone, wow it is funny how everyone does seem to be in sync kitcat, kiza & micorazon we all seem to be on track I got a + opk this morning we are going to try everyday til next sat just to be sure. Consy how are you doing you must be 14 wks is that right? And Allie how is she? Waggzy sometimes I think the docs are trying to save money by not doing an US I think if you told her how you felt and are willing to pay she would agree, I talked to my doc and got a plan a head of time granted if all goes well this is my 3rd and he is finally ready to take action but I have to remind him and be proactive so I think you all should do as you need to. I am really excited this time maybe I am setting my self up for dissapointment but the world just seems right and everything seems to be fitting into place. It's just so great that we can all talk during the 2ww. Happy b'ding to everyone make it fun!! Belly rubs to all the mommies out there


Cerulean - January 14

Hi ladies, I was wondering if I could join your group. =) I am just now starting to TTC this month after a miscarriage last April. I am currently on CD11 and am monitoring only by CM, not charting or using OPK's, although I am curious about both. Anyway, good luck to everyone! Hopefully this will be our lucky month! =)


Fall - January 14

Hi ladies... I only have a second but I wanted to stop in and say hello and wish you all lots of baby making luck;) Hi, cerulean this site is so full of positive and helpful women. I'm sure you will get lots of support here! Congrates on all the + opk! I think I had a + opk as well but the mid cycle spotting is really concerning!! XO


ade - January 14

Hi cerulean welcome I just joined this week and am trying again after two mc one March of 05 & one on halloween. I am excited and nervous but feel really positive this group has really helped. Fall... don't worry about the spotting every cycle and person is different. I know its hard not to be scared but fretting isn't good for you or for getting preg so relax take a deep breath. I just got back from a 3 hr yoga workshop and it was great I need a lot to calm my mind these days to all we can do try to relax.


waggzy - January 14

Hi Everyone! welcome to cerulean, sorry for your loss last April, good luck with the b'ing and hope you get a BFP soon! fall, try not to worry too much about the spotting, I know it's really worrisome during the ttc times when our bodies are seemingly going bananas and doing things that we have no control over, but try to relax and not worry too much (easier said than done, I know) it will also relax your body and help you get pregnant. I have heard many people say that just as they decided to give the ttc a rest or not stress about it so much or just put it off for some time, then they get pregnant! I think it's coz they take their minds off everything and relax, so their bodies relax. anyway, good luck to you and baby dust! ade, good luck with the b'ding, wouldn't it be awesome if all you girls in sync with each other got BFP's all around the same time?! it would be like a chain reaction thing! That's kinda how it was when first Tam, then Consy, then I then Jazzee got BFP's, and I think we are all due within a month of each other! So I hope we get another long chain here pretty soon!!! Kiza, hope your little one will be ok, kids are so hard to read when stuff like that happens :) I am 13 weeks today so very excited to be crossing into the 2nd trimester. since last wednesday when I had the spotting, I have noticed that my pants can hardly b___ton up any more. They fit up my legs and around my hips but are very tight at the b___ton. so yesturday I was looking at my profile in the mirror and I have a definite bump! this literally happened overnight coz there was definately no bump there last weekend! Wow! I just love it, I rub it all the time, I guess there must have been a growth spurt when I spotted or something. take care girls, talk to you all again soon. Baby dust to all!!!


kiza - January 14

Hello dear friends, Waggzy bumps do happen overnight. It is so amazing to go to bed one night and wake up the next day and POP! there's a baby bump there, make the most of it. -------------Ade congrats on the +, I will start testing later this arvo. Goodluck with the BD'ing.-----------Cerulean, welcome, and sorry for your loss. Hopefully it won't take too long for you to get a happy healthy BFP.----------Fall, congrats on your + too, Have you tried calling your doc to ask about the spotting. I've never experienced it so can't give any advice sorry. Hopefully it will stop and the BD'ing can take over.-----------Consy, how do you go lifting some of your patients in your condition? I know they have lifting machines and things now but it still quite a physical and demanding job. Please be careful.Oh it was a cla__sic when I told you all what I did for a living lol. Having a family dinner tonight with about 30 of us so that should be fun. Not often we are all together like this so we are making the most of it before everyone starts jetting back to their different states. Well must dash, babysitting my neice today who is only 5 months old and totally adorable. It really helps work off some of my cluckieness. So she is just about to wake up so Take care girls, will chat soon. Kiza xxxxxxx


micorazon - January 14

Hello Ladies...Kiza..hope ds is feeling better. Welcome Cerulean, good luck with ttc. It is kind of funny that so many of us seem to be on the same cycle...Lets hope we all get BFPs this month. My bd'ing has been put on hold for football..go figure :-( I have a house full of men yelling at a tv screen right now. I think the game ends soon but I dont know if I am going to be up for much tonight...kind of tired. Has anyone ever heard of extreme fatigue with ovulation? I have been so tired the last couple of days...it seems like no matter how much I sleep I get Im always yawning an hour or two later. So between the games and my sleepiness I think we are done bd'ing for the weekend... Waggz...congrats on entering your second trimester...That has to be so exciting and to some extent relieving. So I guess this officially puts me into my 2ww. I have been so excited since the +opk but now that I am on this side of it my nerves are kicking in. Dh surprised me with a card, gift, etc to mark the occa__sion of trying again, but he mainly spoke of conquering our fears and having faith which really helped put it all in perspective. I guess hallmark has covered every life event...I couldnt believe it. It was so sweet and romantic ..I wonder how long he had been holding onto that. So that is it for me..Hoping that all is well with everyone .. Wishing us all good luck and sending belly rubs to all the pregnant mommies. ttyl.


KitCat - January 15

Hi everyone.....wow, you've all been busy chatters. Just a quick note today because my ds has no school today because of the ice storm that pa__sed last night. Everything is coated in about 1/4" of ice and the trees look so beautiful. Thankfully the weather people gave us warning and I stocked up on essentials beforehand. We are also supposed to get a 2nd storm today with more ice and snow to top it off. And here some of you are talking about going to the beach, lol. Hello to Cerulean....I'm sorry to hear of your loss. You've come to the right place for support. :) YES....all of us still ttc are very much in sync with one another. I'm at cd15 and I think I either O'ed last night or will today. I had some O pains last night, but not very much. I have been checking for ewcm, but with bd'ing so much sometimes I'm not sure if it's cm or leftover sperm. Plus, I'm thinking the Tamoxifen may make this cycle a few days longer like the clomid did. I was watching a show on tv last night about multiple pregnancies and births. I found it very interesting, I was wondering if any of you had ever seen it before. They said that they believe 1 out of every 8 pregnancies is a multiple, usually twins, but they are lost due to vanishing twin syndrome. They talked about fraternal and identical twins and also about mirror twins. Mirror twins will look exactly alike but they will do everything opposite, like looking in a mirror. One is right handed and one is left. One may have a dimple on their face on the left side and the other on the right. They also said that if you are pg with mirror twins and one of them vanishes, that may explain why your baby is born left handed. Of course I was interested in all of that because my ds is left handed and noone else in either of our familes is. LOL....one more thing for me to obsess over, huh? I just thought it was really cool watching it. So much for this being a quickie. :) Hope everyone is feeling well and bd'ing like mad. Talk to you all again soon. xo


kiza - January 15

Hey girls, just a real quickie. Thanks Micro, my DS is just fine now, goodluck with the BD'ing,-----------Wow KitCat I my DH and I saw that show on telly a few years ago, unbelievable hay!. Yes I was quite suprised about the left handed thing aswell, my twins mt DS is right handed but my DD is left handed, and I know they are not mirror twins so I wondered if maybe I was having triplets in the beginning lol. Who knows. Good luck with the O'ing. I'm still waiting. Take care girls. Kiza xxxxx


kiza - January 15

Oh also it's going to be 40 degrees here today celcius. My kids would love to have an ice storm, or snow they have never seen it before. Stay warm, and I'll try and stay cool. Kiza xxxxx


micorazon - January 15

Hello Ladies...just dropping in really quickly to see how everyone is doing. Kind of quiet in here today. Hope all is well with everyone...I have always found twins to be fascinating in general. Im going to have to look out for that special. We are covered in Ice up here in NH as well. I am not looking forward to commuting to work in this in the morning. Ttyl.


ade - January 16

Hi ladies, so I am confused. I got a postive opk last night and this morning it was faint and tonight it was gone. So I am supposed to ovulate sometime tomorrow is that right? according to my math I wasn't supposed to O until Thurs. But my cycle was two days late this month so maybe I am still on a 28 cycle for O'ing does that make sense? I usually have a lot of pain and that hasn't hit yet. I am getting scared that my cycle is still messed up as its only been 2 cycles since the DC. Maybe I am just being paranoid. I just want to be able to relax but I am so stressed out and I know that isn't good for trying. I just got pics of my friends baby he's really sweet but all I want is a little baby in my belly too. Hmm Sweet dreams and baby wishes to all. xoxo


micorazon - January 16

Hi Ade..Im new to the opk's as well but my kit said to stop testing once you receive the positive. From what I understand (Correct me if Im wrong anyone) the opk detects the LH surge which happens prior to ovulation and the surge doesnt last very long. So after the surge you probably ovulate anytime within the next couple of days. I think once you got your positive you should start bd'ing. I think thats where the cm testing and temping comes into play to better predict actual O but I dont know much about that either... So it sounds like you may be on track if you were expecting to O on Thursday and got the + last night. Try to relax...Im kind of working it out trial and error as well. good luck.


KitCat - January 16

Hi ladies.....ade....when I went in to see my ob this last time, she said that you usually O about 16-36 hours after a +opk. Each one of the kits are different though and it should tell you in the instructions what the time frame is. Usually I will get a +opk, then the next day or evening sometimeI start to have some O pains and not long after that I find that I have ewcm. It's after you find the ewcm that you are fertile, as long as you got a +opk not long before that. Some women will get ewcm on cd8 or 9 and think they O'ed and will only bd for a few days and totally miss the real O. That's why all three things combined can really help in determining when you O. Opk's, temping and checking your cm. You're right, the best thing you can do is to relax. Try not to get stressed out over the opk's. You will have plenty of time for stressing once you start temping, use opk's and check for ewcm, LOL! When I temp, I always find myself on the computer ALOT more than I need to be. You'd be surprised just how many women post their charts for all the world to see. On Fertility Friend they have a "pregnant" chart section where all the women whose charts are in there ended up being pregnant. You can spend hours comparing yours to theirs if you wanted to. So, ade......for now if I were you I would just do the opk's. When you get a +opk, start bd'ing for three or four days or more if you want and you should have O time covered. :) Good luck to you. kiza......a g/f of mine had triplets and I'm not sure how to word this but, two of them were identical twins(girls) and one was a singleton(boy). The ob said the girls were grouped together and the boy was in by himself. I thought that was soooo strange. I don't even know if they're technically called triplets, but that's what the parents call them. Another woman I used to work with found out at 9 week u/s that she was having triplets. She ended up having one of them *vanish* and when she had an u/s there were only two. The bleeding started up again not long after that and another u/s shown that another one had vanished. She ended up delivering one baby. I thought that was so strange also. Having two of your babies just vanish like that. It's wierd how the body works. LIezel.....are you still with us? I hope everything is ok with you. mico......everything you said about opk's and O'ing I would agree with. Good job! Be careful driving in this nasty weather. The last thing I told dh this morning was "be careful", and what does he do? Flies down the drive and hits a patch of ice on the road and does a 360, then takes off for work. It almost looked as though he planned it, but it wasn't. I'm at cd16 today and I'm pretty sure yesterday I O'ed because I had ewcm in the afternoon. So now I'm in the tww. Gonna bd a few more times though just to be sure. Hello to everyone else and good luck. See you all soon. xo



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