Wanting To Try Again Part 8

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KitCat - January 28

Hi ladies. I hope everyone finds the new thread ok and that this Part 8 is even luckier than Part 7 was! Good luck to all of us still ttc. xo


KitCat - January 28

Hi everyone. I have nothing new to report. Today is cd28 for me and af isn't here yet, but I'm expecting her to show soon. Not having any af symptoms, but not really having any pg symptoms either. I guess I'm feeling a little bloated and ga__sy like I do right before af. Suppose we'll find out in a few days, won't we? ***kiza*** sorry so much is going on with you lately. I hope your dd is ok and it's something that will go away soon. I also hope the best for your Grandad. He's 75, huh? Wow, I guess that really shows the age differences between us girls. My dad will be 71 this year and I never even got to see any of my grandparents because they died before I was born, except for my one ba-ba, and she pa__sed about ten years ago. I'll be saying a prayer for Grandad tonight. :) ***Liezel*** Hope you had a great night out dancing with your friends. Hope your cycle starts soon so you can begin the clomid. Good luck! ***Jess*** Sorry you aren't able to teach in your own cla__sroom, but it sounds like it's best for you and baby and can't be helped. Hope you both are staying strong and healthy! :) ***Cerulean*** Sounds like you had a ton of fun on your honeymoon! And all that bd'ing will pay off, I'm sure. Good luck! ***Ade*** Let us all know if you test and what the results are. Good luck! ***A big hello to everyone else. I need to get ds to bed and get some cleaning done. I hope you all have a great day/night. Much love. xo


micorazon - January 28

Hello Ladies...Bad news on my side today. I woke up this morning feeling pretty crampy...i tested again and still faint positive but this afternoon I started bleeding...not spotting...but full b__wn bleeding so I guess this isnt my month. Its funny I felt so skeptical this whole time...something just didnt let me trust and Im glad that I didnt. I am disappointed but not too upset at this point. I am still calling the doctor tomorrow and going to let them know what has happened and see what they say. Thats it for me for now...i will catch up on everyone tomorrow...Im going to call it a night a little earlier than usual tonight.


Cerulean - January 28

Hi ladies! I don't really have anything to report either. I am on cd25...so I still have 5 days before AF is due. I have a hunch that I ovulated late though, so I really have no idea when af will come. I'm pretty sure it will make me crazy. I ordered like 20 of those strip pregnancy tests off of Ebay. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about those? I've never used them but they were SO cheap and I already know i will test every 5 minutes if I let myself. =)


Cerulean - January 28

I'm sorry to hear it isn't your month, micorazon. That sucks that you got a positive before. It's like a horrbile trick. It's guess maybe that guarded feeling most of us will have from having a prior m/c was a good thing this time. Take care of yourself. Hopefully next month will be the one. =) Cerulean


ade - January 28

oh mico I am sooo sorry I really thought this was it for you. Well next month is Valentines maybe we'll all have a bunch of date night babies next month. Kiza so sorry about your Grandpa I really hope everything goes well with his tests. Good Luck everyone.


Jazzee - January 29

Hello ladies!! KitCat, thanks for starting part 8!!! Holding thumbs for a BFP, I have a good feeling about this!!! ***** Mico, I am not going to give you any false hope, but pleeaa__see get to your doc asap, some women just have "bleeding" during pregnancy, maybe you are one of them. I will be saying a little prayer for you and baba, holding thubs that everything will be ok. Please update asap!!! ***** To everybody else Jess, Wagzzy, Cons, Kiza, ade, Cerulean, Allie, and anybody that I might have missed, big hugs, kisses and waves your way!! Cheers, Jazzee xxx


KitCat - January 29

Hi ladies.....****Mico**** sorry to hear you've started to bleed, but like Jazzee said please go see your ob. ****Cerulean**** Sorry, but I've never used any of the tests from the internet. My dh has a phobia about ordering anything off of the net, so we don't do it, much to my disapproval. Hope these last few days fly by for you and you get a honeymoon bfp! Nothing new with me, although I have this feeling like af is coming and when I get to the potty there's nothing. I'm not getting hopeful though, I hate getting let down so much that I'd rather expect af to come and maybe one of these months I'll be pleasantly surprised instead. A big hello to all of you and I hope you all have a great day/night. xo


kiza - January 29

Good morning girls, Micro I am so very sorry about the cramping and bleeding, please get to your doc asap. I'm praying all is ok for you.---------------Hey jazzee, glad you and bubs are well.-------------KitCat, not long now. No use saying think positive, cause I think you me and Liezel and been trying the longest ( sorry if I am mistaken ), so positivity just goes out the window for me. But you on the other hand with the new meds, it might just be a different story.---------------Liezel, what's happening in your cycle at the moment? How much longer till you start the clomid.----------------Consy, are you surviving the hot weather you are having over there at the moment. We are forecast for it later in the week YUK!------------Waggzy, hope all is well with you and bubs.--------------Jess how's the sub teaching going? Have they said how long they are going to keep you out for? My doc confirmed last night that DD has it and the twins will probably soon follow, but he said they can have the rash for up to 1month. And that after the rash comes out they are not contagious anymore. But when you have a whole school that could possibly get it there is no telling how long it could take to clear.-------------Cer, I use internet OPK'S all the time. I too get mine off ebay and have never had a problem with them. I also buy all my HPT from there as well, most times I just sneak them from work though ( whoops )lol. I've never had a problem with them either except they are always BFN but that's not the tests fault LOL.----------Ade how much longer until you test? you should be getting pretty close.-------------- Well nothing new with me cd25 I think ( I keep loosing track ) FF still hasn't shown me as O'ing this month. My temps dropped this morning which is about right for 10dpo for me. So just waiting. My grandad gets the results of all his scans today, but they are pretty sure the cancer is back. Hopefully there will be some treatment available. DD went off to school with her bright red cheeks again today, the rash has spread over her arms and back and belly aswell now, doesn't seem to bother her too much except for the occasional itch. My friend little girls got good news with her results aswell, apparently she is eating too much orange food ( carrots, and pumpkin ) and that has made her look sick and jaundice. Who would have thought. So off the orange stuff and onto the grenn veg lol. Well that's about it for me, I'm off to tidy up a bit. Have a great day girls and will chat later. Take care Kiza xxxxxxxx PS best of luck at your u/s Allie let us know how it goes.


micorazon - January 29

Hello Everyone...I followed your advise and called the doctor. They had me come in. HCG levels were elevated but low so they gave me an ultrasound which basically showed nothing at all. So not quite sure what happened. Diagnoses was spontaneous abortion which Im hoping will count as m/s #3 so I can finally have some tests run. I asked after the last m/c and they told me that they usually dont recommend any testing until you have had 3 consecutive m/cs. So I think today the true disappointment hit. As much as I was guarded there was a little bit of hope and now Im back to wondering what is wrong with me. Even though this was early and I know the whole odds of getting pregnant thing I cant help but feel like this cant be normal. I have to go back in a couple days to be sure that the numbers are back to zero and then I guess I start over again. Hoping everyone is doing well. ttyl


kiza - January 29

so sorry to hear that micro,I was really hoping for a better outcome. It just sucks that our bodies can do these things to us. I've had heaps of testing done, in which they found nothing but at least I felt like I was doing something. Hopefully your doc will run some tests, I have heard though that sometimes you can get a false positive on the ANA test if there are still some preggo hormones in your system, but I'm sure your doc will know what's right for you. take care. Kiza xxxxxx


ade - January 29

Dear mico I am so sorry for your loss. But like you said maybe now they can figure it out. Testing is good but its really hard emotionally or atleast it was for me. Don't be afraid to interview different docs and hopefully you can find an office more compasionate than mine. Hopefully you can find some answers. Kiza same thing for me no real answers. I am trying a couple things but we'll see if anything works or if it just screws me up more. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa let us know how his tests go but I was glad to hear that little baby is ok. Cerulean...I have bought alot of my test on early-pregnacy test I honestly don't know if the work but they're cheap I have used those until I get a faint positive and then buy the ones at the store. I'll have to check out ebay though. I am cd 26 but not expecting af this day 29. I tested again this morning and nothing. I guess there is a chance I was too early and it was mid morning and I had drank alot of water but more than likely those are a bunch of exuses and we're off to trying again. I go back to the accupunturist tomorrow so I'll see what my pulse says. I am sorry for those who have been trying for so long. This my third year, it tooks us a year to get preg the first time and it was hell. Then m/s and about another year to recover emotionally we started trying again last June with one m/s in oct so even though this is one month and everyone says you can't expect to get preg I feel like I have been doing this for 3 yrs and I deserve to get preg in one try. I have another batch of friends preg again and I just can't wait to be able to have friends again. I think I am going to start looking into adoption this week just to know my options. Sweet dreams and baby dust to all. Thanks for being there.


ade - January 29

opps not m/s ...m/c I'll never get this lingo. Allie how did things go? KitCat have you tested?


Cerulean - January 29

Hello everyone. This waiting is driving me crazy. I am on CD26. I haven't tested yet but that is only because I haven't gotten the jumbo pack of pg tests I ordered off of Ebay. hehe I think I will test as soon as I get them. I don't feel different. I mean I have some symptoms, but they are usually explained by something else. I have a headache, but it was my first day back at work after being off a week. I feel a little nauseous but I have allergies and i think it's all draining at night (yuck!). so I really don't know. MICO - I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that you can get some answers now. I have found myself thinking that if I am gonna keep miscarrying I hope it happens fast so I can get some answers. I just think it is so mean to make women wait through 3 + miscarriages before they can find a potential problem. It is just plain cruel.


Cerulean - January 29

Ade - That's a good idea to use the cheapie tests until you get a positive then buy a fancy one to double check. =) I think I'll do that if I ever get a positive. =)


Jazzee - January 30

Hi ladies, I havent posted a "positive thought" in a long time so here we go: One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true of false. It comes to be dominating thought in one's mind. Lets repeat positive thing to ourselves every minute of the day, no matter how dificult it is!!! Love to all of you, Jazzee xxx


KitCat - January 30

Hi ladies....I only have a quick minute so this post is gonna be short and sweet.....like me, LOL. ****Jazzee**** thanks again for the positive thoughts! :) Just a quick update on myself. Cd30 and no af still, yet it feels like she's lurking around. Will let you know when she shows up, or doesn't. Well actually, I am already considered late, but with the fertility drugs this month I will probably have a longer cycle anyway. One month I was 6 days late and then she decided to show up. Will keep you informed of any changes. Hope you all have a great day/night. xo



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