Wanting To Try Again Part 9

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ade - February 8

Hi everyone, Kit I started the new thread and I pray this is the lucky thread for you. Sticky gooey baby dust to you!!!


ade - February 8

Hi Everyone. Welcome to the thread. I hope is lucky for those of you who are still trying and postive for those of us in the first tri and continues to send good wishes to all of the preggers out there. I am glad to here from you all. ***Allie*** where are you we haven't heard from you for a while. XOXO


kiza - February 9

Hello girls,ade thanks for the new thread, loved your quick summary of the old one, especially about the new bedding stuffing up your temps lol. How true though.Just popping in quickly DH is at work and I have just got the kids to bed and I am now going to have 5 minutes to myself. I have just cracked a can of bourbon and boy is it going down a treat. Had my appt with the counselor today and she basically confirmed all that I already new ( I'm not depressed or loosing it ) She wasn't really much help actually cause she basically agreed with everything I said, so it sort of made it hard to look at it from DH point of view which was my whole purpose in seeing her in the first place. Maybe I should have seen a man. Who knows, but all is still quiet on my home front, so fingers crossed it stays like that. DH is still initiating BD without contraception, so I'm not saying NO. I think as long as we play his pretend game of not ttc then we should be just fine. Time will tell. Next month I am taking the clomid no matter what. You girls cracked me up with the vegemite comments. It is so hard to describe and I think if you are not brought up on it like us Aussie then most people don't like it. I have a heap of english rellies and they hate the stuff. It's like thick black tar and if you have it too thick it burns your mouth. It definately doesn't taste like veggies though, and I don't even think it has any in it. It is full of vitamin B that's why it's supposed to be so good for you, but all it says on the jar is concentrated yeast extract. I think of thrush when I hear yeast lol YUK. Anyway girls I hope you are all well, DH will be off for the next 4 days so I might not get to post too much, but know I am thinking of you all, and will be missing you. Have a great night. Kiza xxxxxxx


consy - February 9

A new thread!! I love it!! Good to hear from you Kiza - hope you enjoy your bourbon!! lol i HATE bourbon but thats because i gave myself alcohol poisoning at 14 with my first attempt at drinking!! I gag whenever i smell it... Beer is my drink of choice, and i miss it so much at the moment. My husband has 'little creatures' as one of his clients, so we get loads of freebies and samples and it SUCKS because i can't have any of them. Well i am sad today because i heard Anna Nicole Smith died. I feel really sorry for her, and i guess i have felt sorry for her for years, but i feel even sorry for her little baby. I never really believed that Howard was the father although i think he wanted to be the father and would have been very good and loving towards her. Poor little tyke. I want Oprah to adopt her, but when i told my husband this he thought i had well and truely gone round the bend!!! Oh well! Nothing new for me, except that my week of leisure has flown by and tomorrow i have to work which i am already dreading. I am dreading having to squeeze my jeans on the most!!! Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


consy - February 9

Oh and michell... i hope you join our little group although i have a sneaking suspicion we are bigger these days ;-)


Michell - February 9

Hi Ladies, I just posted this yesterday in the part 8 section...i will post here to hopefully be a part of the new thread. CONGRATS TO ALL LADIES OUT THERE WHO ARE PREGGERS AGAIN AND STILL TRYING. I soon hope to be in the same boat again. I am new to this particular thread. My last thread was Sept. Mommies in the 1st Trimester section. Unfortunately, I had a m/c with my very first pregnancy last Friday due to a Blighted Ovum. i was 9 weeks at the point of the D&E. I was completely broken for a few days, and DH was too, but we seem to be doing much better with it now. Mentally and Physically! Knowing it is your bodies way of getting rid of a bad pregnancy right at the start. It was hard to believe that your body could fool you for so long. It is kinda cruel! Now i am still bleeding and somwhat cramping and I hope it stops soon and I get AF!! I noticed that JessC531 had a similar thing happen. I wonder if you have any advice on how long it takes to get AF back and how long you waited to try again. DH and I are ready now, but we want to do the right thing. Does anyone have any advice on this topic? I absolutely LOVE hearing stories of people getting preggers right away! I heard the old wives tale that you are more fertile after D&E for a few months. What do all you ladies think of that? Good luck to all of you! Thanks for any advice.


ade - February 9

Hi kiza I am sorry things didn't go as planned at the counselor but it sounds like things are going better at home. Good Luck and enjoy some time to yourself. Consy haven't you bought maternity clothes yet, be comfortable for you and the baba. Michelle again welcome, af should return in 4-6 wks see how that goes and then think about trying. Your body does need some time to heal. Well I go to my doctor today, I haven't technically confirmed my pregnancy and I am going out of town for 2 wks so feel like I should touch base. I am nervous and really scared about this pregnancy and a bunch of my friends have already figured it out although I am trying not to tell anyone (that's the problem with drinking when everyone is cheering at the dinner table with wine gla__ses and you lift you water bottle things get a little suspicious ugh!!) And worst of all my dh's brother called last night to tell us his wife is 3 month preggo. Of course while trying to evesdrop and entertain our guests we all over heard my dh tell his bro I was preggo so woops another couple found out. I really hate when people know because they automatically go into the column of people I will need to tell if I miscarry and now my perfect little sister in law will go oneto have her second perfect child while I wait in the wings again urghhhhhhh! I wish I would have never found out. Sorry to be so negitive,


Liezel - February 9

Hi ladies.... well I got home this morning after finishing my nightshift... went to the bathroom and when i wiped there was pink on the paper, but nothing in my underwear. I'm not the type to spot.... so if this is AF attempting to show her ugly face then i will probably know by tonight.... the thing is... it is only cd 25 for me...and I'm either 6dpo or 11dpo. My bb's and nipples still hurt and at time my nipples feel itchy.... I usually don't get this prior to AF. Also i will eat a big meal and then an hour later I'm starving.... or I have no appet_te and food just doesn't appeal to me at all ... even my favourite stuff. The lower back pain is still coming and going and i had some mild cramping this morning that lasted about 5 minutes....nothing like AF at all! Now I'm worried.... because for a while there I was actually beginning to think that this might be my lucky month and now i feel so let down and I'm just about ready to cry. Please pray for me ladies... I don't know how much more i can endure of these endless let downs. I'll check back in with you all later and let you know whats going on...........Liezel........xxxxxxxxx


Vicki - February 9

Ade you have every right to b negative, I've just found out a friend is 3 months pregnant. Her daughter only turned 1 a year a go! Grrrr! Definately with you on that one. Liezel could be ib or just a bit of breakthrough bleeding. You are not out of the running yet. Con - I would definately recommend the maternity clothes rather than the jeans, hope that work is ok for you. Michell so sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage. Like you I was champing at the bit to get started ttc again but things didn't work out that way. In answer to your question I found that a d&c made me completely infertile for a while my cycles went haywire and I'm pretty certain I wasn't O'ing. Only now are they starting to settle down again and I'm actually kind of pleased as now I can be sure that my body and soul have definately had sufficient healing time. Well nothing new for me since my posting yesterday, so should be hopefully spending the next 48 hours with a big grin on my face from all that bd'ing. Fingers crossed!


Michell - February 9

Hey Ladies, Thanks to all of you for your kind words. ---Liezel----DH and I would love to wait just one Af cycle and start up again...my dr said that is a good time to start. We got preggers on our first try last time (couldn't believe it). I can't imagine we will be that lucky again, especially with all the changes my body has gone through with the m/c. ---Vicki---I hope my cycle return to normal after this D&E bleeding stops. I will be playing the waiting game AGAIN...i was so excited that I got through that part last time and didn't have to do it again anytime soon...YEAH RIGHT! I am still bleedin gfrom the D&E so I have a while to wait on my hands. How long has it been since you had your D&C? You must be so ready to roll onto the next phase!! I will a__sume that my AF will be wacky and then if it isn't I will be very happy and surprised. ---Consy---I am a beer gal too and when I was preggers not drinking was hard because it seemed like all the parties happened when i couldn't tell anyone. I have become a pro at "fake drinking" Either mixed drinks with just juice, no vodka, or cans of beer that you can't see through, which i constantly push toward my husband to sip out of so it eventually becomes empty. I hated it then, but I YURN for it now!! Next time I will totally embrace the sober life and appreciate it so much more!! I am glad i have some new friends to wait with...thanks ladies!!


Liezel - February 9

Hi ladies... well i just woke up...went to the Bathroom and again on the paper...only now it looks darker...more redish... still none on the underwear. Can any one tell me what implantation bleeding looks like???? I'm freaking out here and don't want to get my hopes up, but honestly ladies... It just doesn't feel or look like my regular af....but you never know because of the medication I'm on... I wonder if the metformin could be messing with my system. Anyways I have no choice, but to wait and see... since i think POAS would be pointless right now...............ttyl............Liezel.......xxxxxxxxx


JessC531 - February 9

I have wondderful news!!! The doctor's office called and I DO NOT HAVE FIFTH'S DISEASE!!!! Wooohoooo! I am so d__n happy. When I hung up the phone I just started crying and laughing and thanking God - Yes, all at the same time. LOL. I'll still have to have another test done, just to be extra safe, but basically I'm in the clear!!! I'm so glad I left school when I did. DH keeps making fun of me for washing my hands so much and being such a germ freak (my hands are so dry they're bright red), but now I can tell him - HA! It paid off! :) I just wanted to share my news with you girls. We're going out tonight to celebrate, and I'm wearing my new maternity clothes!!! :)


Cerulean - February 9

Welcome to the group, Michell! =) Liezel - I know that I had what I think was implantation bleeding around 7 dpo. It was just a little bit of pink on the toilet paper...I never noticed anything past that one time. I think Ade may have experienced it too and we both ended up with BFP, so that's why I am thinking it was implantation bleeding. Ade - Let us know how the doctor's appointment goes! I unfortunately think I have bad news. My cramping has gotten worse and I just feel like this one isn't sticking. My b___bs were really sore and now I hardly notice it. Since all this was happening I decided last night to take my last Clear Blue Easy and see if my BFP had gotten any darker since it was 2 nights since I took the first. Well I took it and the line has gotten lighter. =( I called my doctor's office today (I haven't even had my first appointment yet) and they had me come in just to get a blood sample. I go back monday to get the second sample to see what my numbers are doing. It can't be good though. The clear blue easy is sensitive to 20m/u of HCG. The good thing was that when I gave the sample the lady mentioned that they were also checking my progesterone level, so maybe that will be the reason I miscarry. It seems like an easy fix, from what I have read so far anyway. Cerulean


Liezel - February 9

Well ladies... I think I am out for this month.... The bleeding is now very red and it looks like a lighter version of AF. Still no cramping, but my b___bs don't feel quite as sore as they did earlier this morning or yesterday.... then again that could just be my imagination. Anyhoo... I called my RE and left a message saying that today might be cd1 for me and to call me back, because i need to have an ultrasound on cd3 in order to get started with the 150mg of clomid. If this is AF then she showed up super early...cd25. Anyways I will let you know what happens. ***Mitchel ... welcome to the board... I know you will like it here... the ladies here are wonderfully witty and smart. ****Jess... I'm so glad you don't have 5th's disease... although honestly i still have no idea what it is.... hopefully now you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy worry free.***Cer... I'm sorry you are going through this... Go see your doctor... I'm praying everything will be okay for you. ****Cons... I was sad about anna nicole as well and that poor little baby that is left behind. I wonder what her autopsy results are gonna show. Well i gotta go .... DH is home and we are planning to watch a movie together. Hope you all have a great weekend..........ttyl.........Liezel..........xxxxxxxxxx


maddie1 - February 9

Hey do you mind if i join you guys? I just found out today that i am having another miscarriage I have been spotting since last friday and the doctor has been monitoring my hcg levels, todays results 517 compared to 817 on tuesday, i kind of already new it was going to happen because i started bleeding heavier last night. My last miscarriage was different because all i had was brown spotting and ended up having a d&c. needless to say i am heartbroken but i have been preparing myself for this since i started spotting on friday, I want another baby so badly....if you have a natural m/c how long do you have to wait to try again?


waggzy - February 9

Hi girls! Michell, welcome to the thread, sorry to hear about your loss last friday? you seem so strong, keep staying positive, I had a m/c at 5.5 weeks but no d&c, an u/s confirmed the m/c. I was going to wait for af before ttc again but got preggers right away. I don't know if a D&C affects fertility more than just a m/c that expells by itsself, but I would advice you to wait one cycle if you can to give yourself the best chance. Good luck and baby dust to you! liezel, Oh No! I really thought and hoped that this was going to be the month for you, this is just one of those things that we have no control over. Keep your chin up girl, it will happen for you! You too ceru, I know no-one likes to keep their hopes up too high but I am praying for you two, it is after all the miracle of life :) con, you are not alone in the tight jeans struggle, I have shopped everywhere I know for maternity pants/jeans but I just can't seem to find a pair that fit properly. I have lots of really nice maternity tops, but dressing my bottom half consists of a regiment of pre-pregnancy jeans, safety pins and a rubber band arround the b___ton and b___ton hole LOL better luck down under :) Kiza, I cracked up so loud when I read your commet about the pretend game of NOT ttc that everyone at work was wondering what the hell was going on with me :) you are so funny! Waves to everyone else, I hope you girls are all doing well. take care!


micorazon - February 10

Good Morning Ladies. Michelle - Welcome and sorry for your loss. I had my first af about 4 weeks after the d&e and started ttc the next cycle. Waggz and Cons - I saw this great thing on tv called the bella band which you put over the b___ton and zipper of your regular jeans so you can wear your regular pants but leave them unzipped. You may want to try searching the web to see if they sell them near you...Jess - fabulous news about your test. How long do they think it is going to be before you go back to your regular school? Maddie - sorry for your loss. I have heard that doctors have suggested to wait to ttc again anywhere from one cycle to three. My doctor suggested three. Liezel - sorry that this wasnt your month. Try not to get too discouraged. Vicki - good luck and baby dust to you. Kit- hoping all is well with you. Kiza - Keep trying with the counseling. Try not to let dh drive you crazy while he is home the next few days :-) Ade and Cer - how are you ladies doing? Today is cd14 for me and I dont really know what is going to happen this month. Im not actively ttc...I decided I just wanted to wait until I have my appt on the 21st. We arent doing anything to prevent pregnancy although we havent bd'd since thursday and dont expect to again until after we are on our trip. I decided not to do the opks this month either...I didnt want to be on vacation worrying about it. So we'll see. We leave on monday morning so if I dont get another chance to log on before we go I am sending lots of baby dust and belly rubs to all of you. I know I am going to have lots of catching up to do when I return next week. TTYL.



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