Wanting To Try Again Part 9

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micorazon - February 10

Good Morning Ladies. Michelle - Welcome and sorry for your loss. I had my first af about 4 weeks after the d&e and started ttc the next cycle. Waggz and Cons - I saw this great thing on tv called the bella band which you put over the b___ton and zipper of your regular jeans so you can wear your regular pants but leave them unzipped. You may want to try searching the web to see if they sell them near you...Jess - fabulous news about your test. How long do they think it is going to be before you go back to your regular school? Maddie - sorry for your loss. I have heard that doctors have suggested to wait to ttc again anywhere from one cycle to three. My doctor suggested three. Liezel - sorry that this wasnt your month. Try not to get too discouraged. Vicki - good luck and baby dust to you. Kit- hoping all is well with you. Kiza - Keep trying with the counseling. Try not to let dh drive you crazy while he is home the next few days :-) Ade and Cer - how are you ladies doing? Today is cd14 for me and I dont really know what is going to happen this month. Im not actively ttc...I decided I just wanted to wait until I have my appt on the 21st. We arent doing anything to prevent pregnancy although we havent bd'd since thursday and dont expect to again until after we are on our trip. I decided not to do the opks this month either...I didnt want to be on vacation worrying about it. So we'll see. We leave on monday morning so if I dont get another chance to log on before we go I am sending lots of baby dust and belly rubs to all of you. I know I am going to have lots of catching up to do when I return next week. TTYL.


Cerulean - February 10

Well I started bleeding last night. I think it's pretty safe to say this one is over. I go into the doctor monday morning to do my second hcg, so I will just tell them then. This one didn't last long at all. Hopefully the doctor will be open to finding out if something is wrong. Cerulean


ade - February 10

Cerulean- I am so sorry, I don't understand why this has happened to you and that it happened twice in our thread. You read about it occasionally but have never heard of it actually happening. It makes me really scared. I am on progesterone even though my levels tested good at 24 and it should be over 21. They are going to keep me on it until 13 wks and continue to monitor my levels through the pregnancy (i hope). My doctor wants to do an early u/s which I will due when I return from my conference. I get back Sunday but am going to wait til Wed 2/28 when my dh can go with me. Then we will know whether or not this is a viable preg. I will be 7w5d or something like that so we should know for sure. I have always miscarried by 7 wks so we'll see. I am a little scared because if I miscarry in the meantime I won't know it with all of the progesterone I am on. I was feeling really good but gearing up for this conference and the dance performance I am getting really run down. I have ton to do to get ready but today I have to rest because I am just too tired. Well the good thing for both Cer & Mico is that the doctors are able to catch things early and get a better understaning of why. My doctor is looking forward to the us because even if things dont work out and I pray that they do that he will atleast have a lot more information. Maddie I am sorry for your loss welcome to our thread. Mico have an amazing vacation rest up for all of us and have lots of yummy drinks with umbrellas in them;o) Jess so glad on the 5ths Whahoo! Wags & Consy gotta say I am a little jealous you can even get into your old clothes I grew out of everything I owned after the last m/c. And in one week my last two pairs of pants have gotten tight rghh! if this one doesn't stick I am definitly going to be hittin Jenny Craig. kiza I hope things go well with you and your dh not trying plan. Liezel let us know how it goes. I had one spot of pink then nothing. It's too hard for me to tell because my bbs are only occasionally sore and only the left one. If this keeps up I am going to be seriously lopesided and be buying something to stuff my bra with. Vicki Thanks for understanding. I hate feeling like such a freak and I am really glad to hear that other people feel that way. My best friend from grade school is going to have her baby sometime in the next two wks and I promised I'd fly to help her but am probably just going to bail. I don't think she will understand so I am just ignoring it all together. Well good luck everyone sorry for my long winded procrastination as I really should be working. Oh well Happy Weekend. Baby dust to all.


ade - February 10

Hey Kit where are you? And Allie too? And Jazzee?


Liezel - February 10

Hey Ladies... Hope you are all having a good weekend. So tomorrow... since it is my cd3 I will be going in to have blood work and an ultrasound in the early morning and will need a full bladder for that one.... they are gonna check and make sure everything is set and ready to go....and check my follies (i think)...then i will start the 150mg clomid from cd 3-7 .... then i think i go back for the ovidrel injection to make sure i ovulate and then i go back after for an ultrasound and Blood work to make sure that ovulation took place. I'm pretty excited because i have been waiting since June for this to finally take place!!! Finally all the tests are done and they are willing to let me officially start fertility treatment....YAY! I truly hope the clomid works and that i won't have to go for the injections. Anyways talk to you tomorrow.... DH and i are going out to the movies..........Liezel.......xxxxxxxxxxxx


Liezel - February 10

Cer...I am so sorry that your little one didn't stick.... Hopefully your doctor will be willing to look into why. Then maybe they can help to prepare your body for the next one. Let us know how it goes....xxxx


KitCat - February 11

Hi everyone.....Cer, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. If anyone understands, we surely do. I know there are no words that we can say to comfort you, just be strong. Women who miscarry recurrently will always have an uphill battle and it takes alot of strength and determination to get what we want. You need to go in and TELL your ob what you want them to do and what kind of tests you want done, don't ask them to do it or they will say no, not yet. They will probably suggest that you wait a couple of months before you ttc again, and that is up to you. I would wait just to make sure everything was back to normal, but that is just me. Good luck at the doc's tomorrow and again I am so sorry. :( mico....have a great time on your vacation! Have a little umbrella drink for me too, just like ade said. See you when you get back! kiza.....hope things are well for you and everything is calm on the homefront. Lemme guess, dh wants some but no condom, right? lol Maybe he's doing that because he thinks all the temping and opk's and stuff stress you out too much? Good luck tryin to figure that out, lol. Write us when ya can. Liezel.....so happy that you're finally able to get the ball rolling now. I know it's been a long time coming for you and I really hope this does the trick. Good luck at your u/s tomorrow. Make sure you fill us in about it. ade.....how are you feeling? Any symptoms besides lopsided b___bies? LOL Have a good time at your conference and try to get some "you" time if you can. Michell and maddie.....Welcome!!! But so sorry we had to meet on these terms :( Hopefully all of us can offer you some type of support or help and you both will be on your way to bfp's soon. Today is cd9 for me and nothing new. I've been temping this month with my new bbthermometer, so we'll see how that goes. Tomorrow I will start my opk's. Once again, I really don't think this will be my month either. DH is going ice fishing with his brothers and dad and is gonna be gone while I'm on cd14-17. So unless I O late I don't think it will work. I guess we'll see. Gotta run, good luck to all of you and hello to anyone I've missed. Love you all lots! xo


Vicki - February 12

Cer, I am so sorry about what has happened, this is awful news. I have my fingers crossed for you that the doctor agrees to do some tests and hopefully prevents it from happening again. Maddie welcome to the thread, as KitCat said I'm so sorry to meet you in this way but you won't find a more supportive group of people anywhere. Michell, it will have been 5 months on Thursday since my d&c, hopefully it won't take as long for your cycles to sort themselves back out. Hello also to Con, Ade, Kiza, Jazzee, Mico, Jess (glad to hear about the test results), Liezel, KitCat and Waggzy. I hope I've not missed anyone and if I have I apologise. I hope that you are all ok and everything is going ok. Well for me I have my fingers crossed that I am either 1 or 2 dpo, but I won't know for a day or two yet as my bbt doesn't go up until I'm about 3 dpo. Fingers crossed.


ade - February 12

Hi Kit thanks for asking about me. I am starting to not feel so hot in the mornings. No throwing up just nausious and kind a weak. I get tired and hungry but I feel a lot stronger than I ever have during my previous pregnancies. Kit I wouldn't count this month out entirely. I would plan a romantic date before dh goes and lay down for a long time after bding.(get a good bool & relax) Those little guys can live up to 5 days so you never know what might happen while he's gone. It's a long shot but worth a try. Also I was going to suggest to everyone who hasn't read **Preventing Miscarriage-The Good News** by Jonathan Scher, M.D. and Carol Dix. This book really helped me understand all of the possible things that might be happening. It does not list them all but most of the common ones. Cer & Mico or Liezel or anyone else who might see an RE. This was really good for me to know what they were testing for. The only one that it doesn't have alot of info on is Hypothyroid. Make sure your levels are checked and if they are over 3.0 I would ask about treatment. You have to be proactive because docs won't treat til above 5.5. Hope it helps someone. And if anyone wants to borrow it let me know. And make sure you get the 2005 version there is an older one out there.


ade - February 12

sorry that should have said get a good book & relax opps!


ade - February 12

Ok sorry one more thing anyone trying again with repeat m/c I would push your doc for prgesterone & baby asprin no matter what your levels are. They can drop suddenly with out warning so I think its best to be on it. Just my opinion from talking to other women. My cousin had 6 invtro of which 5 resulted in m/c on the 6th her primary care doc put her on progesteron & she finally had a healthy baby girl. she was told she would never have anymore children and that she would like go into early menopause from all of the treatments. less than a year later she was pregant with her little boy. When she first missed her period the invtro docs said it was menapause and didn't even test her for preg. She went to her primary to follow up and she was 9 wks preg with her boy again she was put on progesterone and had a healthy baby boy. I keep a picture of her daughter in my wallet to help me keep up my spirits and to know there is always hope. Good Luck & Baby dust to all. Sorry to be so long winded today


Liezel - February 12

HI ladies.... well i wish i had some good news to share.... unfortunately the ultrasound did not go so well. They did the external ultrasound and an internal v____al one again...Anyways... they found that my Left ovary had 3 follies ready to go and my right had 4 follies all were at the normal size for cd3.... however they also found a 3mm cyst on my right ovary. My RE had them do Blood work to check if the cyst was causing my estrogen levels to rise and it was.... so she said not to start the clomid yet and instead i am to take birth control for this cycle. So it looks like I am out another month. :-( I really had hoped that after 9 months of waiting that i would FINALLY be able to start my treatment. and the bleeding that started Friday night was gone by Sunday morning. I also had them run a pregnancy test with my bloodwork... and even though i knew it would be negative... I just wanted to be sure. So that is it for me. I'll talk to you ladies later. Right now.... I just wanna sit down in front of the TV and veg out............Liezel.......xxxxxxxxxx


kiza - February 12

Hey girls, just letting you all know i'm still here. Just jumped on real quick while DH popped out. All's going well so far,I've been laid up with the flu for the past couple of days, so that hasn't been much fun. KitCat good luck with the temping this month, I can only do it when DH is at work so it's probably not going to be to accurate this month.------------Liezel sorry to hear about your cyst, what a bloody disappointment, why do our bodies behave this way? Hopefully next month will be more successful, at least you know your not on your own--------------Cer I am sooooooo sorry this is happening again to you. Please know I'm thinking of you and your DH. Please stay strong and lean on us for support.------------Mico, Jess, Vicki, Jazzee, Cons, waggzy, Michelle,Ade, maddie, hello to you all. DH is back at work tomorrow, so I can have a proper catch up session then. Take care girls and will chat later. Kiza xxxxxxx


Cerulean - February 12

Thanks ladies, for all your support. I am a little relieved that it happened sooner than later. That may sound strange but I guess if it was going to happen I would rather it be 5 weeks instead of 10. The nurse told me today that my hcg on Friday was 4. I couldn't help but giggle when she said that. So I told her that I guess I was only pregnant for about 20 minutes. I think I may hold the record now. =) Anyway, they are going to keep my appointment for the 22nd and I will just do my annual and talk about where we will go from here. She mentioned that they like for you to wait 2-3 months before trying again. I'm sorry, but that is not gonna happen. I was literally pregnant for 1 day, there is no way my body needs 2-3 months to heal. Ade - Thanks for all the fabulous advice. I will buy that book you suggested. I know this sounds crazy but I feel strange suggesting things to my doctor about my treatment. I'm a little chicken, like he's gonna laugh at me or treat me like I don't know what I am talk ing about. I haven't even met this one yet, but hopefully he will be easy to talk to. I'm wierd, I now. Liezel -- I'm SO sorry to hear about your cyst. That is so frustrating! Kiza - It's good to have you back. Good luck on the sneeky temping. =) Thanks again ladies for all the support. You are a great bunch! I hope that everyone gets what they want this year. I know we all deserve it!


waggzy - February 13

Hi ladies, Ceru I'm sooo sorry for what you have had to go through, you seem like you are holding up well, you are so strong, I am praying for you and will keep you in my thoughts. maddie, sorry for your losses, I will pray for you and your little angel babies. welcome to this thread. Ade, that was great advice that you gave, it really fills me up with hope when I hear stories like your cousin's who had 2 beautiful babies againts all those odds. Liezel so sorry to hear about the cyst (((HUGS))), I hope you are holding up ok, I am sharing in your saddness and dissapointment and hope you will feel encouraged soon. It just seems like the waiting is endless... but it will all be worht it when you look into your baby's eyes, I am praying for you love :) Hallo to all the rest of the girls, Kiza good to hear from you, Vicki keeping fingers crossed*** take care girls, baby dust!!!


Jazzee - February 13

Good morning ladies!!! Just popped in quickly, my heart goes out to Ceru, maddie girls be strong, positive and keep on praying, your miracles are on their way, good things come to those who wait !!! Liezel, Kiza, Kitcat big hugs and kisses to you girls, you are truly an inspiration to this thread, and you always keep going no matter how difficult things get. Thanks for bringing that positive vibe to our thread. To every body else a big HELLOOOO!!! I miss you girls alot!!! ***** Well I need you girls to pray with me today, I am going to see my doc at 16:30 this afternoon, and I am scared as hell that things might not be ok!! I know I should be positive, but it gets difficult with times!!!! I might be able to see the s_x of baba, and I will post as soon as I can to let you guys know how things went!!! Have a blessed day!!! Love you all, Jazzee xxx



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