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~JR~ - April 3

This is just something I HAVE to share/vent about. Ok... A friend (Helen) of my aunt's is a little strange... I always knew this. BUT... Her daughter was almost 6 months pregnant and they found out the baby was missing one of the chromosomes and had no brain. He was severally deformed so they had to induce and abort the pregnancy. Ok... Now for the awful part. Helen took PICTURES of the dead baby. Not only did she take these pictures but has them on her end tables at her house! If she thinks you’ve not seen them she will pick them up and hand them to you! Her daughter has since had another child & has moved on. Her mother, (Helen) whenever she goes shopping, she actually buys things for this dead baby! She insists on bringing it up all the time to her own daughter who really wants to forget about it. They did name the baby and she buys things with the baby’s name on it and gives it to her own daughter!


Alison - April 3

Oh dear that poor woman..that must have been so awful to lose a baby that way and so late on.I have heard of many people who take pictures of stillborn babies. Alot of hospitals offer a photograph and a keepsake box for the parents of a stillborn. It's not unusual ans many parents speak of how it helped them to have a photo to keep to remember their baby and have as a momentum that they existed and were their baby, though not for long.I don't know how many parents display the photos or show them to visitors, but I would think she does this because this baby meant so much to her and she wants people to know about them and see them because they were so important to her. It must be so hard to let go and some people will cope better than others. As for Helen buying things for the baby - when I read that my heart just ached for her. She lost her grandchild and is obviously struggling to let-go and move on, which is obviously proving to be very hard on her daughter when she gives her these gifts.The whole story makes me sad. My heart goes out to them all they are going through alot. We do "strange" things when we are grieving, I know I have. I will be praying for them xxxx


stacey - April 3

how sad! however, if I was the daughter who had the stillborn baby, I wouldn't want to be reminded all the time. Taking pictures for a memory box is one thing, puttig them out and showing them to people is really another!


to ~JR~ - April 3

That is so unhealthy. To give your daughter items that you bought for your still born. My mom lost a child at 1.5 years but she never did that. It still hurts her to this day to see photos, but she never gave my brother presents for the dead. It is sooo horrible. WTF is she thinking. The child may be scarred mentally from that kind of tragic thing. OMG let go and move on. Be happy you have a daughter who is alive and not dwell on the past. The past makes us stronger and more knowledgeable.... don't dwell on things you can't correct.



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