Was Anyone Given Cytotec To Help Miscarry

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Veronica - September 9

A week and a half ago I found out that I had an empty sac at 10 weeks of pregnancy. I've been spotting since then but didn't expel tissue or anything yet. My doctor recommends Cytotec to help pass the clots and tissue instaed of the D&C. I'm scared that it will be too painful and that I'll bleed for a long time. Has anyone gone through this experience before?


Stacy - September 9

Veronica, i'm sad for your loss. I don't know if this will help you, but i was not given a choice to have a D&C. But they also did not give me anything to help it along. I was about 8 wks and bleed for a week before i found out i had a MMC. Every woman will go through different amounts of pain and bleeding. I will not lie, I had A LOT of pain. I felt like I was going through labor. I do not want to scare you, i just want you to know what can happen. Maybe talk to your Dr. again, ask about all your choices.


Alison - September 9

Veronica I am so sorry for your loss. I have had 3 miscarriages and each time I have used the pills to start the contractions and pa__s the pregnancy. At our local maternity hospital it is one of the treatments offered for a miscarriage-mine have all shown no sign that they were about to pa__s on their own so it was that or D&C as each time they said it might take weeks for my body to start on it's own. At our hospital (I am in the UK) they keep you ther while you take the pills. For about 12 hours though for me It always took longer-some women it takes alot less as well. Anyway they worked well and each time I pa__sed everything. Without meaning to worry you I did find it extremely painful. They make your body contract (if this is the same pills you are referring to-I think it is) and it is painful-also because it is emotionally hard which doesn't help. I was given strong painkillers which helped alot. I was scanned the next day each time and always everything had pa__sed. Each time I bled (period like) for a week then it tailed off and ended. My next AF arrived 4 weeks afterwards. I didn't have a D&C as if I have an option I would rather avoid surgery, but that is just personal preference. I think also I felt if I saw the baby pa__s from me it would help convince me it was really over and I suppose so I could say goodbye-if that makes sense? I am so sorry it is just so very hard and my heart goes out to you. If you take the pills I pray it happens quickly and I wish you continuing healing and strength to cope with your loss and be able to look towards the future and happiness there xxx


fiona - September 9

veronica sorry for your loss,i was given the choice of cytotec or a D&C.my dr recommended the D&C she said the cytotec would have more bleeding and cramping.I had my D&C 2 days ago,physically i feel great,very little cramping and bleeding.hope this helps take care.


elyse - September 10

Hi Veronica, i had empty sack at 10 wks i was never given the option either as i never had the pain with the bleed i was getting and the dr's never really did much to help only bed rest i bleed two weeks before all pa__sed. when the m/c did happen it was really sudden and the blood loss i was not prepared for and it was really painful like labor i think if it were me i would definately opt for the d/c knowing what i know now for me to see what happens was a little to much, others may say different i just hope you are fine and if it does begin while you are at home if you bleed alot call the hospital as soon as you can, and you take care of yourself.


Julie - September 10

I used Cytotec (Misoprostol) and won't lie...it was painful. I had cramps within 30 minutes of inserting the tablets (4 tablets). Within 8 hours I started bleeding. It took 2 days until the pregnacy pa__sed and at that time I was soaking 2 pads in an hour for about 2-3 hours before the tissue came out. The cramps were awful, especially towards the end. There are a lot of clots, too. I stopped bleeding within a week. I think I had my first period about 4 weeks afterwards....it was very light spotting for about 7 days. My OB said the first few periods are irregular and may no be like a normal period. If I had to choose between a D&C and misoprostol, I think I would still choose the misoprostol, but ask for pain killers. Tylenol and Advil didn't do squat for the cramps. It is a scary experience, but many women have gone through it and lived! :) And I'm a big wuss! I'm sorry for your loss...I hope this pa__ses quickly.


Veronica - September 10

Thank you all for your responses. It is really great to have a forum like this and be able to share experiences and somehow help each other. Finally, yesterday I pa__sed the big clot after two and a half hours of constant cramps (painful like nothing I ever experienced before - had to take three oxicodenes -pain killers- at once and yet being knock out could still feel the pain) and to my delight it happened before I even had a chance to insert the cytotec tablets. Little bleeding so far. Now that it is over and it happened naturally I think that I would do it again the same way (no surgery unless strictly necessary!). Thanks again to all of you!


Jessica - September 10

Veronica, I am very sorry about your loss. I had a similar situaion. I had a normal pregnancy until my 4 month check up. I found out then there wasnt a heartbet anymore. I was devetated, I didn't have any symtoms. My doc said I would have to go in the hospital and deliver. I was given a pill that was put inside me by a doc every 4 hrs to make me miscarry. Believe me, i know you are scared and you are thinking the worst possible things, but try not to. Its not as bad as you think. You said you are scared of pain and bleeding,so was i. The only pysical pain i had was the contractions. The actual delivering was not painful.Also,right after i bled heavy for a few days, then it slowed down,and i bled for a total of a week. I know you can get throuh this. Its very hard and i know exactly how you are feeling.I hope i helped a little. i have been trying to find some people to talk to with similar situations.I am 20 and have had 2 m/c within 4 months.Me and my fiance really want to have a baby. I am telling you you will never forget but it will get better. If you need a friend you can talk to me if you want.Best of luck.


Tara - September 13

I know most of you have already used cytotec to miscarry, but I just thought I should tell you my experience. I had a missed miscarriage June 2005(12 weeks) and I waited a week to see if body would miscarry naturally, but it didnt. Doctor then gave me cytotec to help the process. I took only one pill and about 4 hour later I had labor contractions actually worse then when I had my 2 healthy babies. Bleeding didnt start until an hour later and I never even took another pill because I was started to get scared. I bleed huge clots and actually felt like I was peeing blood. My bathroom looked like someone was murdered. I bled heavy, I couldent even get off the tolite, because it was gushing out of me. Hubby got scared and phoned my mom to help and she was terrified when she seen what was happening to me. I bled heavy for hours and was throwing up as well. In the middle of the night I started to black out. I would just become faint and I couldent stand . Doctor told me to try not to go to hospital, but my mom and hubby didnt care and thought I need to be in emergency. My mom later told me she thought I was going to die, she had never seen so much blood before. I got to emergency and doctor there was horrified. I was anemic, had low blood pressure and going into shock. They worked hard to try and stabilize me. Doctor checked my uterus to make sure it didnt rupture. Thank god it didnt! Emergency doctor phoned doctor who gave me the cytotec and yelled at him in front of my hubby and told him this drug is for ulcers and not FDA approved for pregnant women.I needed a blood transfusion but have rare blood so it had to come from anouther city. They also gave me a D&C to clean my uterus out. It took me along time to recover. Not only did I lose a baby, but nearly died. I have read case studies on cytotec and it has killed women . One lady had a miscarriage had taken cytotec to expel baby and her uterus actually ripped right where her cesarean scar was. She died! This drug has even been on quite a few programs on T.V and it can be dangerous. Yes what happened to me doesent happen to everyone some women feel its safer then a D&C, but after the experience I had I perfer the D&C!! I wish the best for all of you and Im sorry if I have scared anyone, but I thought you should know the negative side of the drug.


Biogrrl - September 23

I believe that there are a few issues with Cytotec that need to be kept in mind. First of all, it appears that taking it orally is not the best route to go; v____al insertion of 800 mg seems to be the most successful and results in lessening of side effects like vomiting. This direct exposure of the cervix to the prostaglandins also appears to be more effective than an oral dose. The stories of uterine rupture are generally a__sociated with near-term conditions, although a previous C- section may be a complication. I used Cyotec just yesterday for a missed abortion that I had retained so far for three weeks. It worked within four hours, and by 8 hours, I had expelled everything and the bleeding subsided--and remains subsided--to the point that I am just using a pantyliner and feel fine today. One thing I found--that you would want to ask a doctor about first--is that moving around a bit and sitting upright seemed to help move things along. Also, I laid down to insert the pills and stayed that way for four hours so that they stayed put. Cramping began within a half hour of insertion, but bleeding began at the four-hour mark. I never felt nausea, but did have a period of shakiness a bit like the shakiness of transition during labor, and I felt cold during that time. As for pain, I have had a child at home without any pain relievers, so if that's a 10, the Cytotec experience was about a 4-5. I believe a natural miscarriage would have been a similar level of pain, from what I have read about them. I did take a Vicodin just before inserting the pills, mostly so that I would sleep a bit while waiting for things to kick in because I was already exhausted with emotion. Even after that wore off, the pain was not that bad. Also, a nurse whom I spoke with said that ibuprofen, being an antiprostaglandin, might not be the best thing to take because it will work against the prostaglandin action of the Cytotec.


samantha - September 26

i just recently took cytotec but they told me my baby was dead and guess what its not.I took the 16 pills and nothing happened besides of alot of contractions and labor pains i never bleed but i think that was because my baby wasnt dead. just to let you know the dand c would be better because you dont bleed as bad and as long



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