Was It Me

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Robyn - June 16

I had a miscarriage just over a month ago. I'm 15, i was 15 weeks along and my baby was everything 2 me. Well...I wanted my baby soooo bad and I got really scared I used 2 always think i was bleeding and that I was going to have a miscarriage so every hour or so I would go to the bathroom and stick my fingers up me 2 see if there was any blood there (sorry that's too much info but I need 2 ask) and there never was anything there but one day I done it then 10-20 minutes later I checked again and there was quite a bit of blood so I was taken to the doctor's and I knew I was miscarrying but I just needed 2 know for sure. Was it my fault that I had a miscarriage? By me doing what I did? I didn't want it to happen me and my boyfriend wanted my baby so much and me and him loved our baby! Please tell me, I feel so awful that it was probably me that killed my baby on top of the stress I'm going through that my baby is gone already. I know my question doesn't really make sense but I just want to know if it was my fault :( please answer me luv Robyn x X x


Robyn - June 16

please tell me if u think it was me I feel so sick thinking it was my fault:( Just someone please please tell me the truth x x x


rebecca - June 16

I am so sorry you had to experience something this horrible at such a young age. But honey I really don't believe that just because you stuck your finger up there caused you to miscarry. Didn't your Dr. talk to you or your mother?? Do they know why this happened? Again I am so sorry for your loss.


Robyn - June 16

Thanks 4 answering it's been eating me up inside! I'm kinda relieved with u saying that but I'm still upset about my baby:( I want my baby back so bad!! No, Rebecca, me and my mum have NEVER got on and i've never been able to talk 2 her about anything, I went a year before her finding out that i'd started my period. And my doctor done nothing really. She checked if my cervix was closed or open and she was meant 2 give me an ultrasound but she didn't and she just gave me a leaflet on miscarriage! It didn't help at all! Thanks 4 replying again:) did u have a miscarriage? are u pregnant? how r u doin Rebecca? love Robyn x x x


Eza - June 16

I agree with Rebecca. That would not have caused you to miscarry. There must have been another cause.. could have been any number of things but no way to know now. Im so sorry your Dr. was no help to you! I would never go back to that Dr. again, find a different one.


Robyn - June 17

Michelle, I'm sorry 4 your loss too:( Hope everything is getting better and you get what you want in life:) luv Robyn x X x


LILLY - June 18

Im sorry to hear about your loss. I know how your feeling. I wanted a baby so bad aswell. I know how it is to lose your first child, I have already lost two. Somehow I knew it would happen. In my last pregnancy I even got a "warning" in my dream. I was seperated from my Husband, and I dreamt I went out with him, and his sister kept telling me not to sleep with him because of my history with my pregnancy before. She told me to be careful. Well I went out with him, his sister did warn me like in my dream, and no doubt that same moment after I slept with him, I started to feel a burning pain, and then I started to bleed lighter, than darker. I miscarried at 6 weeks. I often wondered if I wouldn't have slept with him that night, if I would have my child. I guess it's just a connection of knowing, a bond between your child. There is no use beating yourself up, or feeling guilt. What happend, unfortunately happend, we cant say what if's now. Just take care of yourself, I know your a little too young, but study hard, work hard, be someone your future kids can look up to. Have something to provide, let that motivate you, I'm sure you'll be a good mother some day. Good Luck


Robyn - June 18

aww thank u Lilly, I'm so sorry about both your losses and your story is sad:( but Iike you said; what happened, unfortunately happened:( I hope you get the child you want One Day and you'll love them to bits! Hope all goes well and hope everything is ok! Lots a Luv from Robyn x X x



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