We Thought I Had A M C Turns Out It Was A Tubal Pregnancy

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dionne - May 15

i went back to the dr. friday to confirm my blood levels were dropping... but they were rising. they did a sonogram and we saw a heartbeat... but in my left fallopian tube. they rushed me to surgery and took out my tube (and baby) because it was destroyed. anyone else ever have this and lose a tube? please share you story with me. dionne


dionne - May 15

please anyone? i'd really love to hear anyone else's story...


KJ - May 16

Dionne. I know exactly how you are feeling. I had the same thing last summer, and am actually going through my second one right now. Here's my story: I had been nursing my son so no period. I stopped nursing him last spring. Then at the end of May I had my first period. It was awful!!! A week went by then I started spotting. That spotting lasted for 5 or so days, so I went to the doctor b/c the color was so strange. Very dark but not much of it. Anyway, I went the the doc on a tuesday and was told I was preg. I was shocked b/c I just had my period, so I figured must be very early on. Then they took my blood again on Thursday. My levels went from 11,000 on Tues to 13,000 on Thurs.... Not doubling and not early on either. They had me come in and told me I had a tubal. They gave me a shot of methotrexate on Saturday, but it ruptured anyway. I almost died. I lost my left tube. I have no idea at all how far along I was b/c I had been nursing, and the bleeding was becuase of the tubal. How far along were you Dionne? Do you know what your HCG levels were at the time of surgery? This time we caught it much earlier. As soon I was spotting with a + pregnancy test I was at the doctor, and I have been very delligent to take care of it early so I don't loose my other tube.


jo - May 16

i had an eptopic pregnancy two months ago and lost my right tube i know what your going though i know think i may have another. keep your chin up x


dionne - May 16

i was approximately 6 weeks. i saw the heartbeat on the sonogram screen in my tube. it was sooooooooo heartbreaking. my hcg levels were low from the start, and were around 1000 when the ultrasound found it. but my tube ruptured despite how early on i was and i lost my left tube. i'm so scared it will happen again... and from what you are saying KJ and jo it just may happen again. i am so sorry ladies. this is just awful. my dr. says i have more of a chance of having a "normal" pregnancy then another tubal... but i'm still scared to death. when he was doing the surgery he said my right tube looked "good and healthy"... i just don't know what to think. KJ and JO please keep in touch and let me know what happens. you can even email me at [email protected] if it is easier.



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