Weeks Safe From Miscarriage

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jairae7413 - August 28

Hi all, I know you can misscarry at pretty much anytime, but in general how many weeks do you have to be for the risk to go down?I have had one miscarriage before but I only was like 3 weeks. I am 7 1/2 weeks now I just wanted to know if I am out of the "high Risk zone'" PLZ HELP ~jairae7413


Julie.N - August 29

Hi, Congratulations on your new pregnancy. I am pretty sure once you reach the 10 wk mark the chances of m/c are dramatically reduced. I am 5w tomorrow and already going crazy thinking something bad might happen again. I hope we both have healthy, full-term pregnancies this time. Good luck!


lavinia - August 29

Hi jairee, congratulations Julie N, we talked on another thread. After 12 complete weeks based on LMP, the risk goes down to 1%. General rule is the further you go, the higher the chance you'll make it. Good luck to both of you!


Julie.N - August 29

hi, lavinia, not seen you around for a while. how are you? how far along are you now? hope everything is going well for you!


lavinia - August 30

Julie, yes I haven't been around much, had the most horrible morning sickness, threw up all day and was very sick from 6 wks to 13 wks, I must have gone in to work only half of that time, on top of that I spotted constantly from 5wks up to 13 wks and had two major bleeds one at 7 & another at abt 11 wks. Julie I just prayed and prayed and tried to be as strong as possible despite the odds, I'm now exactly 17 wks. Julie N, How is your pregnancy going so far? Are you going to have an early scan?


Julie.N - August 30

Wow 17wks! Nearly half way!!! You seem to have had it rough thou, it must have been a scary few months for you. Hope everything is ok now. I can't wait till i am out of the 'danger zone'. I am only 5 wks, so have a way to go yet. I am already worrying that something bad will happen, just praying that this little one will make it all the way. I asked my m/wife yest if i would be able to get an early scan. she said no, they wouldnt see me until 10-14 wks. so i have booked a scan through a private hosp at 8wks. Love to you & your little one, hope the next few months run smoothly for you. Keep in touch.


sheri33 - August 30

I have had 3 healthy children, but just had a miscarriage last week after a planned pregnancy. Just wanted to answer your question. After 12 weeks is when "high risk zone" is over..i miscarried at 12 weeks and i didn't know it till i thought i was 17 weeks..sometimes fetus doesn't detach


lavinia - September 1

Sheri 33 sorry to hear about yr m/c, m/cs that late are very rare, JULIE, its great that you are getting an early ultrasound, you'll find that it will keep you sane and hopefully u wont worry too much. Once u see the heart beat even with a history of m/c, the odds are very very good. I understand how you feel though, DH and I even made a decision to abstain from s_x for the 1st trimester, which turned out to be a good idea because at 8 wks the OBGYN gave me the same advice. I hope yr preg continues smoothly, I will keep you & yr little one in my prayers and hope u keep in touch.


JuJu - September 3

Hi Jairae; my OB told me that the m/c rate at 9 weeks is 3-4%;10 weeks is 2%, and 12 weeks is about 1%. So you must be 8 weeks by now - the closer you are to the end of the first trimester the better your odds are....so you're getting there! At 10 weeks I am also keen to reach the end of first trimester; I lost my 2 previous pregnancies aroun the 6-8 weeks mark (also have a 2 yr old DD) :) Good Luck!! juju


mandie_21 - September 11

Hi Jairae! Firstly, congratulations for the little life you are carrying inside of you. It is always great to hear of woman becoming pregnant again after a previous miscarriage. I miscarried at 14 weeks but did not find out until i thought i was 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant. However i was told this was a rare occurence, so do not worry. Stress is the last thing you will be needing. Focus on yourself and your baby and i wish you all the luck in the world.


Nuzha - July 10

after how many weeks pregnancy is safe?plz answer


Nuzha - July 10

hi i'm nuzha fro Sri Lanka.But now i live in Doha-Qatar with my husband.Now I'm 9 weeks pregnant.When 4,5,6 weeks if i traveled a drop blood came.Now I'm ok.But on 12 weeks I have to fly to Sri Lanka.5 hours fly and 4 hours van traveling is it ok for my baby?please reply i need proper answer.


[email protected] - March 17

Hello, i know your post is from 2006 but i am in your shoes now and wonder if you had a healthy pregnancy after all?



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