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srose - May 9

I had my first m/c in march and it was pretty difficult to deal with but i coped. Well, went back to the doctor in april and he said that it was going to be ok to try again andeverything looked ok. well, I am pregnant again just found out on sunday i am completely numb because i am so scared that i am going to have another one. i have been spotting brown for about 2 days now. and my br___ts stopped hurting. i went in yesterday to have blood drawn to see if my body is producing enough hormones but i am just so scared that we are going to have to go through this again so soon. Has anyone else ever had a successful pregnancy this soon after a m/c at first he thought i might have endometriosis because my hubby and i have been trying for about 2 years and this is my first pregnancy then all of a sudden it happens again right in a row. i am so confused. won't hear from the doctors untill about 4:30 or so. any suggestions or thoughts?


menalyn - May 10

I've had 2 mc's, occuring about 1 year between each other. The first was at 12 weeks, then the second was at 20 weeks, but that was due to the baby having severe medical complications. It's now been 8 months and we're still trying. Unfortunately i haven't conceived because i have a thyroid problem, but doc says that once that is sorted, i should be fine. But for your case, i have heard that even after a mc, some womens fertility goes into overdrive and your more prone to becoming pregnant. Try to stay relaxed (i know, easier said than done), but i'm sure things will be fine this time! How far are you now?


Susan W - May 10

Statistically, the odds are on your side. But I understand how you feel. I conceived again just 3 weeks after my loss in January, didn't have any symptoms and started spotting again at 30 dpo, just like I did with the m/c, and then it turned into huge amounts of blood. Turned out I have a large subchorionic hematoma, which is the source of the bleeding. It's not related to the m/c, just bad luck on my part, but the baby is healthy. So just hang in there and try to not stress yourself. But if it does happen again, see if your insurance will allow for a workup; mine would have.


SaraH - May 10

srose, As far as concevig again right away goes, most Dr. don't feel that there is any problem with it and that conceving right away doesn't increase your chance of m/c. My OB and GP doctors are both pretty much under the imprestion that m/c happens and that for the most part your chances of m/c don't increase until after the 3rd one. Infact my OB told me that the chance of m/c the 1st and 2nd time are both about the same (around 20%) and that the chance of a 3rd m/c is only about 22% so try not to worry. While m/c is always a possibility, the chances that you wont m/c are much more in your favor.


srose - May 10

Thank you all I got my lab work back. turns out i have low progesterone. supposed to be at 20 i am at 11 they are going to give me shots of progesterone 2 times a week untill after the 12 weeks are up. I think that makes me feel so much better maybe that was the case with the first one. I don't really know what the chances of cariring to FT with this situation nurses say it's pretty good and they have had a lot of success stories starting out like this. got the cutest magazine in the mail today all baby furniture!!! oh yeah. The blood tests says my hcg levels say i am only 5 weeks. i am going to have first U/S in about another week or so. oh how i hope there is a heartbeat.


srose - May 10

the blood test shwed that i am only 5 weeks away. i feel a little bit better that it was just implantation spotting. they did say that my progesterone level is an 11 instead of a 20. saying that might be the cause of the last m/c. 5i went in for my first shot today and i will continue to get them untill the 12 week mark. Is this good that they found this do i still have a good chance of carring FT? nurses told me that they have had many people who are in my situation who carry to FT.


menalyn - May 11

I think you have a brilliant chance of carrying to ft! Everything is going to be alright. Just remember that with the 1st m/c, it was mother natures way of saying there was something quite not right. That's how i think of my 1st m/c. Anyhow, keep us posted on how your doing! Its all very exciting and nerve wracking in the first few weeks! I'm hoping for BFP at the end of this month. I'm on CD5, so big o coming next week!!! We started getting bd practice in last night!!! LOL!!! Want to make sure we do it right this time!!! Hope all is well!!!



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