What Can I Do To Help A Freind

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Chris - April 3

Grason Evan Jennon was delivered at 11:05 today. I was told thismornng that his Mother, Janna, and Father Chris went to the hospital last night and they could find no heartbeat, When I arrived at the hospital today after church, I did not know he had been delivered, and was caught quite off gaurd when Chris motioned me over and showed me his stillborn son. I didn't know what to say, I told them my prayers were with them and let them know of they need anything at all just ask. Their freinds and family are with them, and I just didn't feel right staying, so I told them I'd let them be with thier family and I left. Chris is my Pastor and he and Janna are becoming good freinds. We attend seminary school together and I just moved in across the street from them. Chris is the the interim Pastor at our church, having just lost our Pastor a few weeks ago after he fell and passed away. He already has a big plate on his table adn now this. If you have any suggestions as to how I can help my freinds through this time it would be appreciated.


dawn - April 3

When a family is going through a rough time or had surgery, death in the family or whatever our church usually takes them dinners. We have a sign up sheet in the back of the church and the members fill in a night that they could take dinner and either spend the evening with the family sharing the dinner or just dropping it off and offering to help clean the house or whatever it would be. Most important we need to pray for them and let them know that we care. Although it may be hard to know what they are going through, it still helps knowing that someone cares for them. Just keep being a good friend to them. That will be the best thing for her!!!!!


stacey - April 3

One of the best things you could do is acknowledge it! Send a condolence card or something. When I miscarried, I hated that people acted like it never happened. Also, if they bring it up, let them talk about it. Just listening is a great help! I agree, the dinners are a nice idea as well.



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