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Trisha - December 12

Hi everyone. I posted a few days ago on another board on this site and was advised to ask people who have been through a miscarriage what this could be. I had 4 positive pregnancy tests 2-3 weeks ago all over a 1 week period. They were all faint but some darker than others. I was on birth control during this time and had suspected for 2 months prior to this that I may of been pregnant because I had missed 2 periods and had what I believe may of been implantation bleeding exactly 8days after unprotected s_x.I kept telling myself I couldnt be pregnant because I was on birth control pill and was taking it correctly. As soon as I had a positive I stopped the pill. I didnt want to put the unborn baby in any danger. I believed I had a withdrawal bleed from the pill which was just minor spotting for 24 hours then it stopped. A few days afterwards I noticed clots in my underwear. There was a large black one which looked similar to a slug. Sorry for TMI. There wasn't any bleeding just clots. The large black one, a few more small black ones and one reddish colour one which was joined to the large black one. TMI again. Sorry! I noticed the veins on my br___ts had faded and my br___ts had lost there swollen look. So I took a pregnancy test. It was negative. I went to my doctor 1 week later and had a urine test which was negative. I believed my symptoms were fading but now I think there back. Im still nausea and I noticed 2 days ago that the faint veins are still on my br___ts. Just fainter than previously. Im having food cravings and adhersions, eating more, feeling sick over silly things or when I picture pasta in my mind I want to puke. This isnt like me at all. I also have a line going from my belly button to my pelvis (down there), Im urinating more (especially at night), getting headaches, tummy looks swollen and feels hard around my belly button. I dont know whats going on. Is it possible I had a miscarriage or Im still pregnant even though I had a negative? My mum thought I may of been carrying twins but I lost one and Im still pregnant with the other one which is why my symptoms went for a few days. I havent had s_x since I conceived. Im just so confused. There is twins in my family and my dad was a tripilet. My period was due today and it hasnt arrived. What do you all think? My doctor wont give me a blood test. She point blank refuses. Has anyone else been through this and turned out to be pregnant still? Any adivce or input would be appreciated. Thank you.


Tessa - December 13

I am not sure but find a new doctor for her to refuse a blood test is just unacceptable


Trisha - December 13

I think you're right Tessa but Im worried the other doctors in my practice might agree with her. Thanks for your reply. Has anyone else got any ideas?


r - December 13

I think the best thing to do is go to another doctor or to a walk-in clinic. Did you have cramps when you were bleeding? I went through a m/c and had some spotting at first but one night cramps started and I knew something was wrong then - but it took them about 3 days to figure out I had mc. It seems unlikely but I guess possible that if you had twins one would have survived but if that was the case your tests afterwards would have been positive because there would still be hcg levels. All your symptoms could also be after miscarriage signs. Sorry, I don’t know anyone with a similar situation to yours.


Trisha - December 13

Hi R. Thanks for replying. I dont agree with the twins thing myself. Im positive I would still have HCG levels in me. I think I will see another doctor next week if these symptoms dont go and period doesnt arrive. Im going to do some more tests this week. Nope I had no cramping or pains. It was very strange.


r - December 14

Trisha, how far along do you think you were when the bleeding started? With a mc there is usually cramping. Mine didn't even last long, just a few hours it started mild, and got worst and then it was gone. I knew I had miscarried but wasn't sure because it was so wierd. Anyway, I think seeing another doc. is the right decision. I'll be thinking of you; good luck.


Trisha - December 14

I have no idea R. My last period was on 12th August but I had negatives for 2 months. Then I had s_x during my fertile time (again) and began getting the symptoms and got the positives. So I would of been about 2 months or thereabouts. I did another test today and 1 was negative and the 2nd test had a line but it was so faint you could barely see it. It was that faint it would of pa__sed for a negative. So I dunno. I think I will see another doctor next week. :)


Karen - December 15

Hi Trisha. I have suffered 2 m/c this year, one is going on currently we think - but no clots. Just having some sort of irregular period but I was only 3+ weeks so it's probably just an easier m/c than my last one. Anyway, these are such traumatic times I wanted to tell you that I read when there are multiple births and one pa__ses, there will be cramping and maybe spotting or bleeding, but the remains come out at actual birth of the live one. You are probably just having the remaining symptoms of your pregnancy and in the meantime may have gotten pregnant again. The only problem is getting pregnant right after a m/c there is a high chance of early m/c again. You should wait at least one normal period to occur to let your body heal and get back to normal. Then again hopefully you are pregnant again and everything will go fine. Let me know what happens, I'm going to try again in Feb. Good luck... xo


Karen - December 15

P.S. Definitely get a new doctor - with my first m/c the nurse and fill-in doc told me I wasn't pregnant and just having a period but then when my temp dropped to 97 and I spotted brown then bled for 10 days they realized they were wrong. Tests don't mean anything to me - my husband is convinced most of them are a gimmic to make money. How many people on these boards actually get a + result 3-4 days before their period???none! Please call a new doc. I hope you turn out to be preg and healthy.


Trisha - December 16

Hi Karen. Thanks for your reply hun. Im sorry about your miscarriage. I hope you dont have another one. I cant be pregnant again hun because I haven't had s_x in 6/7 weeks since I split with my boyfriend. I just dont understand why these symptoms Im having after a miscarriage. I think it may be a miscarriage as Im starting to have cramps which feel similar to period cramps and I have 2 negative results last night. I will definitely see another doctor and thankyou for all of your help. I wish you luck in your pregnancy. PS I agree with your husband. :)


Karen - December 16

Well, I spoke too soon about no clots. They started late last night and all morning, horrible black and dark ones, big and small. Very painful and scary. Way worse than my last m/c. My doc put me on provera to slow the bleeding it was so bad today. It is just now getting to be like a bad period. I hope you don't have any more problems, Trisha. We're waiting a couple of months to heal before trying again. I hate the waiting - I'm 31! I hope you find out what is going on - I'm very interested to know how it turns out.


Trisha - December 17

Aaww hun Im sorry. I bet its awful. I had a large balck clot myself when this all started. Today at 1pm I began bleeding. Very heavy and very red. Its very very very painful. So bad I had to go to bed for a few hours until it subsided or the painkillers kicked in. The pain is continuing on even though I've taken the painkillers but they are easing it slightly after about 2 hours after taking them. But at least there helping some. I just checked again because the pains are seriously very bad and the bleeding is still red in the sanitary towel but its much lighter. Similar to a light period like on the last day of your period. But when I wipe there's more than whats on the sanitary towel and its still very red. The pains are awful. There that bad I would beleive I was heamoraghing! This is so strange. I dont know what to think know. Could I still be pregnant or is this definitely the end of the pregnancy? I'm begining to doubt I was pregnant now even though I had the positives and all the symptoms to boot. This is so strange.



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