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AnytimeLittleone - February 12

Im approximately 6 weeks pregnant. I had a dating u/s last week, which resulted in some VERY heavy bleeding, clotting, but no pain. I have now been bleeding for 5 days, lighter than a typical period. My HCG levels are still on the rise. I have an u/s scheduled for next tuesday, to see if a heartbeat can be detected. Is this a familiar situation for anyone in this forum?!?!?


DownbutnotOUT - February 12

i have heard of spotting after an internal u/s but heavy bleeding and pa__sing clots is a very bad sign and not usually a__sociated with an internal u/s. When you say your HCG levels are on the rise I take it you had them 2 tests taken 2 days apart?


AnytimeLittleone - February 12

yes.... wednesday my levels were 17,000ish, and then saturday they were 25,000ish....


sososleepy - February 12

Hi Anytime. No clue. My experiences are different. But I hope, dearly hope, that it all works out for you and you have a happy healthy baby. hGC increasing sounds good. Tue ought to get you more info, and hopefully someone else will know for you. Big hugs and fabulous luck and best wishes... I really know how much you want it to be ok.


sharerc - February 12

The heavy bleeding doesn't sound good. And although your HCG levels are going up, there could unfortunately still be problems. My levels kept rising with my blighted ovum and I had to have a d&c. I hope things go alright for you. Keep us updated.


AnytimeLittleone - February 13

What is a blighted ovum? During my ultrasound, the tech told me that there was a yolk sac, and that things looked like they were ok... if there was a yolk sac, could this still be a blighted ovum or a mole?


stefkay - February 13

hi! I think a blighted ovum is when there is just an empty sac that continues to grow. I believe there would not be a yolk sac...that is good that you saw it! Let us know what happens with your u/s today.


sharerc - February 13

The ultrasounds that I had (3 of them) showed a yolk and gestational sac. But there was no fetal pole. Was there a visible fetal pole when you went?


AnytimeLittleone - February 13

When I went for my first u/s, the tech dated me at 4-5 weeks.. meaning that implantation had just taken place. She said she had to maximize the view soooo much, because it was so small. She did see the yolk sac though. I have some promising things to tell the doctor tonight though.. (No more clots, and bleeding has slowed right down, and is now brownish red, No cramping or any kind of abdominal pain, No fever or fatigue, and increased pregnancy symptoms). Keep your fingers crossed for me.. this could potentially be my 2nd miscarriage.. thank god for my beautiful 6 month old daughter!


sharerc - February 13

Good luck! I hope everything goes well for you.


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

I wish you all the best sweety but your levels arent going up like they should, they should have at least doubled. you never know they you could have a vanishing twin. I hope the best for you and your peanut. i should add at 4 weeks 5 days my u/s showed nothing, no sacs, nada and than 2 weeks later everything was there and the baby is healthy and happy. I hope the best works out for you and your peanut


AnytimeLittleone - February 13

Ok, heres the latest in this saga (Can someone hum some Star Wars Intro music, lol!). I went to the doctor tonight, she did an internal on me, and said I dont have a cervix issue.. just A LOT of blood. She said shes honestly not sure whats happening.. because with a miscarriage HCG levels should not be going up AT ALL, even minimally. I have another blood test to do tomorrow, and another on Friday... if levels begin to go down, then the miscarriage is underway. If my levels are still consistantly going up, she said she'll need to see my u/s results to figure out what is going on. She said at this point.. we just sit and wait... I HATE WAITING. This may seem callous.. but with the bleeding, and uncertainty of the situation, I would have been happier to hear a diagnosis of "you're having a miscarriage" than "I dont know whats going on". My MD also mentioned the possibility of a vanishing twin, as twins run on my father's side of the family. At 1 week post conception, my HCG levels were extremely high at over 8,000. This situation is SO frustrating! Thank you SO MUCH everyone for your advice, I'll keep you updated over the next few days.



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