What Does It Feel Like To Have A Miscarriage

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Bonnie - September 3

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I normally dont start my periods till about the 6th of the month. However, I started mild cramping on and off for a week....then started bleeding (about the same amt as a normal period), but it was 4 days before my expected period and my body just does not feel normal. I tested (-) with a hpt, but it could have been too soon to show up. Could someone who has had a miscarriage in very early pregnancy explain what it felt like, and what happend. would really appreciate it.


RR - September 4

I had moderate cramping for 2 days then spotted the day before a/f was due (Tuesday). For 4 days I still didn't have a/f but had cramping and the last gulp of that morning coffee would make me gag. I just felt really different and being late is not normal for me at all (I'm 28 days on the nose). At this point all hpt showed negatives. On the Sunday I had more severe cramping and bleeding. At first it was light but then it got heavy with major clotting. I went to the emergency and they did a urine based preg test and it came out negative. THe doctor thought I might have been pregnant but it just didn't take "missed pregnancy". He didn't seem all that concerned about it but it freaked me and my DH out. We didn't know if this meant a sign of future problems or not. My family doctor said not to worry and that if it was a missed pregnancy that there was something abnormal with it and my body did what it was supposed to do and got rid of it. Apparently this happens a lot and she figures it won't take long till I get pg for real. This is month #2 so we shall see...


J.I - September 5

it depends my fiance unfortunately miscarriaged our twins,she only had weird feelings that something was wrong,no cramps, no blood, no nothing until the day she went to the doctor to make sure if everything was ok,thats when we found out.


JO - September 5

I had a miscarriage June 7th only spotted one day. I didn't know I had miscarried until June 30th at my dr. appt. That week I started bleeding heavy but not cramping. After the appt. on the 30 the next day I started cramping really bad for 3 days with pa__sing large blood clots. The following week I pa__sed everything naturally. I bleed for a total of 2 1/2 weeks then stopped for one week and had my period after that.



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