What Happens During A D Amp C

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Cara - January 31

Two weeks ago the doctor saw two heartbeats on my va___al u/s. I went back yesterday and they didn't detect any heartbeats.I am scheduled for another va___al u/s tomorrow morning and if we get the same results I will go directly to the hospital for a d&c and I don't know what to expect. I know that they will put me to sleep for the procedure, but do they put a tube down my throat, how long does it last, will I be in a lot of pain? I just need to know something. Can anyone help?


Christy - January 31

Hi Cara! I have not yet had a D&C, but I think I will be right behind you. I am 8 weeks pregnant with a very low heartbeat and the doctor said I would probably miscarry. Look under this site at the question t_tled "What Would You Do? Kara seems to explain a D&C really well. She says you are in the hospital for about 4 hours. I know you are put to sleep. Afterward you will have period like cramps and then need to take a couple of days off of work. (if you work) I am not sure about the throat tube. I do hope you get good news tomorrow. Good Luck!


AshleyB - January 31

hey Cara, Sorry you're having to go through this. Hopefully you'll get good news tomorrow. And if you don't maybe you should wait a week. But if you do have a d&c, this is what happened to me. I got to the hospital at about 2:30, they drew a blood sample, and then later they put me on an IV. I was upset so they gave me something to relax in my IV, but when I was wheeled in for surgery they just put me out and then all I remember is waking up what seemed like 10 minutes later. They did put a throat tube in and taking it out is what woke me up because I used to be a smoker and i hacked for a while. Then they took me up to a recovery room for about a 1/2hr. and had me sit up and get awake and then I went home. I was bleeding quite a bit while in the hospital, but by the time I was home it had stopped and I spotted for about an hour several days later, but that was it. Not much bleeding at all. They sent me home with a script for pain meds, which we picked up on the way home in case I had cramping, but I never really needed them. I was fine. I felt like I got run over by a truck the next day though, just from muscle aches from the position they had me in for the surgery. Your thigh muscles will probably be sore. But it was really a good way to go for me. It was very non-traumatic, which I was grateful for. I guess that's all. I hope I helped calm your fears a little. It's really not bad. It's over really quick and it makes it easier to move on and look forward. So good luck and hopefully they'll find a heartbeat tomarrow.


Kara - January 31

Hi Cara - Sorry to hear about your loss. Try not to worry about the d/c. Its really not too bad. Having my wisdom teeth out was much worse. I was at the hosptial start to finish for less than 4 hours, inlcuding presurgery work-up. When I got there they took my vitals, did a blood draw, got me into a gown, and put in my IV. I had to wait about 30min for my labs to come back so during that time the anestheselogist (sp?) came in to see me before they took me into surgery. He asked me if I felt sick, which I did, so said he would give me an anti-nausea drug while in surgery. He also said he would push pain relievers before the procedure started so I would have minimal pain when I woke up. Once they took me to surgery, the gave me happy drugs before the twilight drugs they use to put you under. They did put a breathing tube in, but it was after I was asleep and it was out before I woke up. The whole procedure took 15 minutes. When I woke up, I was still in the OR but everything was over and they were wrapping me in warm blankets. As soon as I got to the recovery room they gave me more pain meds and a pill to shrink my uterus. I was in recovery for 30 minutes. They took me back in my room for about another 30 minutes then I was on my way home. I was a little loopy from the pain meds, but I was completely alert. I even went into a diner for lunch on the way home. I was a little achy all over and had period-type cramps the first two days. I only took my pain meds regulary the first day and then only at night the second and third day. I didn't really need them the third night, but I just slept so good with them. You should expect period-type bleeding for a about a week afterwards the spotting for a few more days. I went on to have two natural m/c's after my d/c and I will atest that the d/c was by far least painful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Hope you feel better soon.


Cara - February 1

Thanks for all of your responses. I feel a bit better about the procedure. I'm still hoping for a heartbeat this morning, but we'll see. The night before last I only slept a little. When I did sleep I had horrible nightmares. I cried all night and most of the day yesterday, but I've also done a lot of praying. I've recently lost both grandfathers and now this, so my question was why me, God? Why am I being punished? Through my prayer I have come to terms with this and realize that this will make me a stronger person. My babies are with my grandfathers and if I can't take care of them they will. I have to be strong for my entire family because they are suffering from this also. I did sleep well last night and I'm ready for what ever news I may get. My prayers are with all of you and I'll let you know how things go today. God bless you all! Cara


kat - February 1

I dont know the rush to have d&c when you have a 'missed m/c'. Unless you live in a remote area (where medical a__sistance is not near by in the rare event of complications) i would think it is best to let nature take its course, i have two kids, one on the way (good pregnancy so far) and have had 5 m/c's all natural with no bad effects. You cant foresee how many m/c's you are going to have, and i can tell you i would not be feeling the small amount of calm with this pregnancy if i had had d&c with all my m/c's ... multiple d&c's weaken the cervix and can cause cervical incompetance which in turn can cause late term m/c of healthy baby. The only downside i think of waiting for natural m/c is that it can take a few weeks before your body realises the embryo has stopped growing and you get those first spots/cramps.


Karen - February 1

I had a missed miscarriage and had a d&c on 12/22. It is a better choice then having a natural miscarriage. It prevents infection, mimimizes the bleeding, and it is much more painful to have a natural miscarriage. Everybody's body is different. Good luck to you.


Cara - February 2

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. I went to the doctor yesterday morning and there were still no heartbeats. I also found out that the babies had not grown since my last u/s two weeks ago. The doctor said that the twins were monoamniotic twins and that this is probably one of the many reasons, along with genetics, for the miscarriage. I felt a lot better after the v____al u/s and went directly to the hospital for the d&c. It wasn't bad at all and I'm glad that it is over with. I had some pretty bad cramping yesterday, but feel great today. I haven't had any bleeding since last night. Kat, I appreciate your opinion, but the d&c was the best option for me. I have been a teacher for seven years. I teach four year olds and did not want to take the chance of waiting on a natural miscarriage, it happening during the day while I was at work, it being bad and scaring my students. This was my first pregnancy, therefore it was my first and hopefully only d&c. Like I said, I appreciate your opinion and I'll keep what you said in mind, if by chance this horrible thing should happen again. My husband and I have decided to plant two Weeping Willow trees in memory of the babies. This will be something that our families participate in and be a way to put some closure on this horrible experience. I wish you all the best in your lives and pray that you have family and friends as wonderful as mine to help you through your difficult time. Good luck! Cara



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