What Is A Threatened Misscarage From A Normal Miscarage

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Sybil Currier - February 19

My daughter was told she had a threatened miscarage . But they said nothing about her being pregnate. I was not there and I would like to know if she was pregnate and lost the baby or not . Please what is the differences?? I also found out she was droped on her stoumach the day before. So was she pregnate or not?????


S- - February 19

she was/ is pregnant. I believe a threatened miscarriage is that she's pregnant, but there's a strong possibility of a miscarriage. A miscarriage is when the baby expells itself from the body- usually through bleeding b/cit is no longer viable.


Jo - February 21

yes S-, you are right, a threatened miscarriage means that it will probably happen.


Amy - February 21

I agree. When I went into the dr's office while I was bleeding/spotting, the Dr. told me I was having a threatened m/c. She said the chances are 50-50 of keeping the baby. So a threatened m/c means you might lose the baby, but of course, you might keep the baby (I've read on some threads here that some women bleed, but are ok). When I went back for a checkup, she diagnosed me with a 'complete AB'. I'm guesing that means 'complete abortion'.


sally - February 22

its the same thing the threatened part is just a medical term


Alicia - February 24

A "threatened abortion" (same thing, more medical term) means your daughter is still pregnant but may m/c, this could mean she is spotting and baby looks fine or if it is too early and they can't tell by u/s if things are ok or not. It could also be caused by hcg levels that seem too low or aren't climbing fast enough etc, it is NOT the same thing as a m/c! "Threatened" means just that, threatened, not complete, not missed, not spontaneous, just possible. I wanted to clarify that for anyone who reads this and thinks there is no hope! I have had bleeding twice during this pregnancy after 4 m/c's and baby is quite happy and moving around like crazy. I hope your daughter is ok and so is her baby! Remember there is still hope when it is just a "threatened miscarriage"! Good luck!


AG - April 6

I had a miscarage. I am on my second period since it happened. The first period was very heavy and painful and now this one has lasted 11 days and is not stopping. It is also painful. Is this normal as my body is still re-adjusting? Should I see a doctor


LAcey - April 8

I have a question about a ruptured placented , i keep having werid pains throughout my stmoach every so often and it fills like im pulling sumthing and it makes me jump its not that it hurts im just nervous as to what it could beif thats is whats happening


annie - April 12

threatened miscarriage is a medical term; these are explained on the Mayo clinic website. It is as someone already explained: a 50/50 chance, and they don't know how it will go. She is pregnant.


Dalia - April 16

I almost 30 years old I have married since 1.5 year I got pregnant twice but by before reaching the third month of pregnancy I have pains & blood drops then max. one week I got miscarriage I want to know why because as per doctors they said that the egg is not well that why your body geeting rid from it automaticly please advice


sarah - April 16

dalia it seems most docs only do tests after 3 miscarriages and my doc gave me the same sort of expanation..that a pregnancy will not continue if the embryo is not viable ie..maybe due to chromosomal problems ...and that 1 in 5 do miscarry...if it happens again i would be asking for test ..like hormonal levels etc..there is lots of info online on possible causes of miscarriage...as some people say a women might have two miscarriages with different causes..


Dr. Hutch - April 22

A lot of your answers are quite on the mark. First off, in order to have a miscarriage you must be pregnant. The term threatened miscarriage can only be called that after-the -fact. I'll explain. First trimester bleeding is very common. There are a variety of potential causes. Having intercourse, a cervical polyp, engorgement of the cervix. Unfortunately, miscarriage is also a frequent cause. When a preganant woman presents with first trimester bleeding the most a physician can say is that you are possibly having a miscarriage. Ignore the other terms that come before it like threatened, impending, complete or incomplete. These are terms that are applied once testing has been done to determine what type of miscarriage you are having. When you go in and see your doctor a blood test may be done as well as an ultrasound. If you are beyond six weeks or so the ultrasound would be able to identify a yolk sac and through size measurements determine if it seems the pregnancy is growing at the proper rate. At later stages you should see a heart beat and if it is not there then that is that, you lost the fetus. At earlier stages, when the heart can't be clearly seen on ultrasound, they may take several blood tests over several days that measure a hormone that is produced in pregancy, called HCG. One measurement is usually not enough to give us an answer. Minimal is two. By seeing how the hormone rises, and it should in early pregancy, or as it falls, if you've had a miscarriage, your doctor can determine if the pregancy is coming along or not. The problems is interpreting it. There are such a wide range of values. But in general, between the ultrasound and the blood tests we get a pretty good idea which way it will go. Clinically or what you feel is also a sign. If you have painless v____al bleeding with only light spotting that is less worrisome. But if you have heavy bleeding and/or abdominal cramps that is much more worrisome. When all is said and done, all the tests and ultrasounds are completed then you can describe the miscarriage. A 'threatened miscarriage" is v____al bleeding in pregnancy, usually in the first trimester, where the ultrasound and lab tests say everything is ok. Threatened here merely means, uh oh, could be have been going to a miscarriage but it didn't. There are other terms that I mentioned. "Impending abortion". Meaning, the ultrasound and lab tests confirm the baby is not living and you are having heavy bleeding and cramping, it just hasn't come out yet. "Incomplete" abortion" means some of the baby and its sac have been expelled but not all and "complete abortion" meaning all of it was expelled. It is important to realize that miscarriages are very common. 1 in 5 pregancies. It may actually be much higher because these are only the ones that are reported or are felt by the mothers. Many more are expelled earlier and are not noticed by the mothers and may just be called "a really heavy period" or a "late period." Having a miscarriage does not make you a bad or incapable mother. It wasn't the coca cola you had or when you jumped on a bed or when you had intercourse with your partner. Of course, if you are doing drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine, those can definitely cause miscarriage. Other things like infection or abdominal trauma can cause miscarriage. With the abdominal trauma however it needs to be a fairly good b__w to the belly. The uterus is pretty well protected. Such a b__w can be induced by a car accident or, which is too commonly the case, by ones partner as in domestic violence. Most miscarriages have pretty severe genetic abnormalities and would not or can not survive. It is natures way of saying that all was not going perfect. I hope that answered some of you questions. Why did I take the time to write this. My wife is having a possible miscarriage and I thought I'd take a look on the internet and see how other mothers felt.


Alison - April 22

Dr Hutch your post was very interesting and I'm sure will help a few ladies here. I am so sorry to hear of your wife. I pray all will be well and that it will not end in a miscarriage. My thoughts are with you I know how awful it all is. My husband and I are still trying for our first child following 2 miscarriages. Take care


Dr. Hutch. - April 23

My wife had the ultrasound today. There is no heart beat. I seem to be more profoundly affected than her. Which is a point to remember. Many husbands are not sure exactly how they feel or how to express their remorse and disappointment. I think many men would like to but they are also aware or fearful that the loss is even more traumatic for their partners since obviously we can't feel this new life growing inside us and then to have it suddenly stop. But we do feel a great sense of loss. It is not important who feels it more but rather both should express how they feel. In this way both partners can understand and help comfort each other. This is our second miscarriage in two years. Fortunately, we did have a beautiful girl in between. She's 11 months now.


Alison - April 24

I am so sorry - it is just as painful for the father. My husband spoke at the time of our miscarriages of how he was not only grieving for the loss of our baby, but also worrying for my well-being and health. We try and support and comfort each other too. Again I am very sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you. I was encouraged to read you have a lovely little girl-I hope having her will give you hope at this difficult time. Take care xxx


Beth - August 10

How do you know if you are having a m/c? What are some signs?


Kara - August 11

Beth - click on the pregnancy loss topic in the left column of the screen. There is lots of info there.



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