What Is Baby Asprin Safe During Pregnancy

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Mandy1984 - May 8

Hi all, This is kind of 'off topic'' but the m/carriage forum is the only place I seem to see it mentioned..... During my 1st pregnancy I took a massive DVT so any further pregnancies I would have to take hepraine injections through-out, My 2 nd pregnancy I took the injections all went well no major problems, My 3rd pregnancy I m/carried at 18weeks and took another clot a few weeks after so I will have to take warfarin for the rest of my life. I fell pregnant again in Janurary 06 and my medication was switched from the warfarin to hepraine injections, I am currently 18weeks and having to inject myself up to 6 times per day depending on my dose.....ANYWAYS my QUESTION is : what is baby asprin? I asked my Doctor if I could take asprin instead of my injections and he nearly fainted!!! He said he would NEVER EVER prescribe asprin to a pregnant woman, I told him I had read a lot about women in the US ect.. getting it but he said no way!!! He said with the hepriane if anything was to go wrong then the doctors would know my anticoagulation state without having to wait for blood tests if something was to happen, (car accident, early labor, emergency c/section ect..) With asprin my blood would be totally unpredictable and would change from day to day depending on what I ate so I would be at a greater risk of eother getting another clot or bleeding, Also Asprin dosn't like Vitiamin K which is found in most green leafy foods eg....broccoli, spinage, cabbage ect.. so all these things make asprin totally useless, I was wondering if any of you could tell me other wise, I am in the UK and I guess different doctors/different countrys' ectt but I have heard SOOOOOO many people talk about this baby asprin that if it works and is safe then I would love to be able to stop the injections would REALLY apprieciate any info Thanks xx Amanda


chandellina - May 8

Hi Amanda, baby aspirin combined with heparin treatment is the preferred method to treat against miscarriage in women with blood clotting disorders - in the UK too. i am attending a recurrent miscarriage clinic (in London) and that is the treatment the NHS prescribes. unfortunately success rate is lower with baby aspirin only so you proably can't get out of the injections ...


Mandy1984 - May 8

why would some people get the asprin instad of heprain if it has a lower sucess rate? Sorry for the questions...Just curious, (also i'm in N.Ireland and our hospital has different views/ideas from most)


JuJu - May 8

Mandy; I have been trying to find out the same thing! At my last appt, my OB revealed that my blood is clotting too quickly, which has been the likely cause of my two m/c's this year. My case seems quite marginal ( although not 'marginal' enough to have a healthy pregnancy!) so he is hoping it fixes itself - however if it doesn't he mentioned Hepraine ........ when I brought up the topic of Asprin, he wasn't keen at all - based on some very recent recearch being carried out here in Australia. He didn't give me any detail at the time on the potential problems of Asprin, other than it can be linked to m/c! Of course I was surprised, and Asprin is (at the moment) commonly used in Aust for clotting issues.....my sis-in-law is taking it for pregnancy as we speak. My Ob is very highly respected in his field, so I do trust his judgement.......however I am still leaning toward Asprin over Hepraine - because the side-affects of Hepraine seem so much more extreme. My DH is very against Hepraine, because of the potential side-effects on the mother. Re; what your Doc mentioned about Vitamin K and not being able to specifically determine the state of you blood b/c of Asprin changing your blood viscosity everyday - that is true. The 'thickness' of our blood can be altered by the foods we eat; including leafy green veges (omega 3's) oily fish, ginger etc. I have researched the food areas qutie a bit, b/c I am hoping to thin my blood out naturally. I get the results of my 2nd round of bloodtests today, so it will be interesting to see if my blood has altered from a change in diet. Will also ask my OB for more specific info on the Asprin concerns. because of the seriousness of your condition, I don't think Asprin is going to be effective enough for you anyway....which I realise is not great. Are you taking calcium etc? It's all so hard - we will be ttc again next month and I would love to have my strategy sorted before the game begins! Will keep you posted on any info my Ob has- JuJuXX


D D - May 8

Had to weigh in on this one - I recently had a visit with a Perinatal Specialist. After two m/c with causes undetermined I opted to get care from a small practice that focus fertility and m/c but does not deliver babies. As DH and I were preparing to go through testing I found out I was pg. The smaller practice did u/s and immediately put me on a baby aspirin a day. At 8 weeks i was referred back to my ob/gyn who said to continue the aspirin and let the Perinatal specialist direct me on when to come off of it. I recently had a visit with a Perinatal Specialist as a referral by my ob/gyn. Had Neucral Translucency and when i asked about the aspirin I was told to continue on the asprin throughout the pregnancy. According to the doc they can't find any risk and at such a low dose does no harm to the baby. My doc said - they aught to put the baby aspirin dose in prenatal vitamins. So I will continue - I know there are many schools of thought on this but after a m/c in December 2005 and anotherm/c February 11, 2006 I am now 12w2d and while i am still nervous I can't help but wonder if the aspirin has helped ...baby dust! best of luck!


Mandy1984 - May 9

guess I was just clutching at straws, My tummy is almost completely back at both sides with the bruises from the injections and my arms are too skinny to even attempt it there. JUJU My blood condition is TOTALLY pregnancy related, I now have to take warfarin for the rest of my life because my veins are so badly damaged but all my clots were because of pregnancy....Everyones blood thinkens naturally during pregnancy but come womens go more 'sticky' than thick.. I attend the heamopholia and thombosis centre of Northern Ireland in the Belfast City hospital, My 1st consultant came from Austrialia and recently left ot go back there and my new doctor seems to be keepong me on higer doses of heprain...I'm not too worried about the 'bones' issue as 40weeks is not really 'long term' what I am nervous is having to take warfarin for ever :( Good luck JUJU on TTC it is highly likely that everything will be ok now that you know what the problem is...I hope so you have been put through enough..its time you got some good luck xxx.. and DD CONGRATS on your pregnancy 12weeks!!!! its a milestone!!!


Mandy1984 - May 9

'black at both sides'


JuJu - May 17

Mandy and DD; thanks so much for your feedback - I am heading in to see my OB (finally!!) today to get my second round of results and also to discuss potential medications. Nervous, but excited that I may be pregnant again soon! I must be a glutton for punishment - will be my third pregnancy this year :( - but am feeling good about the rest of 2006. Anyway, will post here to let you know the outcome of my appt.


Mandy1984 - May 17

Hey JUJU* how did your appointment go? Sending lots of good vibes your way but have a feeling you won't need them!! :) yeah!! I guess the time difference is about 12hrs difference as it is 12.50am, I'll check back in to see how u got on x


JuJu - May 18

Hi Mandy! Well, what a day! All in all, it's good news - in the latest round of testing I came up negative for ANA, which is great. The Ob mentioned that the first reading must have been a 'false positive', probably due to the fact that I had recently been pregnant (at the time). I have still come up positive for cardolipin antibodies.....but thankfully it has dropped from a medium level reading (at the first test) to a low level reading. So based on this, the OB has suggested I give pregnancy without Heparin one more shot. If I do miscarry for a third time, then it's on to the Heparin shots....but let's just hope that doesn't happen! I am very nervous about my next pregnancy, but excited too - my DH and I have decided to start ttc again next month. Round three for this year - getting exhausting! Thanks so much for checking in with me Mandy - how are things going for you??!! You must be about 20 weeks by now??!!


Mandy1984 - May 18

yea I'm 19.5 weeks, and feeling HUGE!!! I am already counting down the days til the day I can hold my baby, Its kinda a tough time at the minute, On the 1st June it will be 1 yr exactley from the m/carriage so I feel 'strange', Don't know how else to describe it, When you feel so many different things at once then 'strange' is the only way to describe your mood.... Its also kinda scary because I am so close (in pregnancy weeks) to what I was when I actually m/carried, Also I'm kinda worried about this baby, I don't really feel him/her move, With my other 3 pregnancies I felt movment from as early as 14 weeks but this time barely nothing, I keep thinking he/she is dead :( isn't that an awful thing to say.... I wish I had a little window on my tummy so I could peak in every now and then,


emmaG - May 20

Hi, I would appreciate everyone's opinon, I have just found out I'm pregnant for the first time. I had a blood clot about 2 years ago and have a genetic blood clotting disorder, nothing too bad but its there. Anyway, my ob and haemotologist recommend I take heparin and baby aspring during pregnancy, I have started today the heparin but am cautious about the asprin as it crosses the placenta unlike the heparin. Does anyone have any information about how the baby asprin can affect the health of my baby?? really appreciate it as freaking it out a bit !!


Mandy1984 - May 20

I have been ;ooking into this myself, I have had 2 DVT's but I am only told to take hepraine, The brand of hepraine is called clexane and i take 60mg injections twice a day.. For my body weight I should only be taking 100mg daily but my doc wants to keep my blood a little thinner this time... I can't understand why your doctor would want you to use 2 forms of anticoagulation??? My doctor told me that he would not even consider asprin for anything else other than pain relief, he said it is just too unpredictable and although is is obviosly a lot weaker than hepraine the risk of bleeding is actually higher...I looked up on the safefetus.com and asprin is a cla__s D drug which is NOT good ::::Positive evidence of human fetal risk exists. Potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks (e.g. life threatening situations or serious illness). The risk category will be C only if used in low doses (less than 150 mg/day). The risk category will be D only if full-dose is used in the third trimester. FDA Pregnancy Risk Categories Place (not click) your mouse cursor over the bold words in the text below to receive description Indication Antipyretic, a___lgesic, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Can be used in low doses (40-150 mg/day) in pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. Fetal Risk In mothers it may cause anemia, antepartum and/or postpartum hemorrhage, prolonged gestation, prolonged labor, dose-related vertigo, tinnitus, headache and hyperventilation. With low doses, no fetal risk has been reported. High doses in the last weeks of pregnancy causes premature closure of ductus arteriosus, pulmonary hypertension, stillbirth, and intrauterine growth restriction. It causes congenital salicylate intoxication (hypertonia, agitation, shrill piercing cry, increased reflex irritability). High dose aspirin near term causes bleeding disorders in the newborn with depressed platelet function and purpuric rash. Controversial a__sociation with congenital defects such as oral clefts and heart defects when used during the 1st trimester. Questionable effect of high doses aspirin on the IQ of children exposed in utero in the first half of pregnancy. Breast Feeding Excreted into milk in small amounts. Should be given cautiously to nursing mothers, because of potential adverse effects on infant platelet function.::::: heprain is a Cla__s B drig during pregnancy which isn't to bad:::::::Controlled studies done on animals in reproduction do not indicate risk to the fetus. No adequate and well-controlled studies done on pregnant women. FDA Pregnancy Risk Categories Place (not click) your mouse cursor over the bold words in the text below to receive description Indication Anti-coagulant. Fetal Risk Does not cross the placenta. No well controlled human data but reported to be a__sociated with increased incidence of spontaneous abortions, premateurity, still births and may be related to its calcium chelating effect resulting in deficiency of this ion in the fetus. Causes maternal bleeding and osteopenia but not reported in the neonates. No congenital defects but by causing calcium chelation it produces deficiency of the ion in the fetus. Suggested a__sociation of cardiovascular defects in 1st trimester exposure. Breast Feeding Not excreted into milk.::::::::::::::::::Hope this helps


JuJu - May 21

Mandy; congrats on the 19.5 weeks!! Re: not feeling as much movement this pregnancy as before......I have heard that some women feel less movement dependant on where the placenta is sitting?? EmmaG; my OB seems to be in agreeance with Mandy's specialist regarding the use of asprin - he has suggested that should I require medication, that Heparin is the better option. He is not keen on the use of asprin as a blood thinner during pregnancy - he mentioned some very recent research undertaken here in Australia which highlights some potential 'issues'. It seems that it's a bit of a contentious issue....I don't understand at all why asprin would be used simultanteously with Heparin - seems a little unnecessary, given the strength and success of Heparin??


emmaG - May 21

Mandy and JuJu, Thank you both so much for your quick responses, it makes me feel so much better knowing other women out there understand what I'm going through. Tomorrow I plan to call my haemotologist and Ob and discuss why they wanted me to take both heparin and aspirin and what risks, if any, I'm running by only taking the heparin. I'll let you guys know tomorrow what they say. I wish I'd asked the quesion on friday but everything happened so quickly...Mandy, out of interest how did they find that you had your 2 DVT's during previous pregnancies?? thank you both again.


Mandy1984 - May 21

Hey Juju, Emma my first DVT was in May 2001 when I was 31weeks pregnant, It was in my left illica vein, It started at home, my foot had a 'numb' feeling to it for a few days, then about 3 days later I had soooo much pain in it and it was around 6cm bigger than the other, I went to the hospital and had a few ultrasound scans on my leg but everything was fine, They were going to send me home saying I had odema but then a blood test result came back saying that my platlet count was over 900, so I had a test done called a venograph where they injected dye into my foot then x-rayed me, To everyones surprise I had an 8" clot startiing in my groin growing in a semi-circle ending just 1cm below my heart, I had to have a filter put into my vena cava vein through my neck so if the clot should break the filter would catch it, I spent 9 weeks in total in hospital. I was put on Anti-coagultaion for a yr after. With my 2nd pregnancy I started on hewpraine at 6 or 7 weeks and all went well and contined with the hepraine for 12 weeks after she was delivered. With my 3rd pregnancy I again started on hepraine but I m/carried at 18weeks, When I was leving the hospital I asked should i continue with the injections for a few weeks and was told I didn't need them, so a few weeks later I had swelling and pain in my left leg and had an other Ultrasound done, I had another clot behind my knee I was only 21 then, The veins are so badly damaged in my leg now that my left leg is always swollen and about 3cm bigger than my right...I am still the youngest person in this country (n.ireland) to have had an illiac vein thrombosis... (well, gotta be famous for something) lol :)


JuJu - May 22

Mandy, what an absolutely unbelievable story - and what a courageous, amazing woman you are!! Honestly, your story is such an inspiration for me.....after my 2 m/c's this year your story gives me real hope that I can have another baby too! Can I ask a personal question?? Given the daily worry that you have to face because of your condition.....how do you keep your worry in check? Now that we are thinking about ttc again, it's really sinking in that I will (hopefully!) be pregnant again soon.....but that also brings with it the realisation that I am more likely than the average woman, to have another m/c. And I am just wondering, if I can prepare myslef in advance? What do you think?



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