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Maribel - October 11

I had to go to the hospital 6 weeks into my pregnancy it looks like I started bleeding . The bleeding only last one day it felt like i was on my period . I went to the hospital they did blood work and a pelvic ultrasound they said they see a yolk sac but the fetal pole is not visible. my blood work came back ok. my hcg lkevels were high . I have not bleed anymore and I am up to 9 weeks but I will be going next week for the next ultrasound to see if the fetal pole is growing I am very worried and need alot of support . I am confused and scared that the baby is not ok and maybe I m/c.Has anyone gone through the same thing and is o.k with the pregnancy?


Alison - October 14

Maribel I am so sorry you have had such a scare-at 6 weeks it is common to not see alot on a scan. Because your HCG levels were good that implies things are fine and it was just too early to see things very well. If there was a problem regarding not seeing the fetal pole the HCG levels would not be rising as they should to imply a problem. Some women do experience some bleeding in pregnany without it being a concern-you were right to get it checked out though as any v____al bleeding in pregnancy should be checked out to make sure. In your case it does sound hopeful that it was not anything serious and the fact that you have not had any more bleeding is a very rea__suring and good sign. I know it will be scary going for the next scan-I have miscarried 3 times and scans are always nerve wracking for me as I have found out each time at the 1st scan. I can only pray the days go very fast so the scan can arrive and be done and you will see our healthy babybean on the monitor. A friend of mine bled a little in early pregnancy and was fine and no problems at all. It does happen-keep reminding yourself of the good HCG levels-keep telling yourself that it will be ok-and as hard as it is (I know it is so hard) try and push those negative thoughts away. Take care-you'll be in my thoughts. What day is your scan on? xxx



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