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samy - October 3

As u all know i had delivered my little angel about 6 weeks back at 24 weeks and i lost her. I m still expecting my first AF...but for the past few days i have been feeling those sharp pains in my stomach that i used to feel during pregnancy...those menstural like cramps. I know these also come when one is about to expect AF...but its been quite a few days. Also i m getting thick mucus...that had stopped after i delivered, as it was there in pregnancy. please tell me y is this happening? anyone of you also experienced same? or can i be preggo, though i dnt think so it should happen?


samy - October 4

hey ...please somebody reply


emtcutie1028 - October 4

Samy I had the mucous stuff coming out too. I also had really bad back pain a few days before I got my period. It seems I dont have abd period cramps anymore they are all in my back now. Have you had s_x since your delivery?? It might just be your body getting rid of all of the stuff that comes out with labor??


Tory1980 - October 4

samy, I answered on the Clean Slate but I will give you the gist here. If you are sure your numbers are below 5 (hCG) then it could be your body getting ready to ovulate (or be ovulating at the minute). The other thing is if you have been having unprotected s_x to do a HPT and if it comes back positive (but numbers haven't been checked) then be seen asap by your doctor to confirm whether it is actually a pregnancy or not.


samy - October 5

I dnt know keena...wats this....but yes the day i deliverd since then i hve severe back pan...rather it has turned out into shattica pian now....m my doc says as weakness will go so will it get ok.........but i feel period like cramps also. Yes post delivery we had s_x few times. initially it was painful but not anymore. Tory, as u said , i never got hcg checked after my delivery to check the nos, so i dnt know whether my body has come back to normal or not. but last time my periods came after 6 weeks and also i never had such symptoms so i m really confused....and ya we actually had unprotected s_x...but we s____ns were not ejaculated inside...so i think chances r there but very less. i think u right...i will get a preg check done.



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