What Is Your First Period After M C Like

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Cyn - March 31

I am having my first cycle of period after m/c 7.5 weeks ago. It seems like the flow is heavier than before. I had first day of cramping (which is normal for me) and other than that I feel normal. Does anyone feel any difference on theirs?


AmyF - March 31

My first period after the m/c was very light for 7 days (normally I bleed for about 4-5 days). Brown in color. I am waiting for af to come again, but I am late as of today. Lots of gas (sorry!) though which is not normal for me.


Kara - March 31

Mine was heavier and lasted a bit longer. I bled heavy for two days then spotted for six more days. The flow was more "texured" then usual. I wasn't full b__wn clots, but it was thicker constantcy than my normal. I am now waiting for my second cycle which should come first of next week.


alli - March 31

Hi, I too m/c 7 weeks ago and finally got AF. for the first day it was heavy, and the blood was bright red which i was a bit worried about, it is now dark and very light. I also had lots of painful cramping on the first day.


Jess - April 2

I m/c 3/7..so 4 weeks ago and got my period yesterday. Just spotted a little but today it is heavier and I'm pretty crampy. I don't mind. I am just glad I have it becasue it means that we are just a little closer to trying again.


jill - April 21

i just got mine 2weeks ago and i still have and it doesnt look like its stopping anytime soon : ( i hope this is normal. im also on birthcontrol for the first time so maybe thats why?


Heather - April 22

I had to take provera & my period was very light. Normally with the provera it is heavier but it wasn't this time. I am not sure if it is normal to have a light period like that for the first af after a m/c. I am kind of nervous about it. Usually there is clotting (like a normal period) but I only saw 1 this time around. Totally NOT normal.


M - April 26

I also took provera cuz it had been 3.5 months since i had my m/c. AF finally came...It was heavy and it has been long...so far 7 days, which is not normal for me. Usually it would be between 3-5 days and it was pretty light.


Naomi - April 26

Came in about 4 weeks.Was bright red. Lasted 4 days. then a day of spotting. no clots at all.


Sarah - April 26

So glad you asked this question. I am going through my 1st period post mc and I've had cramps for several days and alot of brown thick spotting. (7.5 weeks post d&c ) I don't know if i actually have my period or its leading up to it. I'll keep checking in to see what others say. Anyway, its nice to have another period no matter what its like


staci - April 26

thanks for the forewarning...I am awaiting my af post D&C, now 4 weeks and waiting, nervous to get it. it feels like it is on its way-we'll see.


Jess - April 27

I'm actually waiting for my 2nd period post m/c. I have never had PMS so bad in my life and so bloated. I feel like my hormones are still all crazy. My 1st period wasn't too bad and came on time so I am hopeing this one does too!



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