What Just Came Out Of Me

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Emma - October 28

I miscarried naturally over last weekend. The sac came out Tuesday and bleeding has been light ever since. However I've just been to the bathroom and I was bleeding heavily. Then something big slid out. I could swear it was the embryo, which wasn't seen in the sac when I had a scan Monday. But it seemed awfully big - what the heck was it?!


Jen - October 28

Hi, yes that was it-was it like a softball?? that is what mine was like and it hurt like hell to pa__s it. The doc told me that it would shed away piece by piece, but not for everyone obviously. I am sorry for your loss. Mine was in the us either, I think that it was on its way down the birth ca___l that is why the probably didn't see it.


Meg - October 28

It may have been a large blood clot-I had one the blood acc_mulated and formed a huge clot. I thought it was the fetus which alarmed me a had already pa__sed the sac intact but they examined it at the hospital fo rme and said it was a large blood clot. Is hard to tell though without seeing it. I'm very sorry for your loss.


Sara - October 28

It does sound like the Embryo.I just miscarried Monday naturally and when the sac came out a whitish tan clump came out too. I was only 6w along but it was about an inch long and it looked kind of like a caccoon wrapped up. It was solid.My Dr told me that that was the Embryo.That is the best way I can describe it.I am so sorry that you are having to go through this.I wish you and your family best of wishes.


Emma - October 28

thanks so much for answering - I'm sorry we all have gone through this. I guess that's what it was, not that I'll ever know. I wonder why it didn't make it - and also why it's taken nearly 4 weeks from the loss of my symptoms to come out. but I am looking forward now.


teigan - October 30

are you sure it wasnt the palcenta, how far on were you, i lost a baby at 8 weeks but infact i was four month and it hadnt grown, i was having contractions and the palcenta was huge, and disgusting, sorry for your loss... good luck for next time x



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