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jennn28 - March 10

i am so very frustrated... i had my d/c on jan 4th. had a follow up on feb 7th and was told all looked great... we started trying again (i didnt do any charting or anything).... and still no AF... I am so annoyed with my body right now... i just want to cry... i really dont want to go to the dr for this, but am now worrying what could be wrong with me....I am definetly not pregnant... thanks for reading


katie37 - March 10

Jenn28 it took me approximately 8 wks to start and I had to go to my doctor and get prometrium to help start my cycle. Good luck.


DestinyMyAngel - March 10

I'm so sorry I now how it feels to me annoyed with your own body ,I'm kind of in the same boat my body did not respond at all to fertility treatment my last cycle which was my 1st of this year last year I did some and responded this year that one didin't and now I'm starting cycle #2 and hope that I respond this time bc everyother treatment is so expensive that I can not affort right now go figures..I whish I can help you but all I can think of is that your hormones might be off and maybe you need to take provera for a few days to bring Af and start ttc again , thats probably what the Dr is going to do if Af doesn't shoe her ugly face soon...Well I hope our bodies start being nice to us and hopefully get +++++ soon ... GL to you...


beebee4mee - March 10

Up until recently, I hadn't paid attention to how long it took for af to return after my m/c, and I just had my 1st d&c for m/c #4. But other ladies have said 1-2 mos, and intermittent af. No guarantee it will return to normal right away. From 01/04 to 03/10 is 9 wks though, you may want to call your dr's nurse just to see what they say. I'll be completely annoyed w/ my body if I have to wait that long, so if it were me I would call.


AllieP. - March 11

Jenn28- i am still waiting for my AF as well and it's been almost seven weeks for me. I had my D&C on Jan 31. My doctor said it could take up to eight weeks to get it but if it goes later than that I should call. Since its been over eight weeks for you I'd probably call your doctor. They should do an u/s to see if there is any tissue left in the uterus. Sometimes a second D&C is required. Good luck!



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