What Reason Did The Doc Give You For Your M C

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Robyn - October 17

I just m/c this weekend. Now, I have to go for testing - I was just wondering what kind of reasons others had for their m/c. Thank you.


Tracy - October 17

So sorry Robyn---words cannot begin to comfort you at this time. However, there are a lot of supportive women on this site who have gone through the same things and I know that I've found lots of support from them over the past few months. I had a m/c in June at 11 1/2 weeks and begged the doctor to have a sample taken of the tissue to try and determine the cause of the miscarriage. I found out about six weeks later that there was a chromonsonal abnormality--which is a pretty common cause of miscarriage. My thoughts are with you---


Robyn - October 17

Thanks Tracy - you're so sweet. I'm sorry about your miscarriage also. Unfortunately this is my second m/c in a year - the doc didn't test anything for the first one - so hopefully this time he will test and find the reason. I just want to know why. These boards are comforting, its good to have somebody to talk to. Take care and good luck TTC!


mani - October 17

im so sorry for ur loss, i m just going though my 5th M/C.( 3 this year) the doc so far has no reason, they have checked chromosomes, my uterus, im on progesterone, i goto a fertility specialist, and they have a recurrent m/c specialist in their office. so from this time i would perhaps be referred to him,. right now i m all numb. but dont loose hope. when there is a will there is a way.may God help us all through this difficult time


Angela - October 17

Hi Robyn, I'm sorry for your loss. I m/c 2 weeks ago today and I don't have an answer either. I was told that it looked like my baby died in utero at about 10 weeks (one week after my first ultrasound that said all was ok) but I didn't loose my baby until 13 weeks. The doctor said that the tissue started to diteriate (sp?) so they couldn't test it. I was just told to try again. I don't know how it will all work out, but all I can do is pray. I will pray for you too.



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