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Laqueta - February 8

I was told on jan 4th after a doctor told me on jan 3rd i had miscarried cause of bleeding for a week, that my sonogram showed my yoke sake measured fine and i had a healthy measuring embryo that measured 3weeks 6days conception and 5weeks 6 days gestation it was to early for a heart beat the bleeding stopped a day later so when i went for my next ultra sound excited to hear a heart beat for the 1st time on feb 4th at 10 weeks gestation i was told there was no heart beat ( the bleeding started back feb 3rd ) and the baby only measured 6 weeks 6 days and to come back next week on feb 11th for another ultra sound and dnc im holding on to hope that my baby is a live ive read on here where a heart beat wasnt heard till 12 weeks and ladies saying they bleed thru there entire pregnancy so i was thinking if my hcg blood level is gone up next week and the baby measures bigger even if there isnt a heart beat i will put off the dnc, but im worried the baby died at 6 weeks 6 days and its just dead inside me but wouldnt i be sick or somthing the bleeding hasnt stopped and its feb 7th its not flowing just red and small clots when i wipe, what should i do am i holding on to false hope? also i have fibroid tumors in my uterius maybe there blocking the heart beat from the sonogram machine. Im reaching for anything at this point .


kimhron - February 8

Laqueta, I know how upsetting the news is to hear. I had a similar situation, at 8w4d I heard a heartbeat and was very excited, at 11w4d (1/23)no heartbeat no growth, I was devistated. I had no bleeding so it was a shock. I went for a f/u visit 1/28, it was the same, baby was gone, I lost the pregnancy. Now Im starting to spot but it was brown, no blood. Well, I just had a m/c on my own this past monday 2/4. Im not a doctor but you wont get sick if your fetus is not alive inside of you,I was fine and mine was not alive for 3 weeks. Dont rule anything out until you have your f/u visit. Good luck and keep us posted.


Laqueta - February 8

Well at work today 2/8 i pa__sed a big blood clot and been bleeding like a cycle every since so i guess i have to face the harsh reality that its over cause im sure i pa__sed the baby i cant imagine bleeding like this and alls ok but i guess i will let the doctor tell me that on monday 2/11 at my follow up


hope-31 - February 8

i know this sounds horrible but did you happen to save the clot/tissue you pa__sed? if you m/c then they will know one way or another but sometimes it is good to bring that to the doctor. i m/c last april and am still ttc. good luck.


Laqueta - February 8

Hope-31, i was at work and i didnt have anything to put it in so i had to flush it i had a little cramping afterward should i have been hurting more cause i didnt have much pain may it wasnt the baby i dont know what to think this is so horrible


tdo - February 9

Laqueta, I"m sorry for your loss. I wish you a speedy recovery. Also, most Dr. will not a___lyze the tissue until the women has had 2+ m/c because its a normal occurence in 15-20% of women.


kimhron - February 9

Laqueta, sorry for your loss. tdo, thanks for stating that because when I m/c on Monday, I did save anything nor do I think I could have, it was larger than a baseball, very bloody and gross. Although I hope I dont have to go through this again. Good luck to all of us on ttc.


Laqueta - February 9

kimhron: how far along were you cause my blood clot wasnt as big as a baseball it was about the size of a silver dollar do you think im wrong and it wasnt the baby im supposed to be 11 weeks ?


kimhron - February 9

I was 11w4d when I was told there was no heartbeat or growth on Jan 23rd. I m/c on Monday, feb 4th. I guess we were around the same time. My m/c was extremely painful as if I was going through natural child birth and I never had a baby. It took about 12 hours before I stopped cramping with a lot of blood and clots. I lost so much blood that day so ,Im not sure if yours in a m/c. Actually, I still have cramps and Im still bleeding like a period. Im very new at this so I dont have words of wisdom. I would wait til your f/u viisit on Monday. Your dr will be able to tell with an u/s. Keep us posted.


Laqueta - February 9

well i just pa__sed the same size clot again 2/9 so maybe it wasnt the baby but like i said i cant see losing this much blood and all is well but i havent had any painful cramping just little small pains and cramps more like gas not menstral cramps so im really confused now


kimhron - February 9

I was in extreme pain. I started to cramp on Feb 1 then on Feb 3, I woke up at 1am til 6am the cramp got severe but nothing. On Feb 4th, 3am the cramps came back badly and at 6am I started to bleed and pa__s very big clots until 5:30pm. I have never experienced pain like that. I hope you dont go through what I went through. Again, I am very new at this so maybe it starting out slow for you like mine did, I hope not for you sake. I know what your going through, Im sorry. Once you have closure you can move on and I think thats what we all need.


les1les - February 9

Laqueta, I'm sorry you're going through this. I do have to say though, that at the moment it's not looking very good. I lost my baby at 12 weeks 5 days, so I was already in my second Trimester. I HAD NO BLEEDING. I had slight brownish spotting for a couple of days, it worried me, so I went to the emergency room, where I was told that either I was only three weeks pregnant or I had miscarried. My HCG was completely down. After an ultrasound, I was told that the baby was just gone. I had had an ultrasound at eight weeks, and they said everything was normal, the heartbeat was good and the baby was growing fine. So when they did an ultrasound right b4 my d&C, I knew the baby was gone, but I expected to see a baby. It was gone, only a cloud where it was b4. I thought "how can this be, I haven't been bleeding at all?" But the doc said it was normal, and that I could have held it for another few weeks. So no bleeding, little clots, big clots, it's all something to be concerned about. And if you are miscarrying, demand a d&C. If you don't, and anything gets left behind from the m/c, it could actually CAUSE a m/c in your next pregnancy. A d&c also lets your body heal more rapidly, so you'll get your period sooner, which means you can start trying again when you're ready. My doc said one cycle for physical reasons, and three for emotional. Do what's right for you, but I'd try to start preparing myself for the worst now.


Laqueta - February 9

well les1les thank you so much im ready now im not gonna cry imma be strong and suck it up im 41 and was told at my last pap smear that i have an unhealthy uterious and was told when i got some of my many fibroids removed in 06 that i would likely never get pregnant again but he was wrong i see, but im single with 2 kids 9 and 16 so god new what he was doing with this baby knowing the father didnt really care about either of us so i dont think i will try again at my age but thank you all for being honest and not giving me false hope, take care ladies


hope-31 - February 9

laueta did you have your hcg levels checked? do you know for sure.i wish you good luck and prayers.


Laqueta - February 10

Hope-31, i had my hcg level checked on monday 2/4 and then again on friday 2/8 so i wont know till i go in tommorrow monday 2/11 for my last ultrasound and the dnc proceedure what the results are ,when i requested to have my hcg levels checked again on friday 2/8 the doctor talked to me like that doesnt really make to much of a difference they really just do that to make sure the baby isnt in your tubes so she gave me the impression i was wasting my time and from what i read on this site even if the levels are up and the baby measures bigger from one sonogram to the next the baby could still be dead i dont understand how a dead baby could possibly grow but it has happened from what ive read, so i have nothing to go on but to trust the doctors word which i dont trust very much either after reading the testimonies on this site where doctors told them to get dncs all was gone and were wrong the babies were fine after all, but i guess i have no choice since i dont know any better. And no i dont know any thing for sure yet except last sonogram the baby measured two weeks to small and theres no heart beat so it appeared the baby died two weeks before the sonogram on 2/4 from there measurements and i know i couldnt be off on the dates cause i was only s_xually active 2 times in december on the 1st and 10th and a home test showed possitive on the 12/25 so to measure only 6 weeks 6 days on 2/4 was discouraging for me to hear on top of no heart beat


tcrock02 - February 10

laqueta i am 38 and have had 2 miscarriages. first i pa__sed on my own at about 5 weeks second i started bleeding and cramping and pa__sed some but not all of it i was 9 weeks. Had a u/s at 5 weeks no hb. but at 6weeks again and it was beating. i didnt the happy dance. but only a few weeks later i miscarried. had to have a D&C. I am a little over 2 weeks after my D&C and still emotionally that is all i think about. I also have a healthy 12 year old. Women are having babies later and later in life now 40 was the old cut off date.lol!! If it is meant to be it will happen again. And as for the Dad's i bet you are doing a great job with your other kids so skip them. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Ths time is difficult but you are not alone. we are all here to help you!!


hope-31 - February 10

did they tell you what your levels were on those days,they should have,you shouldnt have to wait til you see the doctor. i am thinking of you and it might be okay i know you said you have two children and the father if this pregnancy is not involved but i hope things will turn out okay for you.



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