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LN030905 - March 13

I am just heartbroken right now. I had an appt this morning for my yearly exam. My Dr had told me once we decide we want to start trying full swing that he was going to put me on clomid bc I have PCOS. There is also a small male factor. That was in October after I told him that I wanted to try and lose some weight before we did anythign like that. He said okay. In Jan I went and he prescribed me metformin 1000mg to hopefully regulate my very irregular cycles. I had a normal ovualtion which was HUGE for me. I found out I was pregnant at 10dpo but started bleeding on 11dpo. So, I go in today and tell him we want to start trying..we want to get the ball rolling. He tells me take the metformin for another 3 months and then come in and we will start clomid and he will do work up on us..well we did a bunch of tests already in October..thyroid, ultrasounds, sa's everything. Im like..ok..and he leaves the room. I am so confused that I want to cry. So, I go out to the nurses station and tell the lady that I needed anopther prescription for the metformin and she looks at my paperwork and says did he give you one for the clomid. I say..No! He wouldnt give it to me. She looks puzzled and tells me to have a seat. SO, I wait for the Dr to come out and he gives me a prescription for metformin. I ask if he should up the dosage of that and he says no, that its fine. Then I say, Im confused why Im waitign another 3 months..and he said that since I had a questoinable pergnancy last month that it may happen again for us. By this time I can feel myself beginnign to panic on the inside. I say..but Im only ovulation a few times a year. I was like is there really a chance I could get preg i 3 months and then he shrugs his shoulders and tells me ITS A GUESSING GAME. I just grabbed my prescription and said ok and wlaked away. I dont think he meant to hurt my feeligs but he did. I got to the reciptionists desk and I paid my copay and she asked about teh clomid and I started crying. I was so embarrased but I couldnt stop. I told her I might as well make my 3 month appt bc the chances of it happening are so rare...and in 3 months I didnt want to call back to just have to wait anaother one to even get in. I am just at the point where I am so upset and sick of having to "come back in two or three months" and then we will do this. I am thinking of goign to another dr but I love the ppl there. I dont know if he is right that I should just give it more time naturally, but nothing is happening and Im just being impatient. What should I do?


julie2007 - March 13

i'd say you need to see another doctor -- and don't ever leave an office until you are satisfied with the answers you are given. you may not like what they doc says but you are ent_tled to answers - it's your body. but for now - i'd say you need to see another doc. ------- how was the pregnancy confirmed at 10 dpo but not at 11?


Judi Sarah - March 13

def. see another dr. someone who can be a bit more warm to your feelings. pregnancy is huge and you should go to someone who can be comforting in the difficult process of trying.


BeckyBunny - March 13

Give it a few months for the metformin to do its thing sweetie. I know, you want results RIGHT AWAY! That is normal, and you have been trying for so long. But the metformin really does help, and Clomid has such bad side effects and isn't guaranteed to work any more than the metformin. Let your body try to straighten itself out, and then go back in a few months if nothing is happening. Just hang in there and keep trying. *hugs*


LN030905 - March 13

Thank you girls for your responses. After talking to my dh , I decided to get a second opinion from another Dr I have heard good things about. My appt is Monday at 4. Hopefully he can let me know where I stand. I will let you knwo how it goes!! Thanks so much again!


LN030905 - March 18

Hi!! I wanted to update you all about my appt today! It went Great!! I am so happy I decided to go see him. I am definetly going to start going to him for good! Right away he upped my dosage of metformin from 1000mg to 2000mg and told me to come back in a month and if things arent improving we are going to move on. He said we have been trying and waiting long enough. I am very thankful for today!! Dh loved him as well and that is sayign alot!! I know this sounds cheesy, but he definetly someone I can see deliverign my baby when that time comes God permiting. Thanks for the encouragment and advice!! We are having an amazing revival at church this week and I am just exhausted!! So, Im heading to bed!



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