What Should Your BBT Be During The First Tri

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sashasmama - November 5

Just wondering what the average BBT is for a pregnant woman in the first trimester.


stefkay - November 5

Best advice I can give is to NOT take your BBT while pregnant. It will totally freak you out due to fluctuating temps (I had 4 doctors tell me this so far). The anxiety will only be hard on the baby. Just lock the thermometer away in a safe and throw away the key, LOL! ;) You'll be fine...


sashasmama - November 5

I'm ridiculously OCD about all this. The main problem is that my insurance hasn't gone through yet, I can't go to a dr. to monitor my HCG, so I'm trying to come up with every possible way to at least "try" to figure it out myself, for now.


stefkay - November 6

Lol, I understand! Actually temp won't tell you what your hcg is doing. Temp may show what progesterone is doing somewhat (higher temps kind of mean higher progesterone because prog is the hormone that makes temp go up in the second half of the cycle after ovulation). Early on taking pregnancy tests to see the line get darker can let you know it's rising, but at a certain point it will not get any darker. Can you go to like a planned parenthood or an independent lab for an hcg test or 2 if it will ease your mind? I'm not sure that PP even does things like that, just trying to think of something. I don't think they are all that expensive.


cynnababy - November 6

Lena, i totally agree with Stef on not temping anymore once you get BFP. I did kept temping for about a week, and drove myself totally nuts when i saw a slightly drop temp. Technically, with the high progesterone level in your body, your BBT should stay above coverline list after you ovulated. Other than that, the temp doesn't tell you if your HCG is rising or not. Like Stef said, check out a planned parenthood, or any free clinics around your area for blood test.


sashasmama - November 6

Thank you guys for your advice. I will look into PP, but I thought they were more on the pro-choice side of things. Are the levels of progesterone and HCG correlated? I mean if one is rising, the other one should be too, right? Now I know what you mean about the temp, it doesn't make any sense. But just for information purposes, cynna, what was your average temp? Mine was 97.68 this morning.



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