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Pamela - March 12

I had intercourse on 1/21/05 and had AF on 2/9. I started Af again today, but still wonder if I may be pregnant. The last AF and this one seem a bit lighter. However, I had alot of sharp cramping pain today, which is weird since I never do during AF. When I went to the bathroom just now, I expected a lot of blood on the pad. Instead, these 2 HUGE dark clumps came out(sorry it's so gross). Usually when I have AF, I experience something similar to this but it's just blood. This was like chunks of....I don;t even know what it was. When I touched it, it was hard to break. It was just really big and had some blood mixed in. It's hard to explain. It was like 2 small pieces of raw beef....Sorry for using food to describe it, but that's all I could come up with. But any idea if this is normal during AF, a sign of pregnancy, or if it's a sign of miscarriage? If I was pregnant, I'd be about 9 weeks along.


C - March 12

Where the chunks red dark or brown dark?? And what is HUGE? The size of a grape? or a raspberry??


Pamela - March 12

They were reddish brown, but had blood in it. Basically, it was like raw beef . As for size, it was close to the size of a rasperry, if not bigger. But when I touched it, it felt more like tissue and was hard to break. I know with my regular blood clots, they're bloody and sort of squishy. But this was just totally different in size, texture, color, and consistency.


C - March 13

At 8-9 weeks of pregnancy the fetus is the size of a raspberry... You may have been pg and miscarried. Did you take a pregnancy test?


Petra - March 13

When I m/c i lost just what you're describing. It was almost 3' by1' Pretty big... I was 9 weeks. It was hard and just like you said, like raw beef... It was hard and I could not see what it was..... But I was surprised by how hard it was. But then, it stopped developing 6 weeks before I started the m/c....


Pamela - March 13

Yes. I took an hpt about 1 week after AF on 2/9. Came out negative. I took 2 more after that, and they were negative as well. However, I didn't take 2 of them first thing in the morning, so maybe that affected the results? I expected my period on 3/8, but it didn;t come till 3/12, and as I described originally, it was a bit different. There's also alot more clear stretchy mucus in it. Is this part of miscarriage?


S- - March 13

Possibly a dumb question, but could it have been a cyst? Only asking b/c the tests were neg.


C - March 13

At 6 weeks pg I still BARELY had a positive on the hpt and I tested first thing in the morning. If you did just m/c than you would probably show a + on a test. A week after my m/c it was still + so... I'd get one and test yourself.



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