What To Expect From An Early Miscarriage

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colleen - May 4

2 weeks ago I tested + with several hpts, then af showed a few days late. ( i tested early) When she showed I had pretty bad cramping but only light bleeding the 1st day then brown spotting. I went to the dr a few days later and he said my bloodtest was neg. He didn't seem concerned about the fact that I only bled bout a quarter as much as a normal period. Shouldn't I have bled at least as much as a normal af? Should I be worried? He never suggested an ultrasound.


Kris - May 4

Collen, I would take another HPT and see if you get a positive. I had what you described early on in an eptopic pregnancy. Just to be safe, do another HPT, and if you get a +, go back to the doc. They will track your HCG's and possibly do a ultrasound. On the positive side, it could have been implantation and it was just too early to get a + HCG at the office. Two weeks ago I got an extremely faint + on a HPT (I was spotting pink and brown), when they drew the blood at the office, my HCG was only 8 which is practically negative. (5 or less is considered negative) But they had me come back in 3 days later and it was 42!!! I've probably just confused you more but if I were you, I would keep testing just to rule out complications. Best wishes to you.


Tiffany - May 4

I learned I was pregnant on a tuesday (the day my af should have come). On Sunday I started bleeding and had bloodwork done on Monday which came up as 5 (negative). So its possible to get a positive and then have the numbers go back very quickly. I did bleed like a normal period for two days but everybody is different


colleen - May 4

I tested again today and got a bfp. It turns out the blood test the doc did was the kind that says yes or no, not the exact # of hcg. i get my blood drawn again tomorrow.


To Colleen - May 5

Keep us posted. B


lisa - May 6

i done 2 pregnancy at home the both came back postive. for the last 3 days i have been bleeding red and brown blood but is not heavy there is no clots either. then done a other pregnancy test and its negtive. do u think i am having a miscarrige? i have to go for a scan on monday. can anyone help?


elyse - May 6

lisa, to be safe I would call your dr's or take your self to A/E if you are a few mnths gone.They will give you a scan.Take care



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