What To Expect With D Amp C HELP ASAP

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Missa - November 4

My child died inside of me about a week ago and I am supposed to go in for a D&C. Has any one gone through one before? What was it like, what should I expect, how did you feel after emotionally/physically?


B - November 5

Hi Missa. This happenned to me also. I found out at 8 weeks that the fetus had not grown past 6 weeks. I then had it confirmed at 10 weeks which was when I had the d&c. This was in July. Emotionally, I found a d&c the best option as I just wanted to move on and I didn't know how long it would be before my body expelled of the pregnancy naturally. The d&c wasn't painful as you normally have a general anaesthetic and the procedure is over and done with very quickly. Afterwards I felt a bit uncomfortable and had bleeding for about a week. I don't think I could have coped with losing the pregnancy naturally, but you have to do what is best for you. My thoughts are with you. More than happy to answer any more questions you may have. xxx


carla - November 5

Hi missa, i had a D & C 3 weeks ago and i believe it was the best option, i wouldnt have wanted to wait it out for my body to naturally expel the baby and i also would not want to have seen it. The d & c was quick and painless (physically) emotionally of corse i was upset but i only bleed lightly for 2 weeks (every women differs) and they say your more fertile after a d & c then u normally would be so better chances on becoming preggo again....hope this helps


K - November 5

HI Missa I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I have had 2 d&c's and both times it was my choice as my body wasn't naturally doing it itself. I found the procedure was painless as I was under anaesthetic and after I only bled for a few days then my cycle returned to normal 28 days later. Emotionally I was relieved when it was over as it gave me closure otherwise I would have been waiting for it to occur naturally and the doctor couldn't tell me how long it would take. The waiting after you have found out it awful. I had to wait a week to confirm my baby had died inside of me before they could schedule a D&C and it messsed with my head the whole thought. Good luck with your healing, don't be scared


Christine - November 6

Hi Missa, with my first miscarriage I had a D&C performed and it was a nightmare: the cold atmosphere in the hospital, doctors and nurses who didn't care, waking up afterwards (I could hardly breathe). With my second miscarriage I just let my body do it the natural way, it took only a few days of bleeding (it was just bits of tissue) and I could handle it emotionally much better than the first one. All the best to you.


KK - November 7

Hi Missa. Sorry to hear about your locss. I found out 3 weeks ago, when i was 9 weeks pregnant that the fetus stopped growing at 6 1/2 weeks. I was scheduled for a d&c the following moring. That night I experienced a miscarriage & had to go to the emergency room. I was sent home only to be followed by the d&c the next morning. I was in a good amount of pain following the miscarriage. Once at the hospital, I was prepared for the er room. I was under anaesthia, and the procedure was finished w/in 20 mins. As soon as I woke up my pain was gone. Emotionally I had to deal with the fact that my pregnancy was now over. I wish you all of the best.


Trina - November 8

I just had a D/C done last Monday. I experienced pain after two days. The doctor informed me that I had an infection in my uterus. I am now experiencing high pregnancy hormone level. Is there anyone out there that have experienced similar problems with a D/C? I am so worried!


Kara - November 8

It could be as simple as left over placenta stil producing hcg. But I had a friend who had as similar, but not identical, situation. She miscarried at home at 8 wks. She compained of not feeling well and the Dr told her she was depressed. She kept nagging him and finally he checked her hcg. It was high so they ordered an u/s. Turns out she had a tubal pregnacy. She had actually had two embryos - one in the uterus and one in the tube. Since they found it early they were able to give her drugs instead of having to take the tube. She had to wait 6 months before trying again, but now has a healthy little girl. I would definitely question the dr about why your hcg level is still high and make him tell you what his plan of care is for you.


Melissa - November 8

I had my D&C 13 days ago. When you get to the hospital, they will take your info. Then you will speak to the anesthesiologist (sp?). Then you will go into the operating room. I got an IV put in. My doctor expalined what he was going to do and what will happen afterwards. the procedure only lasts a few minutes. When you wake up you will have some monir cramps. If they are bad, she'll give you some motrin in your IV. It'll take only a little while for you to really wake up. You really won't feel too bad (not physically, anyway). Ask for some juice or ginger ale. I woke up with some heartburn, I guess from an empty stomach. But the juice and crackers helped. They'll prbably let you go home in about 90 minutes. If you are RH negative like I am, they;ll give you what is called a rogham shot. Pretty painless. I was only bleeding a little bit. It stopped by the time I left. About 9 days later I started blkeeding again for a day and then I was just staining (still am). Considering a miscarriage is emotionally draining, a D&C is very good because it's relatively painless. No middle of the night trips to the ER so it makes the whole process that much easier.


Erin - November 8

I have had 4 D&C's, one in hospital with anesthesia, 3 in the Dr.'s office with demoral, and one natural miscarriage at 6 weeks. I would not have a D&C for anything under 7 weeks... After that, yes, definately. If you're insurance and/or doctor lets you go to the hospital and go under, it's a breeze. The demoral route hurts, especially if you've never had a D&C before. Unfortunately, it is now like brushing my teeth...



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