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Kira - January 30

I have the option of choosing which method of 'misscarriage' i want. I can wait for it naturally, have a d&c, of try medicine (inserted into va___a). Im not sure which one i want. Too many options. Any advice? The sac was measuring 40mm and i thought that i would need a d&c.


gemini_star1983/Marie - January 30

i had a natural mc on new years. it was the worst pain i've ever felt even though it only lasted 4 hours. it was so frighteneing. i wish i'd taken the D&C- no-one explained it to me at the time-was just sent home. I hope this helps and doesnt scare you..im sorry if it does. take care Marie.


L - January 30

Personally I would not want to leave things to happen naturally as that can increase risk of infection if it is too prolonged. Plus it's hard to know how long it will take before it "happens" I have had the medicine before-The first time I had it inserted into the v____a but second time I had to do this they said they were now putting the tablets under the tongue as it worked as well and was less intrusive. I found using the medication made me ill and was very painful as my body contracted for a long time. It was a horrible experience but it started very quickly after taking the pills and was over by the end of the day (other than period-like bleeding for a week after) I have not had a D&C. I would say the advantage would be it is so quick and you are unaware at the time what they are doing. It can pose a slight risk of damage from sc___ping the uterus but I don't think that happens very often as it is such a well practised procedure. For me seeing the sac when it came out was a sort of "closure" so I could day "goodbye" but everyone is different. It is not a nice choice to have to make I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Maybe D&C would be best in your case considering the sac is 4cm. It has to be your choice though-whatever you decide I hope it will be over quick and wish you healing and strength for afterwards. Take care I am very sorry.


Kara - January 30

I had a d/c with my first m/c then I went natural for the next two miscarriages. The d/c was, by far, the least traumatizing. You pick the day that works best for you and plan to take a few days off of work. You are at the hosptial for less than four hours start to finish including pre-surgery workup. When you wake up you will have stong period-type cramps, but they will quickly give you pain meds and then you won't even feel that. You can expect have period-type bleeding for a few days then spotting for a few more. My two natural micarriages were more painful and graphic (you will see all the clots and tissue). I personally have not used the medication, but I have heard from other here that it will be even more painful than a regular natural miscarriage. The only benefit is that with the medication, you do have some more control over then the miscarriage starts. With the natural, it could take days or weeks for the process to begin. But be aware, just because you choose to go natural or use the medication, doesn't mean that you won't end up having a d/c too. Sometimes everything doesn't come out on its own so you end up having to have a d/c anyways. My personal opinion would be to schedule the d/c. A 40mm sac is a lot of tissue and endometiral lining to pa__s. Best wishes


Susan W - January 30

I had a natural m/c at 11 and half weeks. It was very painful (OK, it was more painful than the labor I had with my first baby, who was well over 11 pounds and was born naturally), but I really liked the closure I had when I could see the tissues I pa__sed and that the radiologist's a__sessment had been correct. That was important to me. I hate hospitals and all that with a pa__sion so it was also important to me to avoid a procedure if possible; my midwife was super supportive of my wishes and explained what to watch for that would indicate a problem. My m/c was in the process of beginning, so I didn't have to choose to start it. Good luck to you, and best wishes with whatever you decide.


frankschick2001 - January 30

MY D&C was VERY quick and utterly painless (physically). I think during an emotional loss like a miscarriage, it is best to choose the least painful method for your body. It's hard enough on your head and heart, who needs the cramps??? Plus, with natural miscarriage, you may end up needing a D&C anyway if not all of the fetal tissue is expelled. Just go with your heart.


Kira_lynn - January 30

Thank you for all your responses. Im opting towards the d&c...dh is gonna come with me for support and then buy me mcdonalds. lol. hes too cute. Again thanks gals.


. - January 30

Good choice. I opted for the pills first and was told it should only take one or two to get it started. I ended up taking 12 and still didn't start to miscarry so I had to get a d&c anyway! My body just wasn't ready to do it I guess.


frankschick2001 - January 31

Kira, good luck, you'll be fine. make sure you come back and tell us how you're doing. Oh yeah, after the D&C that I had, I was treated to IHOP. Although it was a miserable day for me, I was strangely hungry afterwards.


Kara - January 31

I was really hungry too....


JA - January 31

I used misoprostol (4 tablets inserted v____ally). I started bleeding within the hour and it took two days for the tissue to pa__s. It was very painful (tylenol and advil at the same time didn't help) and I bled tremdously. At the time, it was the best choice for me. A D&C can lead to scar tissue and if I waited for a natural m/c, I was at risk for infection (the pregnancy had stopped at 5-6 weeks and it was 9 weeks when they diagnosed the blighted ovum). If I even have to choose again, I would probably opt for the D&C.


Daniella - February 2

Kira-- (I posted your other thread also).. The D&C was the best choice I could have made... It took about 15 minutes and I left the hospital less than an hour after I woke up. I bled lightly for about 5 days... No cramps, pain or anything. My best advice is to NOT have s_x for that 2 weeks after the surgery that they tell you not to. I did about 10 days after the surgery and it irritated my uterus and I bled again and worse... HERE is some hope though.... The day of my D&C my HCG was almost at 10,000. That took exactly 5 weeks to get down to 0. and I ovulated and conceived once it did. I am now 26 weeks and this is the best pregnancy I could ask for. I had 3 miscarriages total and that D&C was best. So, if you want to TTC again... once your HCG hits 0 (ask your doctor to test them again after the surgery).. you will ovulate. Although, by the time you read this, you'll probably be done and over with the surgery.. If so, how did it go?? Good luck!!!


Daniella - February 2

Kira- when is your D&C scheduled for?



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