Whats A D Amp C Like

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Lauren - March 4

Hi, Its well and good to read the pamphlet on the D&C but anyone willing to share the experience - any pain, did you feel fine as soon as the anesthesia wore off, could you resume exercise and normal activities and how quickly- I hear the next day, which is very comforting!


lynette - March 4

Hi Lauren, I had a d&c on Jan 18. It wasn't painful at all, and I found that my emotional healing started immediately that I woke up in recovery - just to know that the physical part of the nightmare of miscarriage was over. You should take it easy for at least a week though, but this doesn't mean you can't walk around. I took a few days off work because I thought I would need it , but in hindsight I could have gone back sooner (I don't have a very physical job). I've read other people's posts about the exercise thing though, and it seems that if you start too hard too soon you can get cramping and nausea. I hope this eases your mind somewhat- take care of yourself and afterwards, you'll find a lot of support from the girls on this site, who all know the pain you are going through now. Good luck :-)


Kara - March 4

Lauren - I'm not sure how far along you were, but I was 15wks when I had mine. Because I was a little bit farther along, my d/c was a little harder on my body. But even at that, it wasn't bad. I was a little bit crampy when I woke up, but they gave me really good drugs. I bled a little heavy for the first 4 hours, then it slowed to spotting by that evening. Because my uterus was larger than most at the time of the d/c, I had mild period-type cramps and light spotting on and off for the first 2 weeks. At three weeks I was basically back to normal physically. I took one week off of work, but I could have used an extra few days off since as a hairstylist I am on my feet all day. I agree with lynette that the procedure helped with the emotional healing. Be good to yourself these next few weeks.



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