Whats This Spotting After MC

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Gabbio08 - October 2

Hi all! Its been almost 3 weeks since I miscarried. My husband and I have been TTC since april '09. Last menstrual cycle was July 27th. Got preg after that, miscarried second week of Sept. It was so heartbreaking! No period yet. The last couple of days I had some very light brown spotting, with little mucus. I have been feeling nautious on and off, br___ts are slighty sore, they have enlarged and headaches on and off as well. Not really cramping, small ones every once in awhile. I am trying to figure out what it is from, whether or not I'm testing too early for pregnancy if it is possible or not, or if this is just from the miscarriage. Took a hpt yesterday and this morning, both negative. Has any one gone through this or have any information or advice? I would greatly appreciate it!


meesh - October 5

Hi Gabbio08 - I miscarried (D&C) 5 weeks ago. My baby was 11 weeks but the heart stopped at 7 weeks. I am so very sorry for your loss. Tough times huh. I read your entry and wanted to let you know what I have heard about the light brown mucosy stuff. You could very well be ovulating right now. It is very normal for there to be a little light brown blood in with your cervial mucus when it's fertile time. That exact thing just happened to a girl in another forum I am on and she in fact was ovulating and is now pregnant again. I am not sure about the headaches, sore b___sts, and nauseousness - those are pregnancy or AF symptoms. All of these symptoms could mean so many things, about to ov, about to get AF or are pg and YES, it is possible to get pregnant right after a m/c. It is so hard to pinpoint what could be going on, just know that these are all normal symptoms you are having and you will know soon enough what they mean. Did you and your DH "try" the last couple of weeks? Do you know if you have Ov'd yet? Maybe we can break this down for you a little better. Sorry I'm not to much help. Good luck honey and keep me posted. -Meesh


Gabbio08 - October 6

Hey.Thanks for the reply! Sorry for your loss. It's hard for me to tell when I'm ovulating. I do not use an ovulation prediction kit/test. On Sunday morning I started to bleed when using the bathroom, had a couple of clots but heard that was normal when you get your first period after mc. I haven't been bleeding too much, its more like an on and off thing. Mainly been extremely mucosy blood. I have been scheduled for an appt for friday morning for a check-up so we'll see how it goes. My b___sts aren't sore any more, just little headaches every now and then.My husband and I did have unprotected s_x the last couple of weeks. Are you still TTC?


meesh - October 6

Hi! Yes, my hubby and I are going to TTC this cycle. I think I had my period (AF) last week, it was only 2 days so hard to tell if it was truly AF. I am hoping to ovulate at the 2 week mark which will be next Thursday (somewhere around there). If you really want to catch your ovulation this cycle, give the OPK's a try. It helps take the guessing work out of everything. The girls on my other forum told me to get some at the Dollar Store since you will want to get a lot of them or somewhere like Walgreens has a pack of 20, the brand is called "Answer". Let me know if you have any questions on them and I can talk you through it! How are you feeling today? Let me know how things go at your apt. this Friday. I'm sure you are still confused if you have AF or if you might be p/g - hopefully the dr. can shed some light for you. Good luck!


Brooklyn27 - November 10

You know I'm going threw the same kind of thing right now. I had a miscarriage on Oct. 10th and have been feeling sick, have lots of headaches, ect. Anyways now it is the 10th of Nov. and I still haven't had a period yet and I've taking a pregnancy test and it was neg. I had a miscarriage back in June as well and still started on time the next month so I'm not sure whats going on. Please tell me what they said about the issues you were having.


bramirez1727 - November 19

I'm so glad I'm found someone else going through the same issues. I recently had a miscarriage. I had a D&C done on Oct 13. About four days after the procedure, I almost stopped bleeding completely. However, I'm still spotting, and it's been over a month already. I, too, have been feeling nautious (have even vomitted a couple of times), dizzy and hungry every morning. These are the exact same symptoms I had when I was pregnant. I have been taking home pregnancy tests every day, just to be sure. The tests all have been negative. I still haven't started my cycle either. I talked to my doctore today and he said it's normal to still be spotting, but not really. He said every woman is different. He told me to wait one to two weeks, and if I'm still bleeding then, I should come in for another visit. My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected s_x ever since the doctor told me my uterus closed back up. We're TTC already. It's all very confusing. I wish I had all the answers, but I don't. Like my doctor said, every woman is different. He did say normally a woman's cycle with begin six to eight weeks after the D&C. But again, he said not all women are the same. Good luck. Keep us posted.



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