When And What Were Your First Pregnancy Symptoms

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maude - May 7

Hello, I had a m/c a little after christmas and I am ttc again. It was my first pregnancy and a surprise, so I didn't notice any symptoms untill I was paying attention. I am ttc again, and I was wondering if a few of you ladies could share your stories with me. I would like to know: When was the first inkling (when, IE, 10 days DPO...) that you knew you were pregnant and why. IE, gut feeling, twinges, etc. I know everyone is different but I am curious and wondering if what I am feeling is just wishful thinking or could be really something. Thanks in advance to all who reply!


nikki73 - May 7

Hello Maude! Sorry for your loss. I have had 3 pregnancies and they all have been a little different, the last one ending in m/c. Early signs that I have noticed were sore b___sts, nasal congestion and bleeding, headaches, constipation and just the feeling that I was pregnant. I never got morning sickness. With my second pregnancy I knew that I was pregnant about 12DPO. Have you taken a HPT? Good luck to you.


Chas - May 7

Hi maude, I was 13 dpo and wanted to take an hpt because I was going out the next night to a big concert and would be drinking. Sure enough it was positive. My period was due the next day. I wasn't having the typical sore b___st that i usually do right before af.... then a few days later it set in (after my period would have been due) My b___sts got really heavy and tight. Sore as heck !! Really bloated and ga__sy too. Those were my main two symptoms. I never really had nausea or vomiting. Unfortunately my pregnancy ended at 11 weeks. I had to have a d&c. The baby never grew past six weeks. We are currently trying again. I haven't had a period yet since the d&c, but I think I ovulated earlier in the week. I am hoping to get pregnant again right away. Good luck to you !


hcw - May 7

hi maude, sorry to about your loss but glad you're feeling strong enough to set out on the journey again. the one and only time i was pregnany - this is going to sound dumb but it's true - i knew within hours of conception. Of course I doubted myself, but several symptoms suggested I was right... very early on I felt a warm spreading feeling and firmness just above my pubic bone, I began needing topee in the middle of the night and I felt just a tiny bit bloated all the time. Then about 8 days later I had two seconds of spotting. A few days later, I had b___st soreness (which I always have before a/f so at that point I started to think maybe I wasn't pg). Finally, the day I was due for a/f, I tested and the line showed up immediately. Sadly, it all came to a screaming halt at 11 weeks, but I too am ttc and hope to be wondering your same wonders soon. I put a lot of stock in your intution - afterall, your body knows if its pg right away, just your brain gets left out of the loop... cheers and best wishes for a bfp!


jadew2265 - May 9

Hi maude I too had a mc and are tryining to conceive again. When I was pregnant I noticed that I had little bumps around my nipples and that my b___bs were starting to appear veiny and get bigger. I also had nausea, heartburn, really bad hair days, felt tired and was irritable. I am satring to get these symptoms again, although if I am pregnant it would only be a matter of days. I feel that as i've been through it before that I kinda have a gut feeling that I am again. I really hope so! Good luck with your ttc.



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