When Can I Expect My 1st Period After A D Amp C

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LMA - May 31

Hi ladies, went for a sono and just found out that there is no heartbeat, just saw one 2 weeks ago and told everyone...now we are just so devastated as everone else is on this site, now we have to share this news, it is so heart breaking... I just had the D&C and started bleeding not too heavy for 4 days now. Do you know how long do I bleed for and then when will my regular period start? Any help would be appreciated


HopefulK - May 31

Hi LMA, so sorry to hear about you loss. I had a d&C at the end of March, bled for about 7 days, then got my af exacly 4 weeks later, I was 9 + 5 but no baby, just pg sac. I've since settled into my normal ovulation and 28 day cycle. Remember to be good to yourself and let yourself greive for your loss when you need to. xx


Chas - May 31

Hi LMA, I had a d&c April 18th. I spotted for about 7 days after. Just spotted though, no bleeding. I got my period 27 days later, but it was light. Waiting on my second period since d&c. ( hoping for a positive preg. test instead!) We have started trying again. I am so sorry for your loss.


Erin15 - May 31

Hi LMA - I had a natural m/c in March. I was scheduled for a D&C, but didn't make it. It took over 30 days for me to get back on track. My husband and I had also told everyone that we were expecting b/c it was 12 weeks and the heartbeat had been identified at 8 weeks. In the long run, I think it was helpful for people to know. It depends on how you handle loss, and how those around you treat it, but their support was helpful to me. It was also helpful that I had told my managers b/c they were very supportive of me taking the time off that I needed. Had they not known, it would have been difficutl to explain. Try to stay positive and know that there wasn't anything you could have done to make things better. You just have to heal and try again when you're ready. Good luck.


JuJu - June 1

LMA; I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage - it is a devastating experience and I wish you a speedy recovery. Regarding bleeding, subsequent ovulation and then af - everyone is different...... it took me about 4 weeks to ovulate after each of my miscarriges - af approx six weeks after the D&C. You won't 'o' until your HCG levels are almost neligible - ie. 5 or below. Some women take longer for the HCG hormones to dissipate, so don't panic if your af takes longer to arrive than normal. In terms of how long I bled after the D&C's - it was up to 2 weeks; medium/heavy at first then dropping of to spotting. Hope you're ok. jujuxo


coryswoman - June 4

4-8 weeks till you get your periode?



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