When Did You Get AF After Your M C

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Robyn - November 18

How long did it take for your AF to come after your natural m/c? Thanks! Babydust to a all!


Laura - November 18

It was six weeks to the day from the start of my m/c day to the date of my a/f. Sorry to hear about your loss!


Jenn - November 20

i had a natural mc on oct 20 and just got af today. so it took me 32 days.


q - November 20

It took 5 weeks for mine to show up after a natural and 4 weeks after a d&c


Sarah - November 21

I got pregnant again before AF ever came back. It was about 2 weeks after my natural m/c that I got pregnant. I know your supposed to wait, but I didn't for a lot of reasons and everything went fine. I have a beautiful baby girl now!! Babydust to you!!


BJ - November 22

I got my period 4 1/2 weeks after natural miscarriage...we cannot wait to start tryng again!


Kara - November 22

My second was 30 days and my third was 38 days. I am so sorry about your loss.


Elly - November 26

i had a natural miscarriage at 17 week and i got my period 37 days later. Sorry to hear about all your little Angels.


coco - November 26

mine came 25 days or so after natural miscarriage.


Jen - November 26

I had a natural m/c and i started 23 days later.


From ann-to jenn - November 26

Jenn- what is your normal cycle out of curiosity?MIne is normally on the 24 or 25, never later than the 26. I had m/c on the 5th of NOV.


to Ann from Jenn - November 26

Ann, I posted on nov 20, if I am the Jenn you are asking, my normal cycle is 29 days. the mc I had i oct was my 2nd one this year. with my first mc my cycles were screwed up for a few months. 1st af 21 days, 2nd af 26 days, 3rd af 33 days, 4th af 35 days, then finally 5th af came at the normal 29 days, then I got pregnant.


Leia - November 27

With my natural m/c, my a/f came 28 days later. I don't think I ovulated during this time either. I was following my CM.


taylor - November 29

i had a natural m/c in oct got my first af today but it wasnt like a normal one first there were clots just thought it was my bodys way of clearin out rest of m/c and now has gone to light bleedin.would you cla__s this as 1 cycle.im desperate to try again.and am goin to after 1 cycle.can u help????


Jane - December 15

I had my D&C on the 17th and I just got my a/f yesterday.


ashlee - December 15

i usually have a 28 day cycle and i got my first af on the 28th day exactly after it. my m/c happened when i would have expected my period if i wasnt pregnant, so it all worked out right on time. baby dust to all ~*~*~*~*~ xx


Crystal - January 4

28 Days



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