When Did You Get Your 2nd Af After M C

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Ella82 - January 12

Hi all, i had a natural m/c in early November and got my first af about 5wks after and around 13days after i felt myself ovulate so that seemed pretty normal to me. We started ttc again after af and now i am on cd33, i had three afs before my last bfp 2 were 27days and 1 was 29days so i am definitely late based on that. I dont feel like i am pregnant (i have had slight cramps on and off for the past week) and i am too scared to test yet. I just wanted to know when did you get your 2nd af like after m/c was it regular or all over the place? Thanks.


Ella82 - January 13

Well i gave in and tested BFP!!! i am 4wks 5days pregnant!!


Landi - January 17

hey you replied on my thread. well i just wanted to tell you i was to start af the 15 but it didnt show. and im reg. mine comes every 28 days. Im scared and dont know what to do. I've had some cramps but dont know what to think. im just so scared to be pregnat again and dont wanna get my hopes up. my last af was dec.18 ... are you scared? are you having any systoms


Ella82 - January 17

Hi Landi, well you are late based of your previous afs, but its hard to tell what your cycle would be like after a m/c. I was so scared to test and kept putting it off but i had to find out so i gave in and tested on cd34. I think maybe give it a few more days and test. The week before i tested i was having slight cramps on and off but i put it down to my uterus stretching and things must of been going ok i got a nice dark line on my pregnancy test so that makes me feel positive. I would've been worried if it was a faint line. I am scared but its not healthy for me to be worried or stressed so i pray and stay as positive as i can to get me through. My symptoms so far have been the slight cramping and sore nipples i also get bad headaches and and am very tired in the afternoon BUT i don't like paying attention to symptoms too closely. I charted so information on this cycle on fertility friend if you would like to look its fertilityfriend.com/home/ella822 I wish you all the best please let me know how you go x


Ella82 - January 17

btw i didnt chart temps only some other stuff.


Landi - January 17

Hey Ella last time i was on cd 35 when i got a faint +. it was really faint tho i almost thought it was - but i went to a clinic 2 days later and she said i was pregnant. then about 2 wks later on the 17 i took another one the day of my ob appt and it was real real dark. i used 1st response. what kind of test did you use? and like you said i dont feel pregnant but i didnt the other 2 times either the only reason i thought maybe i was cuz i was late. but the past week or so i've had heartburn but u dont get that till later in pregnancy. did u have any morning sickness b4 or now? i didnt and i've read that if u have morning sickness thats a good sign of a good pregnancy. the last time b4 i fount out i was pregnant me and my fiance just got engaged we've been together for 6yrs this jan. his b-day is the 26 and another BFP would make him very happy and would be a huge surprise and b-day gift. How old are you and were you from?


Ella82 - January 17

Hi Landi, I am 24 and from Australia the test i used is first response, i am actually going to test again on Sunday (week after i last tested) and hope to see a darker line. Like you the only reason i thought i was pregnant both this and last time was because i was late, last pregnancy i didnt have any morning sickness i started to really feel other symptoms at the start of my 6th week like VERY sore b___bs and i thought everything was finally starting to kick in but then it all just stopped a week later (this is when i think that the baby stopped growing) At the moment because i am only 5wks 2days along i am not feeling too many symptoms yet i have noticed my b___bs are feeling alot fuller and are swollen but they dont really hurt to touch only my nipples do. I find that i feel good in the morning but throughout the day i start feel tired headachey and just need to lay down also my b___bs seem to start playing up when i go to bed. Maybe i will get morning sickness this time maybe i wont but i am not going to worry about it yet, honestly i this it is worse overa___lyzing symptoms as not every pregnancy is the same. I hope you get your BFP Good Luck!


Landi - January 18

Hey Ella i got sad news i started af today.... so guess im not pregnant. guess it will happen when it happens. good luck to you!


Ella82 - January 19

Hi Landi, i am sorry af showed, good luck with ttc again i with you all the best and ~*~Babydust~*~



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