When Do You Think I Should Try

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Cara - May 6

My name is Cara and I just had a miscarriage on April 30, 05. (five-weeks) This would of been my first pregnancy. I am twenty-five and I am looking forward to starting a family with my husband. I feel so angry and sad about what happened. I want to try right away, but scared that this might happen again if I don't wait. I was so excited about this pregnancy. My doctor said to wait at least for 2 cycles. Is there anyone that got pregnant right after their miscarriage? Any advice would be great.


rafia - May 6

hi cara, first of all i am sorry for your loss. i was in your shoes Feb 4th, that's when i lost my baby. it's been quite a while as you can tell, however, i am not trying yet (next month!!) i would probaby suggest you get an u/s if you haven't already to ensure that all the material has pa__sed - if you did not have a d&c. you will be feeling angry and even resentful towards other expecting mothers but don't worry IT"S NATURAL. it will get better i promise you this much. while some drs say 1 cycle is enough, others say to wait up to 3 months. many on this forum will tell you they got preg right away while other will say the ended up in miscarriage. in any event i know your pain for wanting another baby asap. but why not wait it out till you're ready, and fit. i'm very sorry for your loss. i have a healthy son so this was my 2nd preg. which ended up in a miscarriage. being this your first and ending up in miscarriage is most definately harder, but it's not to say you can't have another. alll the best i hope whatever you decide works for you!!! but checked out just before you ttc again - i found out i still had retained material after we thought everything was fine. take care!


Nancy - May 6

HI Cara- I am sorry about your loss. I too had a miscarriage on April 15th, it was my first pregnancy as well and I understand your disappointment. As far as ttc again - most doctors will tell you 2-3 cycles, mainly for dating purposes or if in the case of a D&C, to allow enough time for the uterine lining to rebuild itself. My sister-in-law became pregnancy within two weeks after her miscarriage and had a healthy baby boy.The same thing happened to my mother after a m/c. From all I have read and from what my dr. told me as long as the HCG levels have returned to 0 and a follow-up ultrasound reveals that there are no remnants of the pregnancy present in the uterus, then likely it won't be long until your body returns to a state of becoming pregnant again. I was 5 weeks along when I m/c'd, and I know that I ovulated approx. 12 days after the first day of m/c. I'm kind of curious to see if in fact I might be pregnant again! Remain positive that a healthy pregnancy is yours to have. Best of luck


Elyse - May 6

hello cara i agree completey with rafia i'm on my second af at the moment and i i'm still losing m/c material i have had a scan though and only a small amount was retained which i would pa__s with my af but it has taken 2 afs to pa__s. Dr's do know what they are talking about and i know how hard it is to want to try again but give your self some time, as rafia said many women do rush in and ends in m/c again for some not all.


sarah - May 6

Hi Cara! First of all your only 25 I know you want to try right away but your still young! Iwould wait till 2 to 3 cycles too!! I want to try but will wait! Ultra sound and hcg levels need to be checked!!! I had retained material and had to have a emergency d and c 7WEEKS AFTER MY misscarriage!! Make sure your tip top shape! (thats my oppinion) Good luck!:)


sarah - May 6

Oh- you were only 5 weeks? than thats not really far along at all!! Your uteris may not be that bad then. I was much further along than that I was18 weeks.


Rosa - May 7

Hi ciara I know how you feel I had a miscarriage about 6-7 year ago after waiting like 3cicles I got pregnant again and I have a beautiful dougther she is going to turn 6 on july after that I had a boy he is 3 and I got pregnant again I found out on april 15 I was 5 weeks and on tuesday i started bleeding the doctor said I was going to have a miscarrriage and I'am still bleeding alot but I haven't see the baby come out or problably I dint't saw it. The doctor said that on monday If it havent come out yet he will scheedule me for a D&C. I don't know how that works because on my first miscarriage it came out naturary and they did not do that. So can anyone tell me how the D&C works? Does it hurt?


to elyse from rafia - May 9

hi elyse - wow you are still loosing R/M? did you have a natural miscarriage?


jo - May 9

hi rosa i had a d&c on 24 april, to be honest with you i havent got a clue how the operation is performed (and dont think i would want to know) but after wards you will bleed for a while and have some pain in your stomach. some people have more pain than others. i had cramps for about a week after d&c and am still bleeding now 15 days on. im sorry to hear of your loss and i hope it all goes well for you good luck hun x


crisy - May 9

Hi Cara. I am so sorry for your loss. My story is very similar to yours. I was 7 wks. pregnant when I miscarried. It was also my first pregnancy. The doctor told me the same thing(to wait 2 cycles). I think that I will wait only one month then try again depending how my period will be. Good luck to you.



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