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ksmom - May 4

I am really dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff, but i was curious, how soon do you ovulate after a natural miscarriage? I mean ive read some that said really soon and some dont get it for the whole month afterwrrds. Do you count the m/c a day in the cycle or would you wait till you were closer to ovulation and what not?? Thanks and sorry for being not so up to date on info....im completely lost in this and the abriviations haha. hugs to all


Suebee - May 4

Hi ksmom... that's a really hard question to answer. Everyone is different but I personally ovulated approx 2 weeks after I miscarried and AF came about 33 days later after m/c not o... I guess alot depends on how far along you were, etc, etc. There are lots of variables but I think you'll find many women on here ovulated around that time. Again, everyone is different so some earlier, some later. I'm sorry for your loss and please ask any questions you need to. We all had to start somewhere and this is so overwhelming when it's so fresh. The ladies on here are incredible and we'll help in anyway we can. I'm sure you'll get some more posts... good luck to you!


suzzieq - May 4

Hello ksmom, sorry about your loss. It is a trying time to say the least. Suebee is right, we all had to start somewhere and this site is great! And everyone is different when it comes to our bodies dealing with this. I m/c at 5 weeks back in February and didn't O until mid April. It depends on when we reach a negative number, 5 or below, on hcg test. At that time our bady feels it is ready again and ovulation can occur within days or weeks after that. I too felt so dumb because I didn't know my own body, but I have learned alot from the wonderful gals here! I wish you the very best =:) af=aunt flow(period) ds=dear son dd=dear daughter dh=dear husband o=ovulate cm=cervical mucus cp=cervical postion bd=baby dancing(making love) bfp=big fat positive bfn=big fat negative Just a few hope it helps a bit!!


ksmom - May 4

Thanks Ladies, Loved the responses and the replies helped me out (better than what i was looking at) and the abbreviations......are great!! Thanks ladies and well I hope things go well for all of us !! Thanks once again and I hope all goes well again soon:)



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