When Does The Cramps Stop After Removal Of Ectopic

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alanandmichelle_84 - February 14

I had sugery a week ago to remove my ectopic. I was 6weeks and 5 days and I was cramping and I went to the er and they rushed me to sugery after the u/s showed the baby was in my right tube. It's been a week tomorrow since my sugery but I still have the same cramps. When will they stop? And is this normal?


bbonita - February 15

It has also been a week since my emergency surgery. I also had an ectopic. It was in my left tube and had ruptured causing me to loose a lot of blood. Did they remove your tube? They did mine. The papers they gave me told me i should recover and be ready to work in 48 hours but that is not true. I am going back to work tomorow but i still don't feel 100 percent. I am also having some pain but i see some bruising that may be the cause of it. I was also 6 weeks along. Just take it easy, remember not to lift.


alanandmichelle_84 - February 15

They told me I couldn't return to work until I see the dr in 2 weeks. They told me I couldnt do anything the first week, second week light house keeping and short walks. And I couldnt drive for 3 weeks. I'm still weak especialy in my right leg. They was supose to take the right tube I don't know for sure I haven't talked to the dr since before sugery. Most of the time I still all the pregnancy symptoms. At times I wonder if he even took the baby out. But I know thats wishful thinking. Sorry to hear you are going through this to.


bbonita - February 16

Yeah, the doctor told me i still may have pregnancy symptoms also. He said the body dosen't know that the baby is gone yet so my horomones and everything is out of wack. I was scared when i was released because I started bleeding and bled for 3 days. I have stopped know, but i thought it was happening all over again. I wish i could have had longer off. I worked for only 6 hours today, but after being in bed for a week i was tired and my back hurt! I see the doctor this friday. My surgery was done using the laser and they said people heal faster with that. My doctor had me look at the pictures of my tube which was wrong. I couldn't turn away before he had them out. Why would he do that? It seems so heartless. I am already going through the loss and he shows me my ruptured fallopian tube with the baby in it! I hope that is something that you do not have to see. I worry know about getting pregnant again, My doctor said now i have a good chance of it happening again. I am so scared to even try again now. I came so close to dying.


alanandmichelle_84 - February 16

I can not beleive the dr did that to you. I'm having a hard enough time dealing with the fact they took a growing baby out of me with a funcioning brain and heart beat. I couldnt deal with the fact I saw any pictures of it. It's bad enough I heard the heart beat right before sugery on the sonogram. but I never saw the baby. You know I'm still bleeding it's light but it's enough for a pad and I'm still cramping just like before the sugery.


bbonita - February 16

I think maybe you should call your doc and tell him about your cramps. I don't know if they are normal but i know that now i only have soreness, nothing like it was before. Did you have your surgery with the laser or did they cut you open? I have three small incisions from the laser which he said heals quicker.


alanandmichelle_84 - February 16

I also have 3 small incesions but I dont know if mine was with laser or scaple. I dont know if age has anything todo with it or not but I'm 42. I had my tubes tied 18 years ago. I never thought I would ever be pregnant again.



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