When Should I Ttc Again After M C

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Angie - August 22

I had a m/c on July 6th (15 weeks pregnant)and an emergency d&c on July 8th do to major blood loss, and ended up having a blood transfusion. I have just started a normal menstral period today.. how long should we wait to try again? My doctor says 6 months, but we dont wanna wait that long.. Any suggestions?


liz - August 22

Hi Angie. I am so sorry for your loss. I had a mc August 8th, I was 16 weeks. I did not have a d&c and I stopped bleeding after 1 week. My doctor said we could try again after my first cycle.. I do not know how to advise since you had a hard time but 6 months seems a bit long to me. I would wait 3 cycles.. just to make sure everything is ok. Maybe you should discuss how you feel with your doctor and find out the reason he says to wait 6 months, after all you want to be at your best when you conceive again.


angie - August 22

thanks for replying liz..Im going to have to go to the doctors soon to get the results from the d&c to find the exact reason why i had the m/c.. I was told the posible cause but the doctor wants to be sure.. 6 months is to long. I have a 26 month old son and I dont want my childern to be too far apart... Im sorry to hear about your m/c as well. take care..


Liz - August 22

Hi Angie. I have a son also he is 22 months and I don't want them to be far apart either. I am 33 yrs old and don't want to be too old either! I am going to try again after my first cycle or The middle of Sept - which ever one comes first. I asked my doctor if he knew why I m/c and he said he didn't know and sometimes you never find out exactly why. I hope you get healthy sooner than soon.


Yvonne - September 6

Hello Angie and Liz. My doctor stated that I should wait at least one cycle, but that he would prefer me waiting 3 months so that the level of folic acid within my body would be ideal for the baby. I have since began taking folic acid supplements to try and boost them up. He says that I really could ttc again after one cycle, so that's when I'm going to try. I hope that all goes well with the two of you and God blesses you with the beautiful healthy children that you were meant to have.



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