When To Go Back To Work After A Stillbirth

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Lilu - August 24

I just lost ny daughter,Sophia on 8/11/05. I'm alittle confused about the postpardum. How long is the recovery after delivering va___ally? Since there is no baby, how long do I stay home from work? I read that you're still ent_tled your maternity leave after 28 weeks of pregnancy but I wanted to get a feel for what other mothers in this situation did as far as work?


Stephanie - August 25

Hi Lilu, I lost Moorea on July 19th (I was full term) and I am still not back to work yet. My doctor wanted me to be out 6 to 8 weeks which would be Sept 14th for me. My boss said I will be out of sick and vacation time starting Sept 8th. I have been back and forth about this. Do I go in when I need the money? Do I worry about conserving my leave balances, I'll need it perhaps if we conceive again? You should go when you are ready to go. My boss called me yesterday... she is wondering when I'll be back and I'm feeling some pressure about it which I don't like. I'm not ready yet. But then again I'm not sure I will ever be 100% ready. It's hard to see everyone again and to get asked a million questions. My job is somewhat physical and I have to be sure I am well enough to go back to work. I had some complications with my health that I've had to deal with. My husband went back to work after a week and he hated it at first but then felt it got his mind off things. It is different for women though. We have a lot of hormones, bleeding, and other issues to deal with. When do you want to go back? It's only been a couple of weeks now for you. We are going out west to get away for a couple of weeks in September. I think I'll go back either right after that or the first week in October. If I go back sooner I won't get a leave of absence to go away (my leave balance will be done) and my disability will stop. Bottom line.... I'm just not ready yet. You should go back when you feel comfortable going.


Lilu - August 26

Yeah... sometimes I feel as if I can go back but then if I do too much, I get worn out easy. I also have a long commute and being in the car too long still bothers me. I'm not feeling any pressure but I feel as if I should tell my boss something. I felt the need to get away as well. I've been with my family in New Orleans for about 10 days and then when I get back tomorrow my fiance and I plan to visit his family in Miami. He has a 5 year old which was very excited about her baby sister so thats something we'll have to face when we get there. I'm dreading going back to work as well. I'm pretty close with everyone, they threw me a baby shower on the 2nd. So... I'm going to have to explain to them what happened. I'm okay about this but I think by the end of the day that it could get emotional. Thanks for your insite though. It's very helpful.



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