When To Have Sex After Miscarriage

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ella431 - March 5

I recently miscarried.. (started spotting on the 20th of Feb then turned into heavy bleeding/clotting and ended on 5th of March) I heard different things as to how long I should wait to resume s_x. Any advice? We are going to use a condom since I dont want to get pregnant again just yet.. Is it ok to start once the bleeding has stopped? Thanks for any help.


stefkay - March 5

My dr. said and I've heard others say the same --to wait 2 weeks to avoid infection. You DON'T want an infection in there. Could cause fertility problems on down the road. Just to be safe, I'd say wait 2 weeks even if you are using a condom because there is still that chance bacteria could get in there I'm guessing.


tiffany79 - March 5

Sorry to hear about your loss :-( I definently agree w/ Stefkay! My doc said to wait at least 2 weeks after your finished w/ the m/c..mainly you dont want to get an infection. Be careful 2 weeks later tho..you could very well be ovulating!!! Best of luck to you!


Whisper - March 5

My doctor told me once the bleeding stopped it was okay, because that meant the cervix was fully closed again and that everything had pa__sed and healed. It can vary with each m/c though because one might be further along, or require different treatments. My m/c started on the evening of Feb 11th and pa__sed the baby just before midnight. I had gone to the doctor on Feb 12th and it was determined my m/c was complete, and I'd just bleed for about a week, and after that could resume intercourse again, and could ttc again once my hormone level zeroed out. I had a follow up on the 19th, and was told I was in the clear to ttc again whenever I was ready. My pregnancy was only about 5 weeks along (should of been 7) and my m/c was natural. I have heard that if you have a D&C the healing time is a bit longer because of the sc___ping. So depending on your situation it could be similar or different to mine and the best thing would be to consult your doctor to get a definitive answer. Otherwise, the 2 week advice should be solid. I am so sorry you had to go through all of this.



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