When To Trust Home Preg And Ovulation Tests After MC Amp D Amp C

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tracy - May 16

I found out that I was going to MC on April 28 at the ultrasound that was suposed to confirm my due date. By using the date of my LMP I was 11 weeks, but the baby only measured at 7 weeks 3 days. My husband and I were crushed because we had had a ultrasound 10 day’s prior that showed a heart beat of 163 per min, and measured the baby at 6 weeks 2 days. I had to have a D&C as my daughters first B-day was coming up and we would be hosting a lot of family, and I didn’t want the actual physical MC to have any part of her birthday. I only bled heavily for one day, and after that I just spotted for about 12 days. My question for you all is this; How long did any of you have elevated HCG dectable in your blood or urin? Right now I’m taking a First Response HPT every 5 day’s or so, just to see when my HCG levels no longer register. I also started a home ovulation test kit last Monday, 11 days post D&C. My ovulation test showed a fairly dark result line, but not as dark as the test line, for 3 days in a row from the first day I started testing. On the forth day the result line barely showed up. I’m just driving my self crazy wondering if the ovulation tests showed a actual surge and I may have ovulated, or if it was just my whacked out hormones. I would value any response to this. I’ve never been on a chat line before, and I’ve never thought I would need to support from strangers. But I never dreamed I would go through this, and I need to hear from people who’ve been there.


Steff - May 16

I am sorry to hear about your miscariage. All of the women on this forum know exactly what you are going through. You will find this place very supportive and although most of us have never met one another, we are far from strangers. :) This was my HcG situation after my first pregnancy mc at 6 weeks. Feb 14th ~ Found out I was pg (urine test) Feb 18th ~ HCG was 555 (4 weeks) Feb 27th (date miscarriage started) ~HcG was 1321. March 7th ~ HcG was 21. March 21 ~ Hcg was 2. Considered "not pregnant" and that's what the stupid nurse said when she called. I was like "THANKS" <sarcasm>. I was not given a D&C because there was only fluid in my uterus. Apparently my baby died and there wasn't enough "stuff" left to warrent a D&C. I had to insert pills v____ally to open my cervix because I didn't do much bleeding at the start of my mc. Unfortunatly I do not know anything about ovulation test kits. I have never used one. I wish you all the best in your journey to conceive. Lots of Baby dust to you!! we are all her for you. No one knows how bad it is until they go through it.... and we have all been though it. Keep smiling...


Tracy - May 16

Thanks so much for the information. I had a my blood drawn at my 2 week follow up appointment last Thursday. I should hear what my HCG was that day, some time this week. There is just so much stuff that they don't tell you unless you ask. It would be helpful to have a "what to expect when you're no longer expecting" book or something. Your numbers will be very helpful, and I do have a great Nurse Midwife. I just hate to bother her too much, as I have a new question just about every day! I hope your baby dust does the trick, and best of luck to you.


mellissa - May 16

tracy, i am going through the same thing you are. i found out i was pregnant on april 6th...went to the er because of a gush of blood april 18th only to be told i was having twins (hcg was 16,000!!!). had a follow up with my ob dr.the 21st only to find out i lost both babies. had a d&c on the 26. I couldn't handle waiting for the m/c to happen naturally. I took a hpt may 2nd just to see if it was still positive. i got a faint positive. I too am wondering how long it will take for the hcg levels to drop. i called my dr to see if i needed a follow up and he said they only require follow up if you have heavy bleeding or a fever...i was hoping to find out the exact numbers of my hcg level...but nope. I think I will take another test tomorrow (3 weeks post d&c) to see if they are gone. i'm paranoid of getting pregnant again too soon (started the patch 5 days post d&c). let me know if your numbers have dropped!!! I'm curious to see how this all works out.


Tracy - May 17

mellissa- I should probably buy stock in the company that makes First Response HPT’s because I just can’t stand to wait. I took another one last night and got the very faintest of lines for a result line, and it took 3 minutes for it to show up at all. That was 17 day’s post D&C, so now if in two weeks I don’t get my period, and I get a nice positive HPT test, I can be almost certain that I’m pregnant, and it’s not positive because of hormone left overs! A close friend of mine went through your same experience late last summer. She went in for her first OB at 10+ weeks and found out that she was carrying twins, but they had no heart beat and measured at just under 7 weeks. She was devastated, and decided to MC naturally last September. She did not get her period for about 7 weeks after the MC, and it took a while for her HCG to go down because she was carrying twins. She is now the mother of a 9 month old baby boy, and that pregnancy went off with out a hitch! &#61514; I was also on the patch the month before I got pregnant. I was able to ovulate and conceive with in weeks of quitting it. My MC was caused by a blood clot that formed in the beginning of the forming of the placenta, and had nothing to do with the patch. So rest a__sured, when you feel ready to try again, the patch shouldn’t cause any concern. Best of luck to you, and thank you for responding to my question.


Tracy - May 17

melissa- I had my dates wrong with my friends experience. She had her MC in sept of 2003!, not just last fall! According to my last post, she had a healthy baby boy like in the blink of an eye! oops!


Mellissa - May 17

Tracy- I took another test this morning and got another faint positive. I'm just waiting for the negative one so i know I don't have to worry. I would absolutely love to have another baby right away but we are moving at the end of july from texas to colorado and I don't want to put any stress on my next pregnancy. in august I will take the patch off and hopefully conceive right away! Good luck to you too.


Tracy - May 18

Mellissa- I think you're makeing a wise choice about waiting until your settled after your move. We remodled our house durring my second trimester with my daughter and I would not recomend that at all! :) Best of luck on your move, and may Colorado shower you with baby dust! :)


Crisy - May 18

Hi Tracy. I'm sorry about your loss. I had my miscarriage on April 25th. My hCG levels were 400. I did another blood test 3 days later and the result was 62. I honestly think that you cannot trust a home pregnancy test and ovulation kit after you have a miscarriage. I think you have to wait 1 regular cycle before you can rely on them again. The most accurate information comes from a blood test. It's very sad what we all have to go through. I hope that we will all be blessed with a child very soon.


Crisy - May 23

I think you're right. I was takeing these tests mostly to try to see where I was hormonely so I could kind of gage when I would get my period again. I took a HPT last friday and it was completely negative. I hope that's a sign that my hormones are getting back to normal.


amy - May 23

hello sorry about your loss i m/c may 3 and i took a hpt april 25 and it was + then i went to dr to confirm it and my level was only a 27 and they said i was really early or i was misscarring so i went back in 48 houurs and it was a 50 then i want back again and it was a 6 so i came home and took a hpt just to see and it was - so it took from april 25 to may 2 to read - for me well i wish us all luck and lots of baby dust to all


SaraTJ - February 20

Hey ladies I am back, so I am wondering... it's been 8 days since my D&C and today I felt like I was ovulating, so I took a OPK and sure enough its Positive! However I still have a Positive preg test and I know I am NOT. Is it possible to ovulate with a HCG still in my system...??? I am so confused.... Anybody else experience this? ahhhhh.... This is not possible right?.... ANYONE....


littlerose - March 6

I experienced similar. I had a D& E on 20th Feb also.I also felt that i was ovulating 8 days later - i also was having positive OPK and Peganancy tests. My HCG is raised but falling. My G.P said that contary to belief you CAN ovulate if yiur hcg is raised from a previos miscarriage as long as it is declining. We starting ttc on 22nd feb and am having pregnancy symptoms over the last couple of days , although i can't believe that it could be possible so soon. Any ideas?


SaraTJ - March 6

Hi Littlerose, thank you so much for responding! It is so comforting to know that there are other people out there with the same problems. This whole experience has been a complete nightmare. It took 5 months to get preggo then I finally got PG on Clomid. I am so happy top hear what you told me. I sure hope it is possible to ovulate with HCG. I am now 4 weeks post D&C and I still have a + PG test and have HCG in my system. I am going nuts! I want to try again, I hope its true what they say about being more fertile after M/C or D&C. I have never had a DR tell me anything positive through out this entire thing. My husband who is a DR (Anesthesiologist) said HCG acts as a natural birth control, but he's not an OB so...... I think you should have a bloodtest done to check your HCG level and see if it went up. If it did then yippie!!! It is VERY possible to be PG, it has happened to a ton of women. I will keep my toes crossed for you.


littlerose - March 7

Hi SaraTJ, I totally agree with you when you say that it is comforting to know that other people are sharing the same problems. These are painful times for us and only can really be understood by those who have exprienced what we have! Have you been ttc since your D & C? The whole hcg thing is so confusing isnt it? Luckily my doctor is really supportive, both she and all of the other health professionals i have spoken with have told me that there is no evidence to suggest that waiting to conceive lowers the risk of mc. The only reason that some women are advised to wait is either because dating the pregnancy straight after a mc can sometimes be difficult or that the woman may not be emotionally ready to get pregnant again so soon. With regards to getting pregant if hcg is still detectable, like i said my g.p said that this was possible but that you wll not get your period until your hcg reaches negative levels. She said that i would probably be ovulating 2 weeks after my D & C (although i had signs that i was a week after??). The human body is such a complicated thing - i suppose that anything is possible. Hope you have some luck with your hcg levels this week- am having mine tested again on thursday so will see what that brings!


Micha - July 5

It is very comforting to read these posts. My husband and I were to excited when we got pregnant on our first try. We saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks and everything was fine. At our 10 week, I only measured 8 weeks, and no heartbeat. I had a D&C, the next day. I started my first period 4 weeks post D&C and have been taking home ovulation tests ever since ( now day 19) and all have been negative. No symptoms of ovulating either. Has anyone experienced Not ovulating with the first cycle post D&C? We are very anxious to ttc again, but I'm finding myself very worried and frustrated that I've not ovulated yet.


murraygirl06 - August 4

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, I miscarried on April 24, 2009 just before my sons 3rd birthday. I had a D&C on the 27th. I experienced some complications, my cervix would not close, however I only bleed for 2 weeks off and on. I had to be put on Progesterone because I did not have a period for two months. I believe that I ovulated in July. Not sure. I am taking ovulation tests, still no dark line, I should ovulate on the 7th. Anyone have a similar situation like mine, with regards to taking the progesterone for 10 days to induce a period.



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