When Will I Miscarry

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JessC531 - June 13

I am about 8 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me this was not a viable pregnancy about 2 weeks ago. Two ultrasounds now have shown a yolk sac, but no embryo. My symptoms (nausea, br___t tenderness) just started to diminish about a week ago. I still have no bleeding or spotting at all. When will I miscarry? I really want to avoid a d&c, but I feel like something should be happening by now... Any thoughts?


Kristine - June 13

I am very sorry to read of your loss. It took me a little over two weeks to miscarry. The spotting came first and two days later I bled for about 4 hours. Is your doctor concerned?


tonilee7 - June 14

Hi jess, i just came back from my ultra sound, i was meant to be 7 weeks 3 days but the fetus measured 6 weeks 3 days and no heart beat so they told me it is dead, i have to have a blood test on friday to see if my levels are dropping just to be positive that it is dead, i have only had very mild light brown spottign which stopped 2 days ago, the doctor told me if it hasnt miscarried by itself by next wednesday I have to have a d/c, which i really do not want, but i am having no signs of miscarrying and it died a week ago, if i do miscarry i have to have an ultrasound just to make sure everything has cleared if it hasnt i have to have a d/c anyway, i am glad that there are other people out there to talk to about this. how are you coping i am an absolute mess


hcw - June 14

hi JessC531 - my heart goes out to you. it's shocking and heartbreaking and so terribly sad.i had a natural m/c at 12weeks, but the fetus had died at 8w3d... so it took nearly four weeks from the time it died to the time i m/c'd. i started spotting at 11w3d and by the end of that week it was in full swing. i know how you feel about avoiding the d and c, i felt the same way completely. i felt that since nature decided the fetus wasn't viable, then nature would sort it out. i'm glad i waited, but i do want to tell you that physically it was the most awful experience of my life, not like what Kristine wrote of at all...I hope it's like hers and not mine for you...if it had not been that my best friend recently went through the same thing, i would have thought i needed to go to the hospital because I simply couldn't believe the amount of blood and material there was. sorry if tmi, but it's worth bracing yourself for...and making sure you have some good strong aspirin for the cramps. after you pa__s all of it, you will feel better (physically) very quickly and it can take from 4 to 6 or seven weeks to get a/f. emotionally, it takes longer, and the women who post here are incredibly generous and supportive, so please know that we're here for you. again, so sorry you're going through this... take good care and my thoughts are with you.


Kristine - June 14

HCW, I didn't mean to imply to Jess that mine was a piece of cake. I've had 1 d&c and 2 natural m/c's. The pain and bleeding was like none I've ever had (doctor told me you are actually experiencing labor) but the majority only lasted 4 hours both times. After that it was like a regular flow a/f. I am thankful Dh was home both times it happened. Though he had to stand by helpless, just knowing he was there was comforting. Jess, I wish you the best.


hcw - June 14

Gosh Kristine, I sure didn't mean to imply in any way that what you went through was a piece of cake. i'm very sorry if that's how it read. all i meant was that mine took much longer to finish (4 days, several hours of cramping each day.) and was never really anything like a/f. I am really sorry if what i wrote was insensitive in anyway, it was not meant that way at all. Any m/c - whether natural or d&c or d&e is probably the worst, most heartrending thing many of us go through in life and I am terribly sorry for your loss, and glad and thankful that your dh was supportive and loving and there for you. i wish you and jessC531 the very best going forward.


Kristine - June 14

No hard feelings. I really should have been more explicit in my post but after so many, it's easier to put into fewer words what occured. I wish you all the best as well. Was this your 1st m/c? For me, I've been diagnosed with elevated FSH levels. Basically my eggs are aging at a faster rate than normal. Treatment includes acupuncture (to increase blood flow to my uterus) progesterone after ovulation, baby aspirin and 4mgs of folic acid.


josita - June 14

Hello Jess, I too recently had a miscarry officially started 21 of May. The fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks, no hb by 9 weeks (had a hb at 8 weeks). It took another two weeks before I naturally let it go - it also only started happening after I took a bath, which I think totally relaxed my muscles and helped out the process a bit. I also did not want to do a dnc. The bleeding started and about 3 days later the miscarriage 'happened'. It was a lot of bleeding. I have never seen so much blood -- the cramping was tolerable at first until the next day when I couldn't physically move - i almost went to the hospital, but my dr warned me of what was going to happen so despite being in so much pain, I wasn't too worried. I would eco hcw's advice on having your asprin ready. I also bled for almost three weeks. I think it also depends on how far along you were as to know how much blood you will have. The whole thing is horrible, I understand why people would want a dnc because the waiting and everything is just faster - but honestly I think both ways are really hard and nothing that any woman wants to go through. I hope you are doing ok and that everything pa__ses naturally, but if you need to get a dnc don't worry there are so many woman on this site that have a lot of good advice either way. I wish you well


JessC531 - June 14

Thanks for all of your thoughts and advice. I'm just confused because there never was a fetus...just a yolk sac, so I thought my body would realize that and pa__s the tissue. I know the fetus (embryo) can usually be seen by 6 weeks, or even sooner, and I'm now 8 1/2 weeks! Shouldn't my body realize what's going on? I'm definitely nervous about the actual miscarriage. I get really bad cramps to begin with, and I'm scared of what this will be like. I've been wearing a pad for weeks, just waiting for something, but still nothing. I really just want to get it over with, so I can try to move on. This whole thing is devastating - it was my first pregnancy and we were so excited! It's also hard because my best friend and my cousin are both pregnant right now - between 10 and 12 weeks - and I thought I was going to share this with them. :( Anyway, thanks for your posts. It helps to know I'm not alone...



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